Meet the Side Winder by Fuse, the Cool Mac Accessory every Apple User Should Own

first_imgIt seems like one accessory that requires some type of subscription buying program where you get a new one every eight to ten weeks is a laptop charger. That’s because they tend to become frayed over time, making them unusable and putting you $80 out of pocket for every replacement charger from Apple that you need to buy for your MacBook.Not Charged UpAlthough the MacBook is a very popular laptop, the charger is not. Out of 2,510 reviews on the site, the charger has a 1.5-star rating. Users describe the MacBook’s charger as “extremely fragile” and something that “cracks easily.”Other accessories have been created to store charger cords. However, these require manually wrapping the cord around the device. This doesn’t provide the best safeguard from fraying or damage. Reports have been that fraying happens most frequently where the cord connects with the brick, both externally and internally, cutting off the charge.Leading the Charge For a SolutionNow, there’s a new cool accessory that may finally stop the charger madness. The Side Winder by Fuse is a MacBook accessory that winds up your MacBook charger in under five seconds. In the process, it protects the cord from that damage it experiences when just manually rolled up.Named the #1 Kickstarter MacBook Accessory of 2017, it has garnered five-star reviews from users on Amazon and Facebook. Reviews call it “manageable and clean,” “easily stored.” Most point out the ability to keep the charger from being damaged during storage. The Side Winder’s modern packaging reveals an easy-to-follow set of instructions that have you up and running with it in a matter of minutes. The accessory has a lightweight shell design that can hold several different charger models. These include 45W, 60W, 61W, 85W, and 87W for various MacBook sizes. All you need to do is operate the side handle, which allows the cord to be wound up through the outer shell. It’s this shell that protects the cord from being damaged. Also, there’s a pull on both ends of the cable. This allows you to adjust the length control from ten inches to the full twelve feet. Inside the case, you’ll find an open space where your charger brick sits.  A Great Solution Starts with a Frustrating ProblemFuse began when Logan Bailey, a recent graduate of Brigham Young University, was frustrated with the tangled mess that constantly came out of his backpack when he removed his computer. He saw the same issue across the campus with other students. When he couldn’t find a product that solved the issue, he decided to do something disruptive and create the product himself.After 50 prototypes, designed in Bailey’s basement workshop, Fuse launched its Kickstarter in September of 2017. In the first month, the Kickstarter reached 1600% funded. There was $290,000 pledged from 6,447 backers.Bailey continues to have goals. He is working The Side Winder into multiple retailers and expanding their online footprint.  Priced at $29.99, it is affordable, high quality, and well designed. You can find it on their website at or on Amazon by searching The Side Winder by Fuse. Canvia Digital Art Turns Home and Office Walls … The ReadWrite reviews team provides reviews on the latest and greatest technologies, services, and products.For all review inquiries please email [email protected] ReadWrite Product Reviews Related Posts Molekule Air Purifier: Small in Stature, Big on… Blueair 680i Air Purifier: Clean Air For Your H… HyperDrive Power 9-in-1 USB-C Hublast_img

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