Suspects Detained in Attack Against Colombian Former Minister

first_img Colombian authorities announced on August 28 the capture of the five perpetrators involved in the explosive attack that took place in the month of May, against a former minister, and stated that, although they are not members of the FARC, this guerrilla group remains the main suspect in the attack. One of those arrested is a 16 year old who allegedly placed an explosive in the former Minister Fernando Londono’s armored van, which took the lives of two of his bodyguards and wounded nearly 50 people in Bogotá, reported the National Police Director José Roberto León, in a press release. The five arrested in this operation developed in recent days, formed part of a criminal organization, which was operating out of the city of Cali (southwest), noted León. Colombia’s Attorney General, Eduardo Montealegre, indicated that it still needed to determine and arrest the masterminds of the attack on May 15, against Londono, the Interior Minister (2002-2004) under President Álvaro Uribe. Montealegre, who in June blamed the attack on the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), reiterated that the insurgent group remains the main suspect. The reasons for this hypothesis is “the methodology that was used, which was a sticky (tape) that previously had been used by the FARC; the threats against Londono detected in emails and computers, and the existence of a failed FARC attempt years ago against the former Minister” argued Montealegre. President Juan Manuel Santos initially reported the arrest of seven “common criminals” in the operation, but later corrected that figure to five. Santos announced Monday that his government held talks with the FARC for eventual peace negotiations to end the armed conflict of almost half a century. By Dialogo August 30, 2012last_img

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