Is This the Renaissance of the PC?

first_imgAround the year 2000, the term “tablet PC” was coined. Ten years later, in 2010, we saw the first headline – “The PC Officially Died Today” – and a near decade long debate began, with most tech pundits convinced that the PC would be extinct by 2020.Fast forward to today and the narrative has changed. Worldwide PC shipments increased 17.1% Y/Y in 3Q20 while smartphone shipments are projected to decline 1.3% Y/Y in the same quarter.¹ While the PC has always helped us connect, collaborate and communicate, 2020 has proven the value it brings to our lives more than any other time I can remember. This is a popular opinion – nearly everyone will agree – but I’d take it a step further. I believe we’re witnessing the renaissance of the PC. Not a resurgence, as that would imply a period of little activity, but a renaissance. An entirely new way to think about something.We’ve been designing innovative PCs that can help you “work from anywhere” for years, but we’ve been given a rare opportunity to step back, rethink and use this time as a catalyst for positive, innovative change.IT Doesn’t Touch the PCIt’s mind-boggling what IT teams have accomplished this year. Digital transformation initiatives went from multi-year projects to turning on like a light switch in a matter of days.We have always put the needs of people at our core, with support available at every stage of a company’s journey to provide a productive and connected digital workforce. With solutions like Unified Workspace, we provide ready-to-work PC experiences for employees, regardless of location. Our approach protects from security vulnerabilities, lightens and automates workloads, provides management options from DIY to managed-for-you, and provides support for the unexpected.But how does this evolve in our renaissance phase? Think of PCs that self-heal to keep you working instead of looking for help. Think how the combination of AI, analytics, the cloud and improved connectivity will make remote management of PCs a breeze. And how the promise of predictive maintenance means problems fix themselves before they manifest.A future where IT never physically touches a PC again? That’s a revival that could benefit us all.With AI, PC Now Stands for Personal CompanionWith ever-increasing demands, we need PCs that do more than just work. PCs that are more intelligent, self-aware and user aware. We recently introduced Dell Optimizer, our AI-based software that learns and adapts to how you work and provides faster app launches, extended battery life, and easier log-on and secure lock-outs.Future AI capabilities will benefit us in ways we haven’t yet imagined. . AI will make PC usage more seamless, customized and hassle-free. It will hurdle common tech challenges, like connecting to the local network or setting up a printer. Imagine ubiquitous connectivity and a continuous experience that translates across all your preferred devices so you can always pick up where you left off. Think about having a personal AI assistant on your PC to help manage your work and home life. Setting calendars appointments or making recommendations based on contextual data will be simple tasks completed in the background for you. A PC that becomes a trusted and reliable assistant, or personal companion, while you manage work and play from anywhere.Beyond Form Factor: Collaboration and Connectivity take the SpotlightThe industry has long focused on offering the smallest and lightest devices possible. At Dell, we’ve balanced the demand for compact form factors against the convenience of a variety of ports, long battery life and the connectivity options remote workers need. The themes of “work from anywhere” won’t change (think collaboration and connectivity), but the way they manifest will.As your PC gets more intelligent, it understands when you want to be seen and when you don’t. If you’re participating in a video conference but get distracted – it could be a phone call, or your officemate/partner/child/dog needs you – you can trust your PC to turn off the camera until you choose to re-engage.The space that you occupy at any given moment shouldn’t limit your productivity. Mobile PCs may offer expansive, adaptive screens so you can be more productive wherever you are. Think of workplaces that are completely wireless and turn on by detecting your presence, so you stay productive as you transition from on-the-go to at-the-desk.Remote workers need baseline internet connectivity and 5G availability is expanding. The Latitude 9510 is the first PC available on T-Mobile’s 5G network. However, we still need more PCs that can leverage 5G for anywhere, secure connectivity or that can default to 5G when Wi-Fi is slow. Collaboration and connectivity that make you feel like you’re with your colleagues when you aren’t — that’s the next frontier.PC Luxury Within Reach for AllIn the past, executives and salespeople would often get the top-of-the-line devices—the sleekest laptop with high-end components. I know we’ve all had a moment where we’ve gotten a little jealous of a colleague’s new device. When I think about a renaissance of the PC, I imagine us being able to bring these “premium” experiences to more employees. Our promise is that premium is more than the look and feel of a device, the evolving workforce is redefining it.Premium is about offering the features you care about like low blue light technology and privacy shutters for when you log many hours a day on your device. The unboxing experience also becomes important since IT may never touch the device. And once the PC is out of the box, we should all be able to jump straight into work the moment we power on.While Dell has focused on accelerating the circular economy for years and is vocal about our moonshot goals, there’s no slowing down when we look to the future. Better PC designs engineered for disassembly and material recovery will become more important. And look for more options like PC as a Service (PCaaS) that provide flexibility in IT spending, simpler ways to refresh to the latest PCs and peace of mind with secure data removal and recycling of the device at its end of life.Security Conquers AllThis new way of working comes with more opportunities for security vulnerabilities, making it critical to secure workers’ PCs.According to a recent study, more than three-quarters of organizations prioritize supply chain security during vendor selection to address counterfeit components, malware and firmware tampering. Solutions like Dell Technologies SafeSupply Chain help protect against tampering while the PC is in transport and prevent spyware or other malware from getting injected into the device’s hard drive.Securing below the operating system (OS) is also vital to the overall security of the device, as well as your business. We continue to find ways to bolster PC security with solutions like Dell SafeBIOS — because a compromised BIOS can potentially provide an attacker with access to information on your device.We also need to rethink security in a creative way. Not through patches and updates, but by offering PCs that use machine learning and AI to eradicate malware before it even settles. PCs should offer best-in-class security products and practices to lower the risk of having end-users accessing internal networks from home. For me, a renaissance in this area means I never question if my PC — or the information on it — is secure.The Time for a Renaissance Is NowWe have learned the PC is far from dead. It’s the gateway for us all to work, play and learn. Because of this intimacy, people expect more from their PC now than ever before — and we’re listening.We’re working on augmenting PCs with technologies like cloud, 5G and AI to offer smart, personalized and wonderful experiences. While we’ve long been on this journey, this “renaissance” moment gives us the opportunity to pause and rethink how we bring about this future.¹ IDClast_img read more

This Week’s Picks! Billy Porter, Sutton Foster & More

first_img Sutton Foster Laugh Out Loud at Living on LoveBegins April 1 at the Longacre TheatreThere’s lots to look forward to in Living on Love, the hilarious new comedy about the complications that erupt when a Maestro (Douglas Sills) and his diva wife (Renée Fleming) write dueling autobiographies—with foxy ghostwriters. You have opera superstar Fleming’s Broadway debut, the delightful Anna Chlumsky (fresh from You Can’t Take It With You), and hunky Jerry O’Connell…dropping trou. So if you like screwball comedies and sculpted bods, get going! Click for tickets! Kick Back with Billy PorterApril 3 on PBSGoing out, especially on Friday, can be a hassle. You’re tired, your paycheck is devoted to next week’s expired Easter chocolate, and you don’t feel like sidestepping tourists like Ben Vereen. Well, fear not. We have a fun, low-stress option to start your weekend. Tony-winning Kinky Boots favorite Billy Porter takes center stage in Broadway & Soul on Live from Lincoln Center, where he performs an array of songs while you lounge in track pants. Hey, you, trying to pull the perfect April Fool’s prank. Come on! How old are you, 12? Don’t spend your free time stocking up on whoopee cushions and dribbling glasses. Instead you can check out two new, highly anticipated shows, catch Sutton Foster on your TV screen and see Paige Davis and Amra-Faye Wright light up Chicago one more time. It’s no joking matter: get ready for this week’s picks! Get Younger with Sutton FosterPremieres March 31 on TV LandStay in tonight. Why? Because Sutton Foster is on your TV! In Younger, the Tony winner plays a 40-year-old single mom who, desperate for work, reinvents herself as a 26-year-old. Now she has to maintain the façade at a great new job with new colleagues (Hilary Duff and Miriam Shor). Another good sign, aside from Foster playing the lead? The series comes from Sex and the City creator Darren Star! We’re tuning in. Welcome Two Murderesses Back to ChicagoBegins March 30 at the Ambassador TheatreReason number 4,503,121 we love Broadway: Sometimes a long-running show will feature the return of a beloved former cast member. For several weeks, fans of Chicago will be in Xanadu. Starting tonight, Paige Davis and Amra-Faye Wright are back. Davis will reprise her performance as Roxie Hart through April 27. Wright will work the boards for longer as—surprise, surprise!—Velma Kelly; she’s there through July 26. Click for tickets! View Comments Star Files Celebrate Life at Airline HighwayBegins April 1 at the Samuel J. Friedman TheatreThe parking lot has many functions beyond its intended purpose: hang-out for noisy teens, forum for bad skateboarders, training ground for aspiring drivers… It’s also the setting for Lisa D’Amour’s Airline Highway, where New Orleans’ finest outcasts organize a pre-death funeral outside the old Hummingbird Hotel for former burlesque star Miss Ruby. The drama, which enjoyed an acclaimed run at Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre, stars Tony winner Julie White. Click for tickets!last_img read more

Downed trees

first_img“A spindly pine tree that is bent over to the ground most likely will not stand straight again,” Hibbs said. “If the damage is severe, and over one third of the bark is lost, this is damage few trees can survive.”Hibbs suggests using Mother Nature’s windy visit as a time to review your home’s landscape.“You may have to crank up the chainsaw for the removal of an old favorite tree, but take this opportunity to consider carefully the next tree and select one that has a stronger design,” he said. “Red and sugar maples, as well as most varieties of oak trees, are sturdier tree variety selections.” Heavy winds whipped across central Georgia Dec. 8, waking homeowners and leaving downed trees and limbs behind. Strong weather is common in Georgia, and so is cleaning up after it. But there’s a way to do it safely and wisely, say University of Georgia Cooperative Extension expert.“Prioritize your chores by starting to work on trees that endanger buildings and fences first,” said Henry Hibbs, the UGA Extension coordinator in Oconee County.Don’t attempt to handle trees that overhang or touch power lines, he said. Call local utility company professionals for assistance in removing these trees. “Large trees that have been uprooted have little chance of surviving because the broken roots that used to structurally support the top weight and nourishment of the tree are damaged,” Hibbs said. “A chain saw and a camp fire may be the appropriate future for these trees.”Tackle unsightly, damaged trees next. For example, Bradford pear trees are prone to split. “This type of injury is difficult to reshape,” he said. “And the lopsided weight can cause the tree to blow over with soft wet ground and a gusty wind.” Hibbs recommends removing severely misshapen trees and replanting a tree with better structure. Broken limbs that are still attached to tree crowns should be properly trimmed. Leave a pruning cut that is flush to the next larger limb or main trunk. There is no need to apply wound tar to the prune cut.“It has been shown through research that wound treatments like this can actually slow down the healing process of the tree,” he said. Small trees that are bent over and have not straightened back up can be propped and then braced or cabled. last_img read more

Ex-Ruth Chris Steak House Manager Charged With $230K Theft

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York The ex-manger of one of Long Island’s most popular high-end steak houses has been accused of stealing nearly a quarter million dollars from the company over the past five years.Barry Pearlstein, who has since moved to Florida, was charged with grand larceny and falsifying business records.Nassau County police said the 70-year-old stole $230,000 when he engaged in a scheme to under-report sales and other items to reduce cash deposit amounts while he was the manager of Ruth Chris Steak House in Garden City from Jan. 1, 2009 to June 18, 2014.The restaurant’s management reported the alleged thefts, which sparked an investigation by the Nassau County District Attorney’s office and Crimes Against Property Squad detectives.The suspect surrendered to authorities this week. Judge Joy Watson set bail for Pearlstein at $25,000 cash or bond. He faces up to 15 years in prison, if convicted.last_img read more

East Northport Teen Killed in Sledding Accident

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York An East Northport teenager died after the snow tube he was sledding on struck a utility pole in Huntington during the blizzard Monday night.Suffolk County police said Sean Urda and two other 17-year-olds were taking turns snow tubing down Chester Court when Urda lost control and hit light pole at 10 p.m.The victim was taken to Huntington Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.Homicide Squad detectives are continuing the investigation.last_img

Get Rid Of Those Winter Blahs With Help From Alure Home Improvements

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Sponsored Content Brought To You By Alure Home ImprovementsBeing housebound in the winter months naturally compels homeowners to take note of their surroundings and start to wonder: Is this the best there is? Can we do something to improve the looks of this place?If you find yourself stuck indoors this time of year, you’re not alone. But if you think you can’t do some timely projects without breaking the bank or running out of precious time to make a difference, you’re wrong. You can do a lot if you take a minute to plan ahead.So, if you need inspiration, just check out the ideas on display at your Alure Home Improvements center.Here are some ideas for you to consider that run the gamut: First, check out your kitchen. You’re probably spending a lot of time there happily over a hot stove, especially if it’s freezing outside. But the recipes we’re talking about here involve doing something for your eyes and your mind, not your taste buds, although good design is a matter of good taste. Thinking big, you might want to contemplate redoing your kitchen. That kind of remodeling project can run from $19,000 on the low-end to more than $100,000 if you’re going top of the line and over the top.Now you don’t have to consider either extreme if you just want to make some small aesthetic changes that add up to a big difference. To fit your budget, you might just want to replace your drawer or door handles and pulls with matching new ones. Then you might want to repaint your ceiling and walls, because those projects are easy on your piggy bank. Next, see about updating your kitchen lights, especially the ones over your kitchen table, the counters and the stove. Try new cover plates over the electrical outlets, too. Little things can move mountains.If your budget allows, consider installing a new backsplash for the walls behind the counters and the stove. Ceramic tiles are great for wiping up grease that splatters from cooking. There’s also glazed porcelain tiles and stone mosaics, if you’re so inclined. They can get pricey, so be forewarned. Next up, maybe it’s time to replace the kitchen sink, or at least the plumbing underneath the sink. Now is the time to fix any leaks and get rid of those rusty old drain pipes. Maybe there’s been some mold under the sink that you never knew was there because all that junk was in the way. Get under there and clean it all out on a Saturday afternoon. You’ll be glad you did!But without a new coat of paint to accompany a new sink, you might not make the big splash you’re anticipating. You may have to think like an interior decorator to get the full effect you’re after. Bring your paint samples home before you dip your brush into an open can of paint. You don’t want to be stuck with the wrong color.Click here to learn more about Alure Home ImprovementsSometimes you can change the look of your room just by changing the lighting. And colors change indoors whether the sun is shining or it’s nighttime. Also, the wrong paint color may cast undertones on the surfaces of a room, and that could make your white cabinets seem gray or even shades of green. Experts say that lighter surfaces reflect undertones more readily. So go to the paint store and come back with handfuls of color cards. Then just remember that the time of day matters how the color will play out. The same principle applies to your bedrooms and living rooms, too.Anything you do to banish those winter grays will make you feel better!And if you need guidance, don’t forget that your friends at Alure Home Improvements are ready to help!last_img read more

Ross Park Zoo brings fall spirit with ‘Fall Fur All’

first_imgSome of the decorations include pumpkins, scarecrows and blow up Halloween decorations. The ‘Fall Fur All’ was made to replace the zoo’s usual fall events, Howloween at the Zoo and Boo at the Zoo. Visitors can pick up complimentary ticket vouchers at any local Visions Federal Credit Union. BINHGAMTON (WBNG) — The Ross Park Zoo is offering visitors a leisurely visit through the zoo with fall and Halloween themed decorations. The decorations will be up again next weekend.last_img

West Midlands office needs set to grow

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Acreage close to the city fetches a high price in Brisbane

first_img134 Grassdale Road BelmontAN acreage property with a large family home was the biggest sale of the week.The four-bedroom home at 134 Grassdale Rd was sold to a young family for $1.34 million after about five weeks on the market.The home is on a 1ha block in a street in Belmont filled with rural residential homes. 134 Grassdale Road BelmontShe said that Belmont bordered on similar acreage suburbs, including Gumdale and Chandler, that were increasingly sought after by families who wanted something a bit different while still being close to the city.“I guess it is more for families,” she said.“Quite often they have kids that are into horse riding. It is certainly a great lifestyle.”She said it was typically families, rather than investors who were buying in the area.The home was sold by a retired couple who wanted to downsize after 23 years in the home.The median sales price in Belmont is $699,000. The four bedroom home is in an area with a lot of acreage properties.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus20 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market20 hours agoAgent for the sale, Ann-Marie Best from Harcourts Coorparoo, said there were a lot of large rural residential homes in the area that sold for high amounts. “Some of them can sell for two or three million,” she said.last_img read more

PGNiG to explore for oil and gas in UAE

first_imgMap source PGNiG Piotr Woźniak, President of the PGNiG Management Board “I am sure that by joining forces with local partners we will not only benefit business wise, but will also gain an opportunity to share knowledge and experience,” he added. PGNiG won a tender for the acquisition of rights to explore for, to appraise and to produce hydrocarbons in Ras Al Khaimah in December 2018. The onshore/offshore license area is 619 square kilometers in size. According to the latest OPEC statistics, the United Arab Emirates proven reserves amount to 98 billion barrels of oil and over 6 trillion cubic meters of natural gas. Crude oil production amounts to 3 million barrels a day and marketed production of natural gas to 54.1 billion cubic meters per annum.center_img Polish oil and gas company PGNiG SA has signed an agreement with the emirate of Ras al Kaimah, UAE, to explore for and produce hydrocarbons in the Block 5. The latest agreement allocates obligations and provides for a split of costs and profits under the license. Initially, the work will be carried out in three two-year exploration stages, to be followed by a 30-year production phase. After each exploration stage, the Company may choose to relinquish its interest in the licence. Piotr Woźniak, President of the PGNiG Management Board said: “We are entering a region of fundamental importance for the global oil and gas market in what marks another step in the pursuit of the PGNiG Group’s strategy to strongly expand the international presence of its exploration and production segment.”last_img read more