Women urged to tackle gender equality issues at grassroot level

first_imgTo effect the necessary changes when it comes to gender equality, women were urged to begin their efforts at the community level, as a one-day workshop for Toshaos was held on Thursday at the Secretariat of the National Toshaos Council, in Georgetown.Secretary General from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), Patrice La FleurThis call was made by Secretary General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), Patrice La Fleur who addressed the gathering comprised of mostly women.“As a development practitioner I do believe that to bring about the change we would like to see among our women and men, boys and girls our efforts must commence at the community level within homes, schools and workplaces,” La Fleur stated.The workshop hosted was a collaborative effort between the Women and Gender Equality Commission (W&GEC) and UNESCO. It is being held with the intent of strengthening the capacity of women in this area.Chairperson of the W&GEC, Indranie Chandarpaul explained that although people hear of gender equality, quite often they are unclear of what it actually means. As such, the workshop, she stated, will help participants share their knowledge.“We’re hoping today that the tools that you will be provided with through this workshop on gender that you would better understand the role that we women are talking about and to understand the gender issue and as I know it and some of you already know it, not all our people are clear about this issue. They will say to you well you know we grow up knowing about male and female and neutral gender and all of these things. What is this gender that you are all talking about? So today’s workshop is intended to guide you. To help you understand about the relationship between male and female and how it affects us every day in our lives,” she told the attendees.Chandarpaul added that she is aware of the challenges women face in society on a daily basis despite laws.“Whether it is violence, whether its incest, whether its rum drinking or alcoholism, whether it is patriarchal behaviour by some of our men folk who believe that our women should always be in the home because some still feel that is where our place is and some resent the fact that women are now elected to positions and are taking some of the positions they had formerly held”.The two agencies hope the training will empower these women to take their places in society as well as motivate others in their communities to do the same.last_img read more