Majority of French says no to “spanking law”

first_imgGlobal Post 15 March 2015A minority of French, or about 30 percent, supported banning the corporal punishment of children via legislation, according to the results of a latest survey.Only 27 percent of men and 33 percent of women showed support for banning spanking or slapping children in France, according to a survey conducted by Le Figaro, the result of which was released on Friday. The survey polled 1,050 French adults.On March 4, the Council of Europe, an international organization that defends human rights in Europe, ruled that France is in violation of European rules regarding the use of corporal punishment for children.The council found France not in compliance with the Revised European Social Charter, an agreement signed by 43 states in Europe, on the grounds that “smacking” as punishment is not “prohibited in a sufficiently clear, binding and precise manner under French law or case-law.”The council made the ruling about two years after the British charity Approach, a child protection organization, lodged a complaint accusing France of violating the European Social Charter.

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