Local students go on to state, international science fairs

first_img UTPB logo, USE THIS ONE Following are the results of the Permian Basin Science & Engineering Fair, held March 2-3 at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin.Some 251 students participated in the elementary division and 144 in the junior/senior division.All of them qualified to go to the Texas Science & Engineer Fair, set for March 23 and March 24 in San Antonio.Top winners move on to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair May 13 through May 18 in Pittsburgh, Pa.Junior DivisionDoggie IQ; 1st place (tie);Animal Science; Karleigh Smith; Carver Center, Midland.Pony Relaxation; 1st place (tie); Animal Science; Kate Catalano; Carver Center, Midland.Sodium levels in pigs; 2nd place; Animal Science; Cari Stanley; Goddard Junior High School, Midland.Socializing impact; 3rd place; Animal Science; Baileigh Jared; Carver Center, Midland.What objects are easier to remember; 1st place; Behavioral and Social Science; Sydney Sanz; Trinity School (Junior Division), Midland.To Talk or Not to Talk, That is the Question.; 2nd place; Behavioral and Social Science; Luke Williams, Madelynne Battershell, Jesus Ruiz; St. John’s Episcopal School, Odessa.Brain Attain; 3rd place; Behavioral and Social Science; Katlynn Nevill; St. John’s Episcopal School, Odessa.R.E.N.E.W. 2; 1st place (tie); Biochemistry; Konnor Benton; Carver Center, Midland.Does Eating Affect Your Ability to Utilize Other Senses? 1st place (tie); Biochemistry; Hadley Whytlaw; Trinity School (Junior Division), Midland.Does the urge to urinate affect your heart rate? 2nd place; Biomedical and Health Sciences; Raj Sukumar; Trinity School (Junior Division), Midland.Which Vitamin Has The Most Antioxidant Activity; 3rd place; Biomedical and Health Sciences; Jace Cohlmia; Carver Center, Midland.Bacterial Colonies vs. Colloidal Silver; 2nd place; Cellular and Molecular Biology; Will Aston; Goddard Junior High School, Midland.A Greener Cleaner;1st;Chemistry; Marian Appel; Pecos Middle School, Pecos.Red 40: A Colored Killer?; 1st place (tie); Chemistry; Landrie Almquist; Carver Center, Midland.The Chemistry of Hair Highlights; 2nd place tie; Chemistry; Heather LaShomb; St. John’s Episcopal School, Odessa.Shaking for Suds; 2nd place tie; Chemistry; Taylor Weaver; St. John’s Episcopal School, Odessa.Flammable Fabric; 3rd place tie; Chemistry; Josh Sturdivant; Carver Center Midland.Do all sodas contain the same amount of carbon dioxide in a solution?; 3rd place tie; Chemistry; Jackson Tapp, Emerson Elementary School, Midland.The Dark Side of the Light; 1st place; Earth and Environmental Sciences; Gissele Holguin; Big Spring Junior High School, Big Spring.Minerals in Water; 2nd place; Earth and Environmental Sciences; Sage Thompson; Trinity School (Junior Division), Midland.Geodes-Predicting the interior from the exterior; 3rd place; Earth and Environmental Sciences; RaeLeigh Oakes; Emerson Elementary School, Midland.How Much? How Many? How Far?; 1st place; Energy: Chemical; Jaxon Robinson; St. John’s Episcopal School, Odessa.Do lollipops Dissolve in Water; 2nd place; Energy: Chemical; Evan Ridderhof; Fasken Middle School, Midland.Absorption of Radiant Energy by Different Colors; 1st place; Energy: Physical; Colleen Mohr, Trinity School (Junior Division), Midland.My Solar Powered Oven Design; 2nd place; Energy: Physical; Lilly Lujan; Carver Center, Midland.The Science Behind Blinds; 3rd place; Energy: Physical; Julia Brown; Carver Center, Midland.Apple Juice? Milk? Water? Fast or slow? Which one will affect the distance the boat can go?; Energy: Physical; Ella Ports; Trinity School (Junior Division), Midland.Reflection by Scattering or Absorption of a Directed Light Source; 1st place; Engineering Mechanics; Allison Barnes, UTPB STEM Academy, Odessa.Highway Safety: Building Better Crash Cushions; 2nd place; Engineering Mechanics; Caedan Harwell; Montessori Mastery School of Odessa.The Heat on Electricity; 3rd place; Engineering Mechanics; Hudson Alworth; Trinity School (Junior Division); MidlandCan you predict a landslide?; 1st place; Environmental Engineering; Nicholas Spangher; Carver Center, Midland.Conserve water ft. plants and sponges; 2nd place; Environmental Engineering; Reagan Smith; Carver Center, Midland.Water Conservation; 3rd place; Environmental Engineering; Madelyn Moreno; Carver Center;New Bees; 1st place; Materials Science; April Villalobossosa; Carver Center, Midland,Chilling Out; 2nd place; Materials Science; Major Reznik, Christian Masters; Montessori Mastery School of Odessa.Building a Better Bandage; 3rd place; Materials Science; Connor Stewart; Carver Center; Midland.New Job New Life; 3rd place; Mathematics; Natalie Spangher; Carver Center.Where are the most microorganisms lurking in my community?; 1st place; Microbiology; Connor McMurry; Carver Center, Midland.Apple Preserves; 2nd place; Microbiology; Justin Blaylock; Trinity School (Junior Division), Midland.Killer Cleaners; 3rd place; Microbiology; Keira Cochran; Midland Montessori.Mechanical Advantages of Simple Machines; 2nd place; Physics & Astronomy; Julie Parmer; Carver Center, Midland.Paper Plane Aerodynamics; 3rd place; Physics & Astronomy; Evan McAllaster; Trinity School (Junior Division); Midland.Solar Drill: Does the Bz Component of Solar Wind Drill a Hole in the Earth’s Magnetic Field?; Physics & Astronomy; Zoe Curry; UTPB STEM Academy.The Effect of Fertilizer on Basil Seeds.; 1st place; Plant Sciences; Keren Ortega; Carver Center, Midland.Water This! 2nd place; Plant Sciences; Jonathan Mendoza; Montessori Mastery School of Odessa.Wifi and the Beanstalk; 3rd place; Plant Sciences; Grace Herrera, UTPB STEM Academy.Robotics Programming; 1st place; Robotics and Intelligent Machines, Nisabella Karais; Harmony Science Academy (Odessa).The translation earpiece; 2nd place; Robotics and Intelligent Machines; Kaiden Roberts, David Villagrana, John Maniyali, Big Spring Intermediate School, Big Spring.Robot Findings; 3rd place; Robotics and Intelligent Machines; Emma Ugwuanyi; Fasken Middle School, Midland.Building my own computer to code my game; 1st place; System Software; Bryan Garcia; Fasken Middle School, Midland.Renewable wind power; 2nd place; System Software; Abby Paredes; UTPB STEM Academy, Odessa.Senior DivisionMealworms and Monster; 2nd place; Animal Science; Sarahann Adams; Trinity School (Senior Division), Midland.What’s the Fracking Deal?; 3rd place; Earth and Environmental Sciences; Braeden Carter; Monahans High School, Monahans.FLOC & FLOW: Using Electrocoagulation and Granular Media Filtration to Improve Water Quality, 1st first; Environmental Engineering; Garrett Guerrero, Matthew Trees; San Angelo Home School (9th-12th); San Angelo. Guerrero and Trees are going on to the international fair.NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) Awards – Elementary Division Pinterest Local students go on to state, international science fairs Facebook Local News Previous articleWorld’s Largest Rattlesnake RoundupNext articleGUEST VIEW: Arming teachers with mental health tools, not guns admin WhatsApp Kinley Weaver, St. John’s Episcopal School, third grade, chemistry.Ashton Liming, Reagan Elementary, fourth grade, chemistry.Carson Nevill, St. John’s Episcopal, fourth grade, chemistry.Kylee Stanaland, St. John’s, fourth grade, chemistry.Lillian Windham, Reagan Elementary, fourth grade, Earth and Space Science.Connor Browning, Reagan Elementary, fourth grade, Earth Science.Caine Anderson, Reagan Elementary, fifth grade, chemistry.Mylie Tercero, Austin Elementary, fifth grade, chemistry.Ethan Nunez, Reagan Elementary, fifth grade, Earth Science.Emerson Ormsby, Ireland Elementary, fifth grade, Earth Science.Sergio Estopellan, Austin Montessori Magnet, fourth grade, chemistry. Facebookcenter_img NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) Awards – Junior Division Twitter By admin – March 9, 2018 Twitter Pinterest Shaking for Suds, Chemistry, Taylor Weaver, St. John’s Episcopal School.The Greenhouse Effect Solution, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Dylan Rodriguez, Harmony Science Academy, Odessa.Highway Safety: Building Better Crash Cushions, Engineering Mechanics, Caedan Harwell, Montessori Mastery School of Odessa.Arrow Dynamics, Physics & Astronomy, Edith Fandey, UTPB STEM Academy.Measuring Light to the Egg-streme, Physics & Astronomy, Angel Luna, Bonham Middle School. WhatsApplast_img read more