2006 Garden Packet

first_imgHere is the 31st annual spring Garden Packet from the Universityof Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.Written by 16 CAES faculty members and graduate students, these29 features are provided to help you give your readers thetimely, valuable gardening information they want. Your UGACooperative Extension county agent (just call 1-800-ASK-UGA1) canhelp you localize these features. The stories are available onthe Georgia FACES Web site at georgiafaces.com.The 2006 Garden Packet stories are: 1 Addmagic of homegrown herbs to garden Bob Westerfield 2 Don’tlet bitter cucumbers ruin garden harvest Westerfield 3 TSWV-resistantplants may aid gardeners Terry Kelley 4 Transplantsgive you early start in summer garden Kelley 5 Planta little garden variety for your salad Kelley 6 Pollinationcritical in vegetable gardens George Boyhan 7 Fightharvest-robbing diseases in garden BradHaire 8 Howto control garden bugs is up to you AltonSparks 9 Techniquemakes peaches bigger, sweeter Kathy Taylor10 Don’tlet fear cause ‘killer’ bee mistakes Keith Delaplane11 Enjoyyour food, give honeybees respect Amanda Ellis12 Compostpile can attract stable flies Nancy Hinkle13 Goldengarden spiders trap insects Hinkle, Aubree Roche14 Shovel-headedgarden worms harmless oddities Hinkle15 Housefliespresent never-ending control challenge Hinkle16 Housecentipede are allies in home pest control Hinkle17 GeorgiaGold Medals give quality plants leg up Dan Rahn18 Cupheaannual plants provide nonstop color Gary Wade19 GeorgiaGold Medal winner offers warm ‘snowballs’ Wade20 Wisteria?A Gold Medal winner? Get serious Wade21 Award-winninggroundcover offers true-blue flowers Wade22 Overcupoak a ‘bulletproof’ Gold Medal winner Wade23 ‘Angeltrumpets’ signaling soaring popularity Paul Thomas24 ‘Angeltrumpets’ easy to propagate Thomas25 Controlweeds to protect beauty of irises Mark Czarnota26 Gocreative with yard art, theme gardens Sharon Omahen27 Lookout for alien invaders in Georgia woodlands Wade28 Keeppoison ivy out of landscape Czarnota, Tim Murphy29 Springlandscape chores, beautiful summer WesterfieldHere are all of the annual UGA garden packet articles for thepast five years:2006 Garden Packet Articles2005 Garden Packet Articles2004 Garden Packet Articles 2003 Garden Packet Articles 2002 Garden Packet Articles(Dan Rahn is the principal editor of the annual gardenpacket and a news editor with the University of Georgia Collegeof Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.) Volume XXXINumber 1Page ilast_img

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