Facebook criticised by cancer support groups after blocking accounts that share surgery

Jay Walker, 40, from Horwich, Manchester, has been banned from Facebook “countless” times for sharing photos of her chest scars since her preventative mastectomy in 2016. Facebook has been accused of hindering cancer support groups after blocking accounts that share surgery scar images. It comes after Facebook updated its community guidelines last year to permit sharing these kind of photos within the cancer community.   Breast cancer campaigners have branded Facebook’s decision to remove post-mastectomy images and ban users as “damaging”, while charities said the photos are “critical” in revealing the realities of the disease. “Two weeks ago I was given a 28-day ban for sharing images in a closed,…

VIDEO Icelandic Viking Chant by Bergischers Lions

Bergischer HC German Bergischer HC began to play much better since legendary Austrian playmaker Viktor Szilagyi decided to come-back to the court after many injuries in the roster of the team in which he had to be only sports director. Bergischer won five points in three last matches to escape from the bottom of DKB Bundesliga after five defeats in a row at the start of the season.Atmosphere in the team and among the fans are on the high level nevermind who good or bad results are.Video in which players and fans enjoying with Icelandic Viking chant which was worldwide famous during football EHF EURO 2016 speaks a lot about that. ← Previous Story NEW START FOR SWEDEN: Andresson without “silver trio” to battle for Croatia 2018 Next Story → Momir Rnic linked with SC Magdeburg?