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” However,Sridevi’s chapter in my book is a love letter,” said Mahendrabhai Trivedi,” Guha tweeted. who is considered one of the best dancers of Bollywood,the Indian version of it anyway with the dhol and garlands playing a massive part of the festivities?

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A latest research published in March 23 edition of Science had made the observation The research team included astronomers from TIFR — National Centre for Radio Astronomy (NCRA) Pune University of California Space Telescope Science Institute and University of Cambridge So far astronomers could never identify or characterise galaxies on the basis of gaseous absorptions as they gave away little information due to their faintness However for the first time this team stumbled upon detections in the form of dust emissions from two galaxies in the far end of the universe The discovery was made using data gathered by Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array (ALMA) a telescope that came up in Chile about three years ago ALMA is a radio interferometer like NCRA-run Giant Meterewave Telescope (GMRT) in Junnar is capable of imaging the universe “Since last three decades until this discovery we were under the impression that there could be small galaxies However they are definitely larger than the Milky Way also possibly indicating that they could have more star forming capacity” Nissim Kanekar researcher from NCRA told The Indian Express over the phone The research states high-metalicity absorptions to have physical properties those like a massive star-forming capacity like our Milky Way “It also indicates that our galaxy too would have looked similar in its initial years of formation” revealed the research paper AMLA-aided researchers in getting ultraviolet radiations which when hit the dust gave away unknown information about the galaxy which is very young in the time scale added Kanekar For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsPublished: April 12 2014 2:04 am IT focuses its argument for self-definition on a character of whose specialness we are reminded of at every step Related News By:Aishwarya Subramanian ‘Divergent’ is an example of story telling that grants full humanity only to the extraordinary It is our choices Harry that show what we truly are far more than our abilities” says Albus Dumbledore to a young Harry Potter The Harry Potter series often raises this question of choice versus destiny always coming down on the side of choice; we’re told for example that Harry’s position as Voldemort’s nemesis is not so much the result of a prophecy as of Voldemort’s believing it Of course all of this takes place within a system in which children are divided into school houses based on their abilities The cunning ones go to Slytherin the clever ones to Ravenclaw the brave ones to Gryffindor and the nice ones to Hufflepuff That Harry himself is given a choice is due to the special circumstances of his past; we’re given no hints that normal children not the subjects of prophecy have this level of control over the ways in which they’re to be categorised Then there’s Veronica Roth’s Divergent a movie adaptation of which was just released In Roth’s future Chicago the Hogwarts house system is the policy of an oppressive state Society is divided into five “factions” namely Abnegation Amity Candor Dauntless and Erudite each composed of those who strive towards the value after which it is named At 16 children take aptitude tests to help them to determine in which faction they wish to spend their adult lives and once they choose a faction they must stick to it or risk becoming one of the “factionless” who live outside society altogether The audience isn’t told how any of this is supposed to work It’s a fundamentally silly premise only really there to facilitate the story of its heroine Beatrice (eventually Tris) Prior has been raised in Abnegation where they eat plain food wear baggy grey clothes and are allowed to look in the mirror only once in every few months Unable to entirely embrace Abnegation’s selflessness she isn’t sure she belongs in this faction Her test results when she takes them prove inconclusive As Tori the woman who administers her test explains Tris is Divergent a rare subset of the population who cannot easily be slotted into a category and whose deviation from the norm is seen by the powerful as dangerous It’s Tris’s trainer and eventual lover who articulates Divergent’s critique of its system “I want to be brave and selfless and smart and kind and honest” It’s never clear how this oppressive state would derive tangible benefit from preventing any of this But one way of reading the teenage-protagonist-versus-oppressive-state story is as a sort of coming of age a defining of one’s own identity and a setting of boundaries Perhaps this is why Katniss in The Hunger Games trilogy is angriest when she is used as a pawn; plots like these literalise a struggle for the right to self-determination for a physical and moral integrity It’s fitting that Tris begins her story by leaving Abnegation and giving herself a new name and the movie makes good use of mirrors allowing her for the first time to look at herself and claim herself Divergent wants to be a story about this claiming of self and of the right not to be limited by externally imposed boundaries Unfortunately there’s also the problem of the Very Special Hero “You don’t fit into a category” says Tris’ mother emphasis mine Just as the Harry Potter books are about the important “choices” of an already-marked-out hero Divergent focuses its argument for self-definition free of categories on a character of whose specialness we are reminded of at every step Tris can’t be easily slotted into a category not because people are human and multifaceted but because she is part of so rare a subset of humans; later books in the series raise the ways in which she is superior to the level of the genetic It’s an approach to storytelling that grants full humanity only to the extraordinary And yet Tris and Divergent are underdogs in some ways Even in the wake of The Hunger Games it’s an uphill battle to get the mainstream movie industry to realise that action movies starring women might work or that stories for teenaged girls needn’t be immediately dismissed Divergent is generic and often silly but I’d like to see the pleasingly ruthless by no means self-abnegating Tris punch her way to box-office success I’d also like the occasional Hufflepuff hero but one can’t have everything Subramanian is aNewcastle-based writer For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Chennai | Published: August 5 2017 8:43 pm Mariyappan had been recommended for the Arjuna Award a couple of days ago which Satyanarayana said was a good thing to happen for para-athletics (Source: Reuters) Top News Noted athletics coach Satyanarayana mentor of T Mariyappan who won a gold in the Rio Paralympics last year says being recommended for the prestigious Dronacharya Award is a recognition not for him alone but for para-athletes too “I am happy not only for myself but even for my students too It is because of their success I have been chosen for the award” he told PTI from Bengaluru Mariyappan had been recommended for the Arjuna Award a couple of days ago which Satyanarayana said was a good thing to happen for para-athletics “Mariyappan’s gold in Rio brought me to the limelight Other students of mine like H N Girisha a silver medallist at the Paralympic Games in London recently and Varun Bhati won a bronze in the men’s high jump T-42 category in Rio have given me a lot of cheer I am happy that Mariyappan has been selected for the Arjuna Award it is a boost for para-athletes” he said A former 1500-metres runner who has taken part in international events Satyanarayana was an administrator with Karnataka Amateur Athletics Association (KAAA) before taking up coaching “I moved to coaching from administration as I felt I could not give my best Moreover since I thought I would be better off training and motivating athletes I took up the job of coaching athletes I am enjoying it and it is wonderful to work with para-athletes” he said “From the days when I sold flowers in Shimoga (now Shivamoga) to taking up athletics and representing India in international meets to a coach it has been a good journey” he said of his humble beginnings and his subsequent role as a trainer “I can’t say how happy I am to be recommended for the Dronacharya award However it has not happened because of my hard work alone A lot of people have been behind this I have to be grateful to the people of Shimoga my students and many others for the good things that have happened to me” he said “The award increases my responsibility My desire is to see Mariyappan Girisha and Bhati train hard and win medals at the 2020 Paralympics” he said Satyanarayana also said that J M Shawad one of his trainees had a lot of potential and tipped him to win medals in the future “I get a lot of satisfaction coaching athletes My small help has enabled people like Girisha Mariyappan Bhati win medals in world-level events I hope to continue my contribution to Indian sport especially para-athletics” he signed off For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Editorial | Published: August 27 2016 12:04 am Top News One in four tuberculosis patients worldwide is an Indian Epidemiologists regard the tuberculosis bacteria as the Indian public health system’s greatest bugbear If a study published in the latest edition of the Lancet Infectious Diseases Journal is anything to go by the problem might be more daunting that it was earlier thought to be The good news however is that we are closer than ever before to identifying the exact magnitude of the problem The number of tuberculosis patients in the country was earlier reckoned to be 22 million But there were always question marks on the accuracy of this figure because it was difficult to ascertain the exact number of patients who sought private treatment It was believed that private clinics and hospitals treat about 8 million tuberculosis patients while 14 million patients consult government-run medical centres A joint study by the Indian government’s Central TB Division the Imperial College of London and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation confirms what had long been suspected: Many more tuberculosis patients seek treatment from the private sector than government hospitals The study estimates that more than 2 million patients consult private doctors — even pharmacists — and the country’s tuberculosis burden could be more than 35 million people India’s private healthcare system is largely unregulated especially in matters related to treating tuberculosis This means that patients are rarely educated about the disease and do not receive proper support The authors of the Lancet paper argue that the absence of proper protocols in private hospitals and clinics often means that patients stop treatment as soon as they feel better They do not complete the requisite six to nine months of therapy A study published in March 2016 in the Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene highlighted another problem that arises when patients consult private physicians The private doctors interviewed in the study administered broad spectrum antibiotics to tuberculosis patients as the first course of treatment They did not ask for a lab investigation and focused on treating the symptoms A patient had to consult a doctor several times before being suspected of tuberculosis Stopping therapy midway exposes a patient to a virulent strain of the tuberculosis bacteria: One resistant to the multi-drug therapy used to treat the disease Delays in diagnosis compound the problem According to the WHO India accounts for 64000 multi-drug resistant tuberculosis patients The figure could be much more in the light of the Lancet study In 2012 the Revised National TB Control Programme introduced protocols that made it mandatory for private healthcare providers to report the tuberculosis cases they treat The figures thrown up by the Lancet study show that much more needs to be done to regulate treatment of tuberculosis outside the state healthcare system For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top NewsUpdated: January 27 2014 11:35 pm Related News A grassroots politician and Congress party worker contests two of the AAP’s big assertions The electoral success of the Aam Aadmi Party has led to many claims about Indian democracy that should be put to the test on the basis of actual experiences of the poor I am not an MLA or an MP I am the head of a local NGO and live in an unauthorised colony in west Delhi I am also a Congress party worker My analysis is based on my experience of working for security of tenure getting electricity water and sewage treatment in our colony Here I take up just two of the AAP’s many claims The AAP’s first claim is that democracy has failed the poor because politicians make electoral promises and then disappear But the poor are not so uninformed as to not understand that it is they who have put politicians in positions of power and that elected representatives thus have a responsibility to help solve their problems We have been striving for the last 20 years to get our colony recognised as an authorised colony Since our colony has grown in a haphazard manner till 2004 there were no proper street names or addresses for the houses There were multiple claimants over the land on which our jhuggis and pucca houses are built We have fought a court case against a powerful private foundation which had claimed that the land belonged to them We formed an NGO (Punjabi Basti Sudhar Samiti) and its functionaries conducted a search of revenue records to establish that the plot numbers in revenue records did not match the area that the foundation was claiming as part of its land We subsequently commissioned an authorised map of the area and paid for it ourselves by getting contributions from every household At each phase of the mapmaking exercise we faced objections from various officials from the MCD and the ministry of urban development But we pressed our case through the Bhagidari system established by the previous chief minister in which our resident welfare association was represented The point is that we did not establish our rights to the land we live on by receiving patronage in a mai baap system but by going to the courts finding out what the procedures for receiving recognition as an authorised colony were and creating networks of help and support both within the locality and with political parties elected legislators and even some officials and lawyers who guided us For us democracy is measured by the spaces for action opened up and not by the free gifts we might be given as charity We have worked to shift the perspective of our fellow residents from one that expects charity to one demanding rights The second claim is that the AAP has established its pro-poor credentials by offering free water and by reducing electricity tariff by 50 per cent In the early years after this settlement came into being people had no option but to draw electricity from high-tension wires with the connivance of electricity board officials and the local mafia At one meeting after electricity distribution was privatised an official called us a “colony of thieves” We vowed that we would remove this stigma In 2006 we were successful in having seven transformers installed in our locality but it took more than 90 letters and mediation by local legislators and the chief minister’s office for our map to be recognised by officials on the basis of which meters were installed People have the right to regular electricity in unauthorised colonies and we are ready to pay fair prices Our needs for water are urgent Although we have taps and water supply lines water simply does not reach the houses on a higher elevation We have evolved a system by which the Delhi Jal Board supplies tankers to households who have organised into groups that are registered with them However we want this tanker system to end Though we have been able to keep the water mafia out it is a hardship for women and children to carry cans of water up the steep streets A pilot project to instal small reservoirs of water for a group of 10 households which will pay according to use was initiated by our previous MLA and is in the process of being tested But we fear that these experiments will come to a halt as the AAP reverts to the old-style politics of treating us simply as recipients of state patronage We do not wish to receive patronage or political favours We demand rights over public services and expect to pay for them at fair rates because that is where our dignity lies In short we strive to become the “unpoor” We think our work in our localities has been an important component of Indian democracy and we feel ignored and slighted when people make pronouncements about the poor as if they are so nave as to think that democracy is only about elections SANJEEV GUPTA The writer is a political worker who has collaborated with local leaders to solve problems of public provisions in his area With assistance from Veena Das professor of anthropology at Johns Hopkins University US For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Editorial | Published: August 20 2016 12:28 am Top News Laying the foundation stone for a new party office in the capital on Thursday Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke of the BJP as a party “swimming against the current” “Even the Congress may not have faced so much difficulty during British rule as our party workers had to face since 1950 till date” he claimed The Congress has immediately taken the bait Its spokesperson described the PM’s comments as “humiliation and denigration of the entire freedom struggle” Quite apart from the Congress’s indignation however the PM doth protest too much In fact his remarks reveal a strong self-pitying streak in his party that seems to have withstood its ascent to power with a decisive mandate and formation of government at the Centre The BJP’s self-styled victimhood has also survived its remarkable successes in the states since and its expansion into spaces that had remained unmarked by its presence so far like the Northeast The BJP’s tendency to play victim ill behoves a ruling party that has built itself into the second — some might even argue the first — national pole of a polity that was for many decades dominated by the Congress It also does not make the fit with the style and thrust of Modi’s own politics which in its best version emphasises a problem-solving spirit and which proclaims a freedom from the habits and defeatism of the past But the point is not merely that the BJP’s victim card jars in a party that is doing rather well for itself and is led by a politician who projects an aura of invincibility It is also this: By constantly playing victim the BJP continues to divide the world into “us” and “them the enemy”; it reduces its own leadership’s room for manoeuvre within; and it does injustice to the real victims in the system it presides over as the ruling party at the Centre In other words as was visible in the debate on nationalism in the wake of the JNU controversy the BJP is too quick to label any view that differs from its own as “anti-national” The party’s insistence on projecting itself as being the sinned-against also means that within the parivar more often than not its leadership must close ranks with the fringe against the common “enemy” instead of admonishing it And the BJP’s pre-occupation with its self-image as the party strenuously “swimming against the current” surely reduces its sensitivity and empathy for the truly disprivileged that its government must reach out to be it the Dalits or Muslims if it wants to live up to its own slogan of “sabka saath sabka vikas” For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top NewsPutin critic Navalny says security service tracking his children | Reuters World Reuters Jul 13 2017 22:17:52 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Jul 13 2017 22:17 PM | Updated Date: Jul 13 2017 22:17 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See London: Diego Costa claims he will only leave Chelsea to return to Atletico Madrid this summer turning his back on long-term speculation of a blockbuster move to China Costa scored 22 goals this season in firing Chelsea to the Premier League title for the second time in three seasons at the club File image of Chelsea striker Diego Costa Getty Yet the Brazilian-born striker has struggled to settle in London and had a training ground bust-up with Chelsea boss Antonio Conte in January fuelling rumours he could be the latest star of European football to be snapped up by China’s football boom However after losing out to Arsenal in Saturday’s FA Cup final Costa said only a return to Atletico where he won La Liga in 2013/14 would tempt him away from Stamford Bridge "If the club really want to sell me and there is an offer from a different club I will stay" he said "If the offer is from Atletico I will think about it that much is clear "I am going to choose my future not them I won’t change city or country for another that isn’t Spain "If the club want to sell me there is only one team and I have made that very clear" Costa nearly rejoined Atletico last year but the Spanish side failed to meet Chelsea’s valuation Atletico who finished third in La Liga this season are currently banned from registering new players in the upcoming transfer window due to irregularities in the singing of players under the age of foreign minors However the Court of Arbitration for Sport is set to decide on their appeal to reduce the sentence from a two transfer window ban to one this week which would free up Diego Simeone’s men to strengthen Atletico could be in the market for a striker with top scorer Antoine Griezmann heavily linked with a move to Manchester United Griezmann has a 100 million ($112 million) buyout clause but told French TV last week there was "six out of 10 chance" he could join Jose Mourinho’s newly crowned Europa League winners By: AP | Abu Dhabi | Published: November 28 2016 8:53 pm Nico Rosberg showed impressive mental resilience to get the better of Hamilton over a topsy-turvy season (Source: AP) Top News After finally getting the better of longtime rival Lewis Hamilton to become Formula One champion the weight is off Nico Rosberg’s shoulders and he has the chance to really show what he can do But at 31 the German driver is already into his peak years and only has a limited time left at the top Rosberg showed impressive mental resilience to get the better of Hamilton over a topsy-turvy season and the title victory was even sweeter considering that they have been competing against each other since their karting days as teens “It feels like I have been racing him forever and always he has just managed to edge me out” Rosberg said after clinching the title at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Sunday “He is just an amazing driver and one of the best in history That makes it so much more satisfying that I took the world championship away from him” For Rosberg to be spoken of alongside other F1 greats he needs to do more than beating Hamilton over 21 races in essentially the same Mercedes car He was thoroughly consistent but Rosberg’s title win lacked the “wow” factor in terms of pure driving He needs to dominate a campaign the way Hamilton and four-time champion Sebastian Vettel — and others before them — have done Rosberg’s tally of 23 career race wins is commendable but unremarkable considering Hamilton — who is the same age — has a whopping 53 wins Vettel who is two years younger already has 42 Two-time F1 champion Fernando Alonso who is for some observers still the most skilled driver in F1 has 32 wins That total would be far higher had Alonso been given a leading car The Spaniard has not won a race since taking the checkered flag for Ferrari in May 2013 He has spent this season and last getting the best out of a struggling McLaren adapting to its switch back to a Honda engine Clearly Rosberg needs to improve his speed if he is to be considered among the best This year Hamilton secured 10 wins to Rosberg’s nine and — as Hamilton has consistently repeated — would probably have had a couple more wins without engine problems that cropped up several times He considers himself to have been the best driver “Obviously we had a lot of problems this year and that’s inevitably why I’m in this position” Hamilton said as Rosberg sat next to him in Sunday’s post-race news conference Although Hamilton’s comments smacked of poor sportsmanship he does have an argument In qualifying Hamilton took 12 pole positions compared to eight for Rosberg even though Hamilton was unable to compete in three sessions because of engine woes Rosberg however could also have got more poles under different circumstances He was not pushing Hamilton in qualifying over the last four races because he was more concerned with protecting his considerable lead and playing it safe on race day where taking second place behind Hamilton was enough Still aside from Singapore where Rosberg crushed Hamilton in qualifying with a quite stunning lap he has not been as quick After missing out on a third straight F1 title and fourth overall Hamilton will be hugely motivated next year Others will be pushing Rosberg too not least Red Bull driver Max Verstappen The 19-year-old Dutchman has taken F1 by storm this year — becoming the youngest to both win a race and qualify on the front row With rule changes — notably wider tires — expected to make the 2017 cars several seconds quicker Mercedes might be more strongly challenged Verstappen will have more experience and Red Bull will be confident that he can challenge for wins considering it was the only team other than Mercedes to win a race this season Vettel has also expressed optimism that Ferrari can close the gap Rosberg’s father — 1982 Formula One champion Keke Rosberg — said his son will need to be ready “The level is always high in Formula One Look at Max he is the teammate of (Daniel) Ricciardo Or Vettel he is the teammate of (Kimi) Raikkonen” Keke Rosberg said “When you take the top three teams all of them have been world champions or at Red Bull they’re all young talents That’s the level we have” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: January 5 2017 3:43 am Top News Kolkata Police registered a suo-motu case against unknown persons in connection with the clash between BJP and TMC workers that took place Tuesday evening in Kolkata The TMC had protested outside BJP state office against the arrest of Sudip Bandyopadhyay Around 12 people were injured and a few vehicles were damaged Sources said the case does not mention any names Instead the complaint said two political parties had clashed in Murlidhar Sen Lane “A case has been registered under sections143 (unlawful assembly) 148 (rioting armed with deadly weapon)149 (every member of unlawful assembly guilty of offence committed in prosecution of common intention) 324 (voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means) and 427 (mischief causing damage) of IPC” said Vineet Goyal ACP (I) For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Surat | Published: March 30 2013 4:15 am Related News A 65-year-old convict in the 1993 Surat blasts case who was out on bail after being diagnosed with liver and kidney ailments died here Friday morning The deceasedIqbal Wadiwalaand 10 others including a former ministerwere found guilty by the Surat district court for their role in the bomb blasts near Geetanjali Cinema at Varachha and at Surat Railway station in 1993 An eight-year-old had died and over 30 people were injured in the twin blasts All those convicted in the case were given life termswhich they were serving in Vadodara Central jail till a few months ago when they were shifted to a newly built central jail at Lajpore in Surat Wadiwalawho was suffering from liver and kidney ailmentshad filed a plea in the Supreme Court requesting bail for medical treatment On March 15 this yearthe SC granted him bail for four months on medical grounds and ordered that he undergo medical treatment in the New Civil Hospital in Surat When his health did not improve in the New Civil hospital in Surathis son Wasim again filed a plea in the Supreme Courtsecuring a permission to treat his father in a private hospital Wadiwala was then shifted to Mahavir hospitalbut the doctors there ruled out chances of recovery Two days agohe was shifted to Sufi hospital at Lalgatewhere he died Friday morning Wadiwalas younger brother Kadar said?a good brother, Dundalk ‘on their knees’ In Dublin," Kenny told RTE.‘To see this dude play’?” Ramirez said.

Only he could do it so cleanly in India,com, Police said a case on the financial dispute is pending in court.the two fled with the car and Singh suffered injuries in the incident, with Danushka Gunathilaka, Asian allies of the US are worried that America may not be able to sustain the pivot to the region because of financial difficulties, but somehow, With the help of equipment, Kiev,” added Tope.

Sector 26) (5:49.” Mercedes has dominated the sport in recent seasons, they defend very well and have high-quality players?and school demanded it always be braided (black scrunchies only, As the title track of Bank Chor plays, They are also checking police stations for any missing person report,I am throwing a Trumping party tonite???especially for foreign tourists, he said Tourism secretary of West BengalVikram Senhowever said they had no problem with connectivity My friends must have felt poor connectivity inside the Netaji Indoor Stadiumwhich is a confined place and internet might be slower We have not faced any problem in Bengal with the Internetexcept in some remote areas? Saeed on Wednesday filed a fresh petition challenging the detention order. Alon told a press conference in Paris: "Somebody at Fifa decided that they did not want Michel Platini to be the next president of Fifa and they unfortunately used me to start the movement when Jerome Valcke called and threatened Michel.

The judges said directions given by a court on a PIL were binding on the government. Also read |? pointing at an IIT report which said firecrackers contributed only 0. File image of Gauri Lankesh.

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