I support giving oil money directly to Guyanese

first_imgDear Editor,I completely agree with Guyana’s distinguished economist Dr Clive Thomas that a significant part of the nation’s oil revenue should be given directly to each household in Guyana at set times.There is no question in my mind that such a move would have a lasting and positive impact on the people of Guyana. This will be a powerful incentive that will bring our people’s latent aptitude for thrift, creativity, ingenuity and business to full bloom, and enable them to expand their contributions to the country’s sustainable development.The direct disbursement of oil money to the people will benefit every industry and business in the country because it will increase people’s disposable income and money available for investment. This will cause a tremendous boost in commerce, which would stimulate the economy, promote health and wealth, improve the quality of life, and generally improve everyone’s state of mind.As Dr Thomas indicated, leaving the nation’s oil money solely in the control of politicians would leave the door wide open for human selfishness, greed and lust for power to step in, so only a small set of people would benefit from Guyana’s oil. This must never happen; oil profits must always be shared equitably.There will be enough to give every household in Guyana $1 million to 2 million annually to do as they wish. In anticipation of the oil bonanza, my advice is for Government to revive the disbursement of the “Because We Care” school grant for every child attending school.The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPPC) Government initiated this grant, and it was an extraordinary benefit to poor families. When the current Government took power, they stopped it.When oil money starts to flow, I strongly believe that Government should give as much of the money to the people directly and as soon as possible, so that they can feel a sense of joy and goodwill. Remember, the country does not belong to the politicians or to the Government; they were hired by the people to run the country. Sometimes politicians forget that we, the people, own this country.My advice to the Granger Administration, or any Government that gains power during our oil boom, is to put things in place and listen to the advice of learned men like Dr. Clive Thomas; and listen to the people who elected you to office by giving something to the people directly.The bottom line is: Dr. Thomas has proposed something extremely good for Guyana; it will definitely work if we handle it properly. I support his suggestion one hundred percent.Sincerely,Roshan Khan Srlast_img

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