Phone calls to Pakistan from Bangalore jail ring alarm

first_imgSomething fishy seems to be going on in the Bangalore Central Jail.Inmates of the jail, located in Parappana Agrahara on the city’s outskirts, have made as many as 151 calls to Islamabad, Karachi and Muzaffarabad (PoK) since January. The reason for such a high number of calls is not clear.The police, who recently stumbled upon the calls originating from a high security jail where use of all kinds of communication devices is banned, are baffled. During a recent routine inspection, the police found cell phones and SIM cards of leading cellular operators in the jail premises.”It is clear that cell phones and SIM cards are being supplied to the inmates by hoodwinking the jail authorities. We are also ascertaining whether some of the jail officials are colluding with the inmates. This is a serious violation and a cause for concern,” a senior police officer said.According to the police, there have been instances of the inmates flushing the cell phones and SIM cards into the toilets after use. Considering the security threats posed by the use of cell phones inside the jail, home minister R. Ashoka has ordered the installation of mobile communication jammers in and around the prison.”We are aware of the problem. The government has already released `9 crore to install cell phone jammers near the Bangalore Central Jail. The work has already started,” he said.It is not just the mobile network or the availability of the cell phones that is worrying the police. They are more concerned about the calls being made to Pakistan.advertisement”It means there is already a nexus between the inmates of the jail and unknown people in Pakistan. We are trying to establish the link,” a senior police officer said.The profile of the inmates at the Bangalore Central Jail is diverse. Of the 4,500 convicts and inmates under trial, there are 15 terror suspects. They include Abdul Nasser Madani – prime accused in the Bangalore serial blasts (2008) – Indian Mujahideen members Badruddin, Adbul Sattar, Sarfraz Nawaz, Shafaz and Nazir.The jail also houses two Pakistani nationals – Mohammed Fahd and Mohammed Ali Hussain, members of the terrorist outfit Al-Badr, arrested in Mysore in 2006.”After we found the cell phones and SIM cards in the jail premises, we checked the call records of the numbers. Interestingly, the calls were made to various cities in Pakistan. We are trying to investigate the matter,” the officer added.Though there are the usual suspects (alleged terrorists in the jail), the police are also questioning some of the underworld elements lodged in the prison.”When we interrogated one of the convicts linked to the underworld, he cracked under pressure and revealed he had made calls to his relatives in Pakistan. But he does not have any relatives in Pakistan.Besides, what is the need to call his relatives in a distant country from the jail? We are now questioning his family members,” the officer said.The matter has become a grave cause for concern, as the Union home ministry had warned the Bangalore police about calls being made from the jail to Pakistan.For more news on India, click here.For more news on Business, click here.For more news on Movies, click here.For more news on Sports, click here.last_img

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