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I had the testimonies of six survivors who had been through the process of therapy and rehabilitation. about 10 minutes after she arrived at the Trump rally The woman said she saw something coming toward her tried to avoid the object but it struck her in the forehead according to Steve Linders a St Paul police spokesman She was not injured It was not clear who threw the smoke bomb Security guards intervened skirmishes broke out and someone sprayed chemical irritant into the crowd Some counter-demonstrators dispersed and the rally resumedLinwood Kaine was seen with four people who lit fireworks inside the Capitol Linders said Police are investigating whether Kaine was one of the people who was lighting the devicesSt Paul police arrested Kaine and the four others near Rice Street and University Avenue less than a block from the Capitol After the group ran and a St Paul police officer detained Kaine "he turned around and squared up to fight with the officer" Linders said Tuesday "The officer was able to place Mr Kaine under arrest and take him to the Ramsey County jail for booking"The officer used "some force" to take Kaine into custody according to Linders who said he didn’t have details about what it involved The State Patrol arrested a sixth person at the CapitolPeople involved in Kaine’s arrest were not aware that he is the son of Tim Kaine and it was brought to the police department’s attention by a Pioneer Press reporter Linders said No one from the US senator’s office had contacted the department he saidOn Tuesday evening Clark said he was also unaware of any connection to Tim Kaine until a Pioneer Press reporter informed him of itThe other five people arrested during the rally were Jonathan Adams 25 of Minneapolis; Glenn Kimball 22 of Minneapolis; Isabell Kimball 26 of Minneapolis; Haley Ryan 23 of Webster Minn; and Anton William Bueckert 29 of Ontario CanadaReporters Nick Woltman David Orrick and Mara H Gottfried contributed to this reportThere are indications that no fewer than six members of APC in the Senate may be suspended soon Four ranking Senators including a member of the Like-Minds group told Leadership that notable former public office holders in the last PDP administration both at the federal and state levels were the financial sponsors of the plan According to the report the legislators claimed that names of APC Senators penned down for immediate suspension once a window of opportunity opens upon resumption of the National Assembly were still not clear as the list keeps changing According to them PDP Senators would move for the suspension of some of APC senators who took the Senate bureaucracy to the police and court over the alleged forgery of Senate Standing Orders and “a number of those who have rebuffed pleas to cross over to the side of the Senate leadership “The argument that the PDP Senators will put forward for the suspension to convince their Like-Minds friends is that only the suspension will douse the tension in the chamber while in reality such move will create impasse in the National Assembly and by extension stall the forgery probe and distract the Buhari administration” a ranking senator from South West said Speaking on the political implications of the suspension if carried out another source said “With the suspension of the six APC Senators our number will on the face value be reduced 52 as we are now 58 because of the passing on of one of us but in reality only 28 of us in the Unity Forum are party compliant senators while the remaining 20 are members of “Like-Minds” group who are in alliance with PDP Senators” He added that with “the current 28 loyal APC senators in the upper chamber we are already in the minority; the suspension of six out of the number will create impasse not only in the Senate but also in the National Assembly and the polity in general The power of confirmation of appointment which resides with the Senate will be greatly impaired” “I doubt if Senator Bukola Saraki will buy into this idea of suspension to undermine his party’s majority status in the Senate as that will put him further apart from the party and President Muhammadu Buhari “The public will also be against the idea because of the disdain Nigerians currently have for the PDP There is the possibility that the party might take the option of expelling the Like-Minds Senators from its fold if this idea is executed Hence the best option for Senator Bukola Saraki is to seek reconciliation with his colleagues in the Unity Forum” he stated “The National Assembly is the only arm of government open to the PDP senators for the sole launch of their plan to stall all efforts of the Buhari administration as far as a probe of the Jonathan administration and by extension corruption perpetrated at the state level”"Woody Kaine is one of three children of Tim Kaine and his wife," Once the podcast hit its groove, said Phillip Lockett.

“Peace is from the heart and not from the tongue or lips; not what you say but what is in you. while briefing journalists after the meeting,After a much-talked about break-up with actor Kamal Haasan the actress was again in the public eye in December after she wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi entreating him to dispel the mystery surrounding the death of former Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa Actor Gautami Tadimalla has written to the PMO urging a probe into Jayalalithaa’s death Speculation was rife that she had chosen an opportune moment to enter politics In a free-wheeling interview the actor cancer survivor and single mother expresses her observations on the current political situation in the state and her disappointment over being ignored by the Centre as also rumours of an imminent entry to politics The last few hours have been extremely eventful in Tamil Nadu We have seen a dramatic turn of events since Tuesdaynight when O Panneerselvam made it clear that he intends to go it alone Your comments Under democratic principles the vote is for a particular governance style vision and leadership That mandate was very clearly handed to Amma (Jayalalithaa) It is she who had appointed him (O Panneerselvam) to fill the top position He has run the stateand has been elected as a people’s representative After the tragedy happened should her words and choice not be respected Panneerselvam has had the strength to adhere to his conscience He has made a strong statement and I appreciate and applaud that Yet VK Sasikala maintains that she enjoys the support of the majority of the MLAs Every elected representative is accountable to the people who elected him/her They must be true to their conscience Everyone who is sitting there and saying ‘I have a post and a vote and I decide the future course’ is in that position only because of Amma People have recognised them only as Amma’srepresentatives They are all here because of her and they have to be true to her and her memories and the faith that she had reposed in them In a letter dated 8December 2016 you had written to the prime minister and voiced your concerns surrounding Jayalalithaa’s death Today O Panneerselvaam has said he will order a judicial inquiry into the matter Are you satisfied My entreaty was made to the central government who has not even acknowledged that such a plea has been made to them Failing everything there is one man here our chief minister who has said that he will do something about it I am really glad that at least within the state steps are being taken I’d really like to see the truth come out and not merely an eyewash as we have been submitted to in the last few days It is too little but I am happy that Panneerselvam is taking the responsibility on himself And it’s also too late; I’d rather that it had been done immediately On Tuesday former speaker and AIADMK MLA PH Pandian had a press conference where he alleged foul play behind Jayalalithaa’s death Today a judicial inquiry is being ordered Does that confirm your worst fears Of course It’s not a fear it’s obvious Till today tell me who was the authority that took a call on everything since Jayalalithaa was moved to the hospital It was even said in the press conference that she may have been pushed down the stairs This is so tragic because I don’t even know enough to tell if this has happened or not Now someone has come out in the public and said this We have been kept in the dark about the welfare of our chief minister Doesn’t she deserve better than this The team of doctors thattreated Jayalalithaa including Richard Beale met the press on Monday What did you make of their statements I have gone through the salient points of it There are unsatisfactory replies or contradictory statements They said that she had septicemia (sepsis) My experience with that disease is that it totally degenerates your body But other than the marks on her cheeks she looked beautiful Why were we consistently told that she could choose when she wanted to go home and that she was interacting with the nurses and staff When she was well enough to go home why didn’t we see her or hear her That is the one question that begs an answer I feel strongly about this because my mother died of severe septicemia right in front of my eyes after being on ventilator for about 20 days And what was the press conference in response to Why wasn’t it conducted earlier right after she passed away or afterI raised those questions O Pannneerselvam had to submit his resignation among speculation that Sasikala was to take over as chief minister Did you feel she was in a hurry to assume the position That is very clear You have a chief minister who is already in office someone who Amma herself had indicated by virtue of which he is acceptable to the people It is up to the people to approve In the South especially in Tamil Nadu the relationship between political leaders and people is immensely personal Amma’s re-election was special because of the fact that she was an incumbent and that she won by a thumping majority Butwhere was the necessity for a change here Especially to make room for a person who is not known to the public nor has been popularly elected Fine there are rules that allow it But everything apart there’s also a question of doing the right thing Your second letter talks about a sense of anguish among people There was such a state of anguish but I’m proud of the fact that there was no confusion in the state They were clearly not happy with the (imminent) replacement That brings us to your first letter Did you receive any response from anyone from the Centre Without undue cynicism I know there is a process involved before it gets answered I was merely being a citizen voicing the general concern What is hurtful is that we have not even been found worthy of an acknowledgement from the Centre I might have written that letter as an individual but do you really see that as a voice of just one person My confidence in the democratic system hinges on my representatives’ answerability There was a tone of disappointment in your recent letter dated 3 February I was disappointed by the fact that it was denied that I even wrote such a letter In response to a query the Prime Minister Office’s office had issued a statement saying it had no knowledge of such a letter I’ve also been troubled about the fact that there has been no response It’s ridiculous and childish to be miffed about my query not getting any answers But there’s so much obscurity about the death of a serving sitting chief minister of one of India’s foremost states There is nobody to give any answers What kind of action were youexpecting First of all there’s been no official acknowledgement of the issue on any front until now It is plain hurtful when serious issues like these are brushed under the mat like this Jayalalithaa’s niece Deepa Jayakumar has also made her political aspirations clear What is your take on her I have absolutely no comments This is a democracy and people are elected to posts by the voting public Isn’t that the fair way of doing it You need to be trained to do any job that you aspire to do In that sense OPS earned it You have rarely been this articulate on a public platform and that frankly raises questions about your political aspirations too Are you looking at a political entry Am I political I am most definitely political As should we all be if we want to have a say in how this country is run and how we are administered Am I looking to get in to politics I am a single parent bringing up my daughter on my own and I am on my own starting my career all over again Nobody chooses these things But you must choose the right things when you arrive at that critical time I would be happy if everything is hunky dory and go about chasing my dream I need to be at peace with myself for which I need to know I’ve done the right thing I understand the "end of life" stage I’ve fought cancer and I’ve confronted that situation where I asked myself ‘What if I were to die today or tomorrow’ Doesn’t a person of her (Jayalalithaa’s) stature deserve more dignity Has any political party approached you No I’ve not heard from anybody But you had been a member of the BJP and campaigned for the party back in 1998 Yes but I have not been active since then It’s definitely not fair to say that I belong to the party as I have never renewed its membership since then I did campaign then and I still believe that Vajpayee was the most eligible person for that post at that stage Soon after that I got married Parenthood the tragedy of being orphaned cancer everything followed one year after another — in a space of four-five years?

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