CP NewsAlert Canadian speedskater TedJan Bloemen wins Olympic silver medal

first_imgGANGNEUNG, South Korea – Canadian long-track speedskater Ted-Jan Bloemen has won a silver medal at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.Bloemen was edged off the top of podium in the men’s 5,000 metres by legendary Dutchman Sven Kramer, who broke his own Olympic record to take his third straight gold in the event in six minutes 9.76 seconds.The world-record holder in the event, Bloemen finished in 6:11.616. He edged Norway’s Sverre Lunde Pedersen by two hundredths of a second.It was Canada’s third medal of the day at the Games after snowboarders Max Parrot and Mark McMorris took silver and bronze in the men’s slopestyle.The 31-year-old Kramer, a four-time Olympian who has dominated the sport, won the event in Vancouver in 2010 and Sochi in 2014.Coming into Pyeongchang, Kramer’s Olympic medal tally stood at three gold, two silver and two bronze. He has won the world all-round championship nine straight years and set the Olympic 5,000 record (6:10.76) in Sochi.The Dutch-born Bloemen holds world records in the 5,000 (6.01.86) and 10,000 (12:36.30), erasing marks set by Kramer. The 31-year-old from Calgary was making his Olympic debut.The Olympic 10,000 metres is set for Feb. 15 with the team pursuit Feb. 21.Bloemen’s father Gerhard-Jan was born in Bathurst, N.B., and lived in Canada for seven years before his family returned to the Netherlands in 1964. Ted-Jan Bloemen made the move back to Canada in June 2014, finding a speedskating home after spinning his wheels in the talent-rich Dutch system and missing out on Sochi selection.Kramer is chasing Finland’s Clas Thunberg and American Eric Heiden, who both have won five Olympic speed skating golds.last_img read more

Montreal man accused in US airport stabbing faces new terrorism charge

first_imgFLINT, Mich. – U.S. federal prosecutors have added a terrorism charge to the case of a Montreal man who is accused of stabbing a police officer at a Michigan airport in June.Amor Ftouhi, a native of Tunisia, has been charged with stabbing an officer in the neck at Flint’s Bishop International Airport while yelling “Allahu Akbar,” the Arabic phrase for “God is great.”The U.S. government added a charge Wednesday of committing an act of terrorism transcending national boundaries. The maximum penalty is life in prison.A message seeking comment was left for Ftouhi’s lawyer.Officials say Ftouhi legally entered the U.S. at Champlain, N.Y., on June 16. Five days later, investigators say he arrived at the Flint airport by van and stabbed Lt. Jeff Neville, who survived.In November, a judge agreed to extend important deadlines while federal investigators and defence lawyers collect and review evidence, especially in Montreal where Ftouhi lived.last_img read more

Malala Yousafzai Speaks At UN Sustainable Development Summit

first_imgSpeaking at the United Nations General Assembly alongside 193 youth representatives from the Organization’s 193 Member States, Pakistani education advocate Malala Yousafzai last week asked world leaders to promise that every child will have the right to safe, free and quality primary and secondary education.Malala Yousafzai addresses the General Assembly during the opening day of the UN Sustainable Development SummitCredit/Copyright: UN Photo/Mark Garten“World leaders sitting there, look up because the future generation is raising their voice,” Ms. Yousafzai, who was shot in 2012 by the Taliban for attending classes, told hundreds of senior government officials in a stirring address delivered from the highest mezzanine of the General Assembly Hall.“Today, we are 193 young people representing billions more. Each lantern we hold represents the hope we have for our future because of the commitments you have made to the global goals,” she added as each young person held up a blue light.The 17 Global Goals are part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which was adopted by the General Assembly just minutes after the youngest-ever Nobel Laureate addressed the Hall.They aim to build on the work of the historic Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which in September 2000 rallied the world around a common 15-year agenda to tackle the indignity of poverty.“I’m hopeful that we all in the UN will be united in the goal of education and peace, and that we will make this world not just a better place, but the best place to live. Education is hope, education is peace,” Ms. Yousafzai stressed.Meanwhile, at a press conference following the event, she was joined by four girl ambassadors from Syria, Nigeria and Pakistan who echoed her call to world leaders to ensure that every child gets 12 years of safe, free and quality education.“The world leaders need to take all these issues more seriously,” Ms. Yousafzai told reporters. “They need to give it full attention and they should think about their own children. No one leader would want their own daughter, their own son, to be neglected of education, to be neglected in society and not given full rights.”“It’s really tragic what’s happening to children around the world, especially in Syria, in Iraq, and how they’re suffering. It’s shocking,” she continued.Ms. Yousafzai noted how difficult it is for her to watch the news about those conflict-torn areas because every time she does, it makes her cry that no one is taking action while children die and girls continue to be sexually abused.“I’m hopeful that when girls like us come together and raise our voices, the voices of those girls will be listened to because we speak on their behalf, we speak for their rights.”The advocate’s first visit to the United Nations was on 12 July, 2013, which coincided with her 16th birthday. The date is now marked internationally as Malala Day.Source:United Nationslast_img read more

Liberia still faces challenges in promoting human rights says UN expert

27 September 2007While Liberia has made considerable progress in areas such as security and economic development, it still faces many challenges in the promotion and protection of human rights, an independent United Nations expert said today. During the course of her 10-day visit to the West African nation which is rebuilding after a brutal 14-year civil war, Charlotte Abaka met with representatives of the Government, civil society, United Nations agencies and the diplomatic community, who shared with her the “most pressing human rights issues facing the country today.”Ms. Abaka – the UN Independent Expert on the Situation of Human Rights, Technical Cooperation and Advisory Services in Liberia – noted progress in several areas, including an amendment to the country’s labour law which was a “significant step” in guaranteeing workers’ rights.“There are however, still many challenges that impede the promotion and protection of human rights,” she stated, expressing concerns with delays in setting up both the Independent National Human Rights Commission and the Law Reform Commission.The implementation of the rape law was another serious issue. “I am appalled to hear from almost all the interlocutors that rape remains one of the most frequently reported crimes in the country.”She said that data on the prosecution of rape cases could not be made available due to lack of facilities, and police and prosecutors relied too heavily on medical evidence in rape cases. “This reality discourages victims of rape reporting the cases to the police.”In addition, Ms. Abaka noted that harmful traditional and customary practices continue to be carried out, including female genital mutilation which is still commonly practiced. read more

Short handed Ohio State womens basketball team thrive on fast pace heading

Freshman guard Kelsey Mitchell (3) dribbles the ball during a game against Indiana on Feb. 8 at the Schottenstein Center. OSU won, 78-70.Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editorIf you cannot run for 40 minutes then, simply put, you have something wrong with you. At least that’s what Kevin McGuff thinks.“They are 18-to-22-year-old people,” the Ohio State women’s basketball coach said. “Sometimes I think it can be overdrawn, the fact that people get tired and worn out.”Because of many different circumstances ranging from player suspensions to injuries, the Buckeyes have just seven roster members who consistently dress for every game. That puts all the players in a situation where they might be playing the entire game on any given night.“I think everybody gets pretty tired,” junior guard Ameryst Alston said. “But we are all young and should be able to run so it just comes down to being mentally tough.”With a limited bench on the OSU sideline, some might think McGuff would try to slow teams down in order to cater to his limited number of subs.However, McGuff said his intentions are quite the opposite.“We have proven that even with a short bench, we can play fast and we can play on consecutive days,” he said. “That doesn’t seem to bother us like it does other people.”Freshman guard Kelsey Mitchell, who averages 36.9 minutes per game, said she loves the fast-paced style of basketball that the Buckeyes have become accustomed to playing.“The fast-paced game is what I have been raised on so I’m glad I get to stick with it,” Mitchell said. “When I came in, coach McGuff said, ‘We are going to play fast and we are going to do whatever we need to do to play fast.’”The pace at which the Buckeyes play can frustrate the opposition on the defensive end as teams have trouble keeping up.“We love the pace,” Alston said. “It’s fun, it’s a lot harder to guard and we try to frustrate teams defensively.”However, the regular season allows teams to rest between games, as contests do not typically fall on consecutive days.The Big Ten Tournament opens this week and as the third seed, OSU has a first and second-round bye.Playing their first game on Friday night will propose a new challenge for the Buckeyes: If all goes according to plan, OSU will have seven players playing at a fast pace for three consecutive days.McGuff and company are not the least bit worried about becoming fatigued, he said. Rather, they believe that playing like this all season will prove to be an advantage in the end.“We have a team that is faster and I think more built to win consecutive days in a row,” McGuff said. “It was great for us to get the double bye. It gives us a chance get a little bit of rest and hopefully that will pay dividends as we try to play three days in a row.”With the amount of improvement the young team has shown, already adding four more wins than last season with tournament play still ahead, the Buckeyes are aware that their shot at a Big Ten title is greater now than at the beginning of the season.“As a team that is something I am most proud of, we have made significant progress,” McGuff said. “If you watched us in the first week of the season verse now, we are a completely different team.”McGuff said development is special for this OSU team in particular.“A lot of teams don’t improve like that and that is a real credit to our kids and their interest in having a special season and growing as individual players,” he said.The growth has put a Big Ten Championship and an NCAA Tournament berth on the Buckeyes’ radar.“I think we have a great chance at going far,” Alston said. “Coming into this year, we had a little chip on our shoulder because everyone didn’t necessarily believe in us but we have found ourselves and it’s going to be fun.”The Buckeyes are set to travel to Hoffman Estates, Ill., on Thursday with their first game of the tournament scheduled for Friday at 9:30 p.m. read more

ROI dictating technology investment decisions Immersive Technologies says

first_imgQuantifiable return on investment (ROI) is the top factor impacting mining customer experience and technology investment decisions, according to a recent Immersive Technologies survey.The simulator specialist surveyed over 100 senior mining professionals across Australia, Africa, Europe, Asia, North America and South America to determine which variables drive a positive experience for miners in the introduction of new technologies. These findings coincide with the release of a new Real Results catalogue (RRC) showing in-depth details demonstrating the company’s training approach.Bryant Mullaney, VP of Managed Services and Consulting at Immersive, said: “The analysis shows us that quantified ROI is a critical aspect impacting not only original purchase decisions, but long-term satisfaction. These findings highlight the need for suppliers to focus in on what the mining customer really wants, which is long term ROI.”The research suggested that buyer due diligence is becoming increasingly important.“In a world where any supplier can make claims of ROI it becomes even more critical that buyers ask for submissions of proof or road test suppliers in a limited capacity before making a larger commitment,” Immersive said. “Failure to properly assess supplier claims can result in missed expectations and a high level of project risk.”The Immersive Technologies RRC documents customers challenges that led them to seek simulation-based training solutions, solutions they used to address their specific challenge and results they reported with in-field data sources.Almost in response to these survey results, Immersive provided examples where simulator training programmes had alleviated previous issues at mine sites.In terms of improving reliability and cost control, the company referred to an example from a US mine that needed to improve machine availability and reduce unscheduled downtime.It was found abusive shifts, body-ups, over speeds, brake temperatures and overloading were causing the majority of premature failures in this example. A targeted training programme identified, isolated and removed risks to machine health, according to Immersive, reducing abusive shifts by 61% and cutting body up and brake temperatures by 53% and 75%, respectively.And, when it came to results in cost per tonne, a recent experience from a Mexico mine where a customer was looking for tools to reduce unscheduled maintenance and machine damage costs by operators, the company’s simulators also came to the rescue.The project initially focused on experienced underground LHD operators, with the mine site steering committee setting goals to reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity.“After the training was delivered in the simulator, trainers spent time in the field to confirm and reinforce the best practices learned on the simulator,” Immersive said. “Analysis of simulator results against real world data at the end of the three-month period showed dramatic improvements were achieved,” adding that upon completion of the project, the training initiative decreased the site’s cost per tonne by 7.53%.Mullaney said: “We know sharing these results can be a helpful tool to other sites who face similar challenges and are looking for solutions to address them. We are the only mining operator workforce development provider who can back up our claim with an extensive catalogue of real result case studies spanning the last 10 years.”last_img read more

OConnor We were inaccurate off the back of their commitment

first_imgThey were always going to be very committed, they were playing for pride for a large part. We understood that and talked about that a lot during the week. There wasn’t a complacent edge to us; I think we were just inaccurate off the back of their commitment.”A home defeat complicates matters for Leinster, but the truth is that they remain four points clear of Castres atop Pool 1. With two fixtures left – both in January – there is still a chance that O’Connor’s men will advance to the knock-out stages with a home quarter-final in the bag.The Australian coach is staying positive and says this evening’s defeat alters little.“We’ve got two really tough games, one against Castres away and then we’ve got the Ospreys at home. You’ve got to win those two games. Those would be games that we looked at at the start of the group and said that we had to win, so it hasn’t changed dramatically.“We’ve just got to make sure that we are at the very top end of the game whenever we play.”Like rugby? Follow TheScore.ie’s dedicated Twitter account @rugby_ie >‘We picked a fight and we got it’, says O’Mahony after great Munster escapeRound-up: Finalists Toulon and Clermont march on with bonus points We were inaccurate. We didn’t look after the ball as we as we would have liked. We certainly didn’t look after it as well as we did last week and that let Northampton into the game. They went out in front and, to be fair, they played the upper hand quite well. They kicked the ball into the corner and drove.“That made it hard for us to get any field position in the game, and off the back of our indiscipline and penalty count they got opportunities to do that. That was our fault, because we didn’t control possession, didn’t get field position and we didn’t put them under enough pressure.”O’Connor claimed that he was proud of Leinster’s late efforts following Kahn Fotuali’i’s 79th minute drop-goal, stressing that his men “were playing to win the game.” It would have been a theft of a victory though, as the Saints were the better team throughout.Sean Cronin displays the disappointment of a defeat in Dublin. ©INPHO/Ryan Byrne.Understanding how Leinster could go from such heights last weekend to such sloppiness this evening is difficult, but O’Connor insists that last weekend’s final scoreline didn’t tell a well-rounded story.“I said last week that the margins were pretty small. We took our chances last week, Northampton didn’t create and take their chances. As a result, we got away with it but we knew what we were going to have to deal with this week. THERE WAS A complete reversal of roles in Dublin this evening as Leinster were deservedly beaten 18-9 by the Northampton Saints.The brutal physicality and incisive accuracy Matt O’Connor’s men brought to Franklin’s Gardens last weekend were absent in their play, with the Saints instead dominating the collisions and taking their chances.The final passage served as a microcosm of the game; the Saints battered the home side’s ball-carriers, Leinster lost possession through sloppy handling and Jamie Elliot took the chance presented to him. O’Connor admitted that the precision Leinster demonstrated last time out was sorely missing.last_img read more

Review Subjekt Pulse BT headphones

first_imgBluetooth headphones fall into a strange place in the world of listening to music. In most cases, Bluetooth headsets are geared towards communication instead of music. The design is focused on catering to those users who are highly mobile, and there’s not many devices out there that offer Bluetooth audio with a focus on quality music playback. The Subjekt Pulse BT headphones are neither built for communication nor will you be using them during your next jog, but their goal is to produce a good sound.Subjekt’s Pulse BT headphones are unusual to say the least. The lightweight fixed band design makes the headphones feel rigid and inflexible, but in fact they bend just enough to be comfortable on a variety of heads. The speakers extend down about an inch and a half, and the pads that hold the speakers rock slightly to help conform to the head. The buttons on the sides of the headphones are rubberized and don’t make any sounds when you press them in. Everything else is a sleek, glossy plastic. It makes the headphones much less portable than other headsets, especially if your goal is to stuff them into a bag and use them on the go.The sound produced is some of the best I have heard coming from a pair of Bluetooth headphones, as long as I wasn’t looking for bass. The mids and highs have actual personality, and the sound doesn’t get tinny until you start playing strictly brass instrumental or very high pitched singing. Even when turned all the way up, there’s very little audio leaking out. The headphones offer basically zero bass, in fact in some songs it felt like the notes were missing altogether. The tone is consistent across many different songs, even when at the limits of the Bluetooth connection. Ultimately, these headphones would rather drop off entirely than produce a lower quality sound, it seems.The battery life on the headphones is terrific. I was able to stream 14 straight hours of music or movie audio from multiple mobile devices. During standby the headphones could easily go for days. During active communication, such as using the headphones for a Skype call or a Google Hangout, the battery life seemed unaffected. There’s no battery indicator anywhere, so the only way you know your headphones are about to die is when they start beeping in your ear right before shutting down. Subjekt includes a USB to power adapter cable, allowing you to charge the headphones anywhere. When plugged in to a USB 2.0 port, the headphones will fully charge within an hour and a half.For $80, these headphones are fairly single purpose. They don’t accomplish anything that a pair of normal headphones can’t, aside from being able to connect via Bluetooth. In a world where high-quality audio is so easy to access, these headphones surely aren’t going to attract the audiophiles. They aren’t for joggers, and they don’t stow well. The headphones are clearly set for a niche market of users who aren’t overly concerned about audio quality, but would like a nice wireless experience when watching or listening to something from a mobile device.At this price, it’s unlikely these headphones will be useful to the average user, but they are still very enjoyable.last_img read more

How much money Irish firms could make from solar and where they

first_img 9,103 Views How much money Irish firms could make from solar – and where they can get it The country doesn’t have a big solar industry yet, but that may soon change. By Fora Staff Apr 16th 2017, 1:32 PM Get Fora’s NEW daily digest of the morning’s key business news: Image: PA Archive/PA Images Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Materials research and development. There would be a “missed opportunity” if Ireland didn’t apply its “world-leading materials research” to suitable areas of the industry, given the solar market’s anticipated scaleProcess engineering. Irish researchers and industry could export their expertise in “optimising silicon wafer manufacturing”Grid products and services. Developing soultions to manage and control solar integration into power grids would play into local research strengths in ICT, data analytics and telecoms.Under both the optimistic and conservative scenarios, work on solar manufacturing and materials is likely to be the largest part of the Irish market by 2030, the authority said. The possible size of the Irish solar market Source: SEAIClick here for a larger image“Furthermore, Irish organisations can position themselves to capture a significant share of the domestic solar market as it grows and maximise the benefits for Irish businesses, the research sector and communities,” the SEAI said.Early stageAt the moment, the Irish domestic solar market is in its infancy. It is estimated that 1MW of installed solar capacity can power between 150 and 200 homes for a year. Just 6 megawatts (MW) of solar power has been installed across the country.All of this has been on rooftops, and Ireland has no commercial-sized solar developments – those in the region of 5MW and up – to speak of.This looks set to change in the near future. ESB Networks, which connects power generators to the national grid, received two solar applications in 2014. In 2015 there were over 300.In total there are just under 3,000 MW (or 3 gigawatts) of solar applications already in the pipeline. If even a fraction end up being built, it would give Ireland a sizeable solar industry.IssuesHowever, companies getting involved in the nascent sector face several issues that still need to be ironed out.Many of the developers that have applied say that their projects will only be viable if a state subsidy for solar power is introduced. To date, the government has appeared cool on the idea. http://jrnl.ie/3343082 Share Tweet Email1 center_img Take me to Fora Image: PA Archive/PA Images Source: Egan SnowThose that have ploughed ahead regardless have also faced uncertainty in regards to Ireland’s planning system, which doesn’t specifically address solar developments.This was something noted by An Bord Pleanála when it upheld a decision to refuse permission for what would have been Ireland’s largest solar farm. The developer behind that project is now appealing that decision to the High Court.The SEAI said in its report that several measures should be put in place to help the industry get off the ground in Ireland.One of these was establishing a forum where industry and research communities could meet up on a regular basis to “generate opportunities for collaboration and knowledge transfer”.It added: ”Some barriers which stakeholders requested are reviewed include planning and grid connection requirements for (solar), and development of standards for installation.“Stakeholders identified complications in the grid connection process as the primary barrier which needs to be reviewed.”Sign up to our newsletter to receive a regular digest of Fora’s top articles delivered to your inbox.Written by Paul O’Donoghue and posted on Fora.ie The authority added that areas in which Irish companies and researchers could contribute included: 32 Comments Sunday 16 Apr 2017, 1:32 PM Short URL IRISH BUSINESS COULD capture a piece of the EU solar energy market worth hundreds of millions of euro a year, a new report claims.According to state body the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), the government has recognised that solar energy is likely to prove increasingly useful, especially as the cost of installation continues to fall.“Given the projected scale of the future solar market in Europe, there is growing interest from Irish research and industry in the opportunities to capture some of the value of this global market,” the SEAI said.It said that the total potential value of the EU solar market that Irish organisations could capture by 2030 is €42 million per year in its most conservative scenario, and €216 million in its most optimistic outlook.The SEAI also estimated that the size of the indigenous Irish market, which is at a nascent stage at the moment, could grow to be worth between €51 million annually in the conservative scenario and €341 million a year in the optimistic scenario.It said that this will depend on the “deployment and the degree to which Irish organisations can engage”.last_img read more

Opera mini une version bêta native adaptée à Windows Mobile

first_imgOpera mini : une version bêta native adaptée à Windows MobileOpera vient de lancer une version bêta de son navigateur Opera Mini 5, adaptée à Windows Mobile 5 et 6. Cette version étant proposée sous une application native, elle ne nécessite pas l’installation de la machine virtuelle Java.Le navigateur Internet mobile Opera Mini est désormais adapté à Windows Mobile. Proposé sous forme d’application native pour l’OS mobile de Microsoft, la navigateur est affranchi de Java jusqu’ici nécessaire pour qu’il puisse fonctionner.Disponible pour Windows Mobile 5 et 6, cette version d’Opera Mini 5 intègre les fonctionnalités de la version Java telles que la navigation par onglets, la composition rapide des numéros, un gestionnaire de mots de passe ou le support des machines tactiles et non tactiles. Elle dispose également de l’un des principaux attraits d’Opera Mini, à savoir la compression des données au travers des serveurs d’Opera, permettant de réduire le volume de données transmises au terminal jusqu’à 90% et donc, d’accélérer l’affichage des pages web.Opera mini 5 en version native est téléchargeable depuis un mobile à l’adresse http://m.opera.com/next.Le 4 mars 2010 à 16:48 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Daniel Stoupin maître dans lart de la photographie microscopique

first_imgDaniel Stoupin, maître dans l’art de la photographie microscopiqueUn jeune russe spécialiste de biologie marine est parvenu à réaliser d’incroyables images d’organismes aquatiques invisibles à l’œil nu, à partir d’un microscope optique.Entre l’art et la science, son cœur balance. Daniel Stoupin, 25 ans, ex-étudiant en biologie marine à l’Université de Moscou et de Cologne s’est choisi une voie bien à lui : celle de la photomicrographie. Cette technique photographique consiste à réaliser des images d’organismes ou de structures observés à l’aide d’un microscope.Sous l’œil averti de Daniel Stoupin, la parade des minuscules créatures d’eau douce adopte ainsi des aspects fascinants. Pour en arriver à un tel résultat, le biologiste a effectué plusieurs prises de vue avec son microscope optique. “Je fais beaucoup de plans d’un même objet et combine ensuite les images grâce à un logiciel d’ordinateur”, explique-t-il au Dailymail. Cette tâche extrêmement complexe représente pour chaque image entre plusieurs jours voire semaines de travail. 

Pour accentuer les contrastes de l’image et mettre en relief les organismes pour la plupart transparents, le photographe a ensuite recourt à l’utilisation de techniques d’imagerie moléculaire. Il développe au Daily wired : “J’utilise des verres polarisés qui rendent les muscles et les structures fibrillaires très lumineux, ainsi que la microscopie à fluorescence, qui permet d’obtenir des couleurs vives. Peu d’animaux ont une fluorescence naturelle, je dois donc utiliser des produits chimiques afin de les rendre observables”.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Bien que ses créations adoptent un sens esthétique incontestable, Daniel Stoupin lui ne perd pas de vue l’objectif principal de son entreprise à savoir : trouver une application de ces méthodes de photographie pour le monde de la recherche. Quand à ses aspirations pour le futur, il confie : “Mon désir est de mettre en place un vrai studio. La faune microscopique reste largement ignorée par la communauté scientifique, mais c’est pourtant la majorité des organismes vivants sur Terre”.
Découvrez les photographies et le documentaire de Daniel Stoupin sur MaxisciencesLe 20 mars 2012 à 13:21 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Sophia the Robot Has a Cute Little Sister That Teaches Kids to

first_imgStay on target SteelSeries Arctis 1 Is World’s First USB-C Wireless Gaming HeadsetGeek Pick: Shure MV88+ Is An Excellent, On the Go Microphone Kit Hanson Robotics, the company that created Sophia, the humanoid bot that made headlines last year, is debuting a new 14-inch AI companion: Meet Little Sophia, a tiny robot that teaches children how to code.On Wednesday, Hanson Robotics introduced Little Sophia in a press release and a Kickstarter campaign. Little Sophia, a tutorial companion that educates kids about AI, coding, and STEM, is similar to her big sister, Sophia: She has a playful personality, participates in conversations, and recognizes faces. With Little Sophia, the company aims to help children learn more about science in fun, safe, and interactive environment.Designed for elementary and middle school students, Little Sophia is the ultimate smart tutor: Through storytelling, the bot helps kids learn new STEM topics and coding. Children can program Little Sophia with Blockly and Python, and access lessons on computer vision and deep learning. Plus, the bot can interface with Raspberry Pi, which can help kids understand the mechanisms of robotics.Photo Credit: Little Sophia/KickstarterEngaging with Little Sophia is easy: First, parents can download the Little Sophia app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store to an Android, iPhone, or iPad and connect to a Wi-Fi network. Then, they can turn on Little Sophia, open the app on their smartphone or tablet, and wait for Little Sophia to connect via Bluetooth. Once Little Sophia is connected, kids can access different lessons, including an academy for coding and an AI block game. There’s even an AI feature that allows children to take selfies with her.“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Little Sophia Kickstarter campaign to the public, and to provide an opportunity to empower young girls around the world by introducing STEM, coding, and AI in a fun and adventurous way,” Jeanne Lim, CEO of Hanson Robotics Limited, said in the press release. “Little Sophia delivers a high-quality, entertaining and educational experience that motivates and inspires young students to spend time learning with her.”More on Geek.com:Jimmy Fallon, Sophia the Robot Made Oddly Beautiful Music TogetherThese Ocean Robots Spent a Year Collecting Data Under Antarctic IceAmazon Launches Scout Delivery Robots in Washingtonlast_img read more

Western Posts Picked to House Armys Newest Security Assistance Brigades

first_imgThe Army will station new security force assistance brigades (SFABs) at Fort Hood, Texas, Fort Carson, Colo., and Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash., bringing to five the number of SFABs with identified home stations. The units slated for Fort Hood and Fort Carson, the Army’s 3rd and 4th SFABs, are scheduled to begin standing up later this year, reports Army Times. The 1st SFAB is stationed at Fort Benning, Ga., and the 2nd SFAB at Fort Bragg, N.C. The Army also plans to stand up a sixth and final SFAB assigned to the National Guard.The decision to station the SFABs — specialized units whose core mission is to conduct advise-and-assist operations with allied and partner nations — at these three posts was based on strategic considerations including projected time to activate and train an SFAB, presence of senior grade personnel to man the unit, and required facility costs, according to a press release. The Army is also establishing a command element within Army Forces Command at Fort Bragg, with the intent to conduct training and readiness oversight of the SFABs.Photo by Patrick Albright Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more

Audit Prompts Changes To Help Houston Fire Departments Building Inspectors

first_imgThe Houston Controller last week released an audit of the Houston Fire Department’s Life Safety Bureau, which inspects buildings. City Controller Chris Brown told “Houston Matters” that, as an example, only 526 of Houston’s more than 5,000 apartment buildings were inspected in the last two years — well below the bureau’s goal of 470 apartment inspections per month.“It could have been that they have inspected more of these units. They don’t have records that are accurately reflecting that they had, in fact. There were records that were found on older databases, in logs and even in notepads in the various inspectors’ desks.”New Fire Chief Samuel Pena is already implementing changes, and says he wants to improve the bureau’s database.“We’re not able to share information between departments to refine our risk-based approach. If the Department of Health has cited a particular company because their range hood extinguishing system is clogged with grease, that’s important for us because that could present a fire hazard.”Pena says a consultant is helping develop a risk-based inspection program. It would prioritize buildings that need more frequent inspections, such as petroleum or chemical companies, schools and day cares and so on. X 00:00 /01:15 To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Listen Sharelast_img read more

Read A Gude Book With Gudetamas Eggistential Thoughts Book

first_img If you follow Sanrio’s weirdest mascot character Gudetama, you likely have a pretty good idea of just how weird and wacky he is. He’s literally a lazy egg that doesn’t want to do anything. Ever. He likes soy sauce, being left to his own devices, and thinking aloud about how much trouble everything is. And all that apathy somehow endears us to him. It’s true! He’s cute under all the laziness, promise. He’s getting his own book, so we might be able to learn from his very special way of life.Eggsistential Thoughts by Gudetama the Lazy Egg is a book of wisdom rife with sayings from Gudetama himself, with such inspirational thoughts as “Can I go now?” and things like “Lazy is the new busy.” And how could you argue with that? It’s true. Sitting around in sweatpants, or in Gudetama’s case, egg whites are a lot of fun.The book isn’t coming out until October 17, the greatest month of the year, but you can think about all the awesome stuff it’ll contain during the next few months every single time you remember how you “can’t even.” That’s a lot of the time, for me. That’s definitely thinking “eggsistentially,” right?Check out more about the book at its publisher’s official site here. Then make sure you pick it up because we could all use a little bit more of Gudetama in this day and age. If a book isn’t a good enough departure for you with the apathetic little egg, however, check out these adorable desserts that made their appearance at the  Gudetama x Dessert Oukoku Collab Cafe. There’s even a special Gudetama beauty line (featuring egg whites for your pores, no less) if you want to take care of your skin.Be prepared to see more of Gudetama coming down the line as his popularity grows here in the West. If this book is any indication, there’s a lot more on its way.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Hello Kitty Heads to Hollywood With Her First Film DealAdamTots Presents: Deepmind Sanrio Stay on targetlast_img read more

Small things matter

first_imgThis one’s for the photography enthusiasts. Time Out , a photo art exhibition by four prominent artists trying to portray the myriad facets of life and the real essence of small things in life . The Exhibition is  an inspiration to take some ‘Time Out’ for leisure to wash out heart and souls.  These masterpieces are showcasing an array of moments soaked in the beauty of life , enriched with divinity.  The muse of  Time Out was to capture the allure of  candid expressions by presenting them in a frame. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The exhibition has the works of Ravi Dhingra, Moushumee K Jha, Shoba Jolly and Ahmed Firoz. Moushumee Jha is an accomplished photo artist whose sensitive frames capturing people, culture, street life have been appreciatedby photographers, designers and creative professionals all overthe world. Starting her artistic journey as an actress (TV, cinema, stage), Moushumee developed a keen sense of light and shade, frame angles and story-telling with minimalist subjects. She brings these experiences as well as her deeply artistic and rich cultural training to her photography. Moushumee has executed commissioned projects in Tourism, architectural and real estate projects, products, interiors, theme based personal portfolios. Her Work has been published in various magazines, News Papers, Corporate Brochures, and Documentation Journals. She has been in the panel of judges in various photography competitions and initiatives in Delhi. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixMoushumee has authored 3 photo books – Ananya. Her journey through life in 2010, which was well appreciated by the viewers/readers. A coffee Table Book Celebrating Assam At SurajKund- a Visual Narration, for Assam Tourism in 2012, and Golf Tourism in Assam- a Tea Table Conversation, For ATDC in 2014.Ravi DhingraRavi pursued photography as a hobby till he joined Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi in 1998 to learn the finer nuances of the craft. With his photographs he tries to bring out the emotions attached with every subject- the state of happiness, feelings of being sad, neglect and plight. He wants the viewer to get involved with the photographs and feel the emotions. A chance assignment with a publication led to switching over from the hobby into a full fledged job. Since then he has been involved in Lifestyle photography which includes Interiors, Food, People and Product. He has been associated with leading publications, advertisement agencies and corporate clients and his work has been widely published in various books,magazines, brochures and on Web. Currently based in New Delhi, Ravi is also a visiting faculty for photography at various Institutes including National Institute of Fashion Technology since the year 2003. He is also a Co-Founder of a photography based organisation called Camera Unlimited Foundation. The organisation is involved in spreading knowledge and information related to photography through Workshops, Photo Walks and Tours. He has also curated a number of Photography exhibitions under the same banner involving upcoming and established photographer Shoba Jolly, a passionate photographer and avid traveller, loves practicing the art of seeing through her roving camera lenses.  Her vivid and endearing images  tell stories about people and places in far away lands. Originally a commerce student from Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi, Shoba ran a plastic manufacturing industry for 22 years. Yearning to give vent to her creative side Shoba now concentrates on travel, landscape and fine art photography. She also shares her travel memoirs by writing articles accompanied by alluring photographs for various travel publication.When- March 27 to April 5Where- Arpana Caur Gallery at Academy of Fine Arts and Literature, 4/6 Sri Fort Institutional Area Time- 11am to 7pmlast_img read more

Stunning samesex photo shoot promotes traditional South Asian weddings

first_imgHere come the bridesmaids | Photo: Banga Studios‘We can get married without giving up on our culture’The project aims to show LGBTI people they can have the marriage they want without giving up on their culture.‘Same-sex marriage in Canada became legal at the end of a hard-fought battle by activists,’ said Haran Vijayanathan.‘Since then, we have only seen marriage represented in mainstream ways and not with the rituals of South Asian cultures.’Moreover, Vijayanathan pointed out how crucial it is for ‘South Asian LGBTI folks to feel confident and have the choice to marry within their traditions’. What does a traditional South Asian wedding look like? Whatever your stance on marriage is, it is undeniable South Asian weddings have that magical atmosphere to them. However, they are not normally associated with the LGBTI community. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Toronto Pride Grand Marshal Haran Vijayanathan and Humza Mian | Photo: Banga Studios Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . As sexual orientation is still a taboo for many people in South Asia, ‘it is also important for parents and families to know their LGBTI children can marry their partners and can do so in the ways they had imagined.’Sons of Roses aims to represent diversity in South Asian weddings | Photo: Banga Studios Grooms for a day: Humza Mian and Haran Vijayanathan are not together in real life | Photo: Banga StudiosWhat an LGBTI South Asian wedding should haveVijayanathan also knows what an LGBTI South Asian wedding needs to have.‘It should have all the elements the couple wants without society contesting it. It is their day and their choice of what and how they want their day to look and feel. That may or may not include religious aspects,’ he said.Toronto Pride Parade is on 24 JuneVijayanathan is the director of the Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention (ASAAP). As Toronto Pride Grand Marshal, he will give a speech at the parade on 24 June.‘I am very excited and it has given me the opportunity to have conversations around being both a part of the LGBTI family and of the Sri Lankan Tamil community. Or the general South Asian community.’You might also like:Meet Lisa, the Indian drag queen who made Delhi Pride happen GAYSTARNEWS- Haran Vijayanathan, 2018 Toronto Pride Grand Marshal and LGBTI activist, has defied heteronormativity posing for these South Asian wedding-inspired pictures. The other groom for the day was drag performer Humza Mian.Furthermore, Abhirami Balachandram and Angel Glady, two members of the South Asian LGBTI community, participated in the project.A joint collaboration with Canadian Must be Kismet Bridal Show & Magazine and other artistic vendors, the project Sons of Roses brings to light themes of love, union, and inclusivity in South Asian culture.This can be a traditional South Asian wedding too | Photo: Banga Studios Racism is a big problem in the gay community, survey findstaipeilove*: the story of Taiwan’s marriage equality fight that had to be toldHere are the best photos from Vietnam’s Pride which looked like so much funRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  :https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/lgbti-south-asian-wedding-toronto/last_img read more

Will putting limits on how much JavaScript is loaded by a website

first_imgYesterday, Craig Hockenberry, who is a Partner at The Iconfactory, reported a bug on WebKit, which focuses on adding a limit on how much JavaScript code a website can load to avoid resource abuse of user computers. Hockenberry feels that though content blocking has helped in reducing the resource abuse and hence providing better performance and better battery life, there are few downsides of using content blockers. His bug report said, “it’s hurting many smaller sites that rely on advertising to keep the lights on. More and more of these sites are pleading to disable content blockers.” This results in collateral damage to smaller sites. As a solution to this, he suggested that we need to find a way to incentivize JavaScript developers who keep their codebase smaller and minimal. “Great code happens when developers are given resource constraints… Lack of computing resources inspires creativity”, he adds. As an end result, he believes that we can allow sites to show as many advertisements as they want, but keeping the overall size under a fixed amount. He believes that we can also ask users for permission by adding a simple dialog box, for example, “The site example.com uses 5 MB of scripting. Allow it?” This bug report triggered a discussion on Hacker News, and though few users agreed to his suggestion most were against it. Some developers mentioned that users usually do not read the dialogs and blindly click OK to get the dialog to go away. And, even if users read the dialog, they will not be knowing how much JavaScript code is too much. “There’s no context to tell her whether 5MB is a lot, or how it compares to payloads delivered by similar sites. It just expects her to have a strong opinion on a subject that nobody who isn’t a coder themselves would have an opinion about,” he added. Other ways to prevent JavaScript code from slowing down browsers Despite the disagreement, developers do agree that there is a need for user-friendly resource limitations in browsers and some suggested the other ways we can prevent JavaScript bloat. One of them said it is good to add resource-limiting tabs on CPU usage, number of HTTP requests and memory usage: “CPU usage allows an initial burst, but after a few seconds dial down to max ~0.5% of CPU, with additional bursts allowed after any user interaction like click or keyboard) Number of HTTP requests (again, initial bursts allowed and in response to user interaction, but radically delay/queue requests for the sites that try to load a new ad every second even after the page has been loaded for 10 minutes) Memory usage (probably the hardest one to get right though)” Another user adds, “With that said, I do hope we’re able to figure out how to treat web “sites” and web “apps” differently – for the former, I want as little JS as possible since that just gets in the way of content, but for the latter, the JS is necessary to get the app running, and I don’t mind if its a few megabytes in size.” You can read the bug reported on WebKit Bugzilla. Read Next D3.js 5.8.0, a JavaScript library for interactive data visualizations in browsers, is now out! 16 JavaScript frameworks developers should learn in 2019 npm JavaScript predictions for 2019: React, GraphQL, and TypeScript are three technologies to learnlast_img read more

CIE Tours celebrates Tartan Week with up to 15 off Scottish tours

first_img MORRISTOW — In celebration of Tartan Week, CIE Tours International has announced new offers on top Scottish tours.Taking place from April 3-10, with National Tartan Day scheduled for April 6, Tartan Week encourages millions of North Americans to reconnect with their Scottish roots. And as a leader in premier guided vacations to Britain and Ireland, CIE Tours is joining in on the week-long festivities with substantial discounts on up to seven of its Scotland-based itineraries.There are two ways to save on Scotland this April with CIE:‘Scottish Clans & Castles’ Tour of the Week: Clients save 15%, or $1,000-$1,683, when booking between April 3-9April Promotion: Clients enjoy 10% off select summer departures for the following Scottish tours when booked by April 22: ‘Scottish Dream’ (8 days, from $2,552 per person); ‘Taste of Scotland & Ireland’ (10 days, from $3,225 per person); ‘Best of Britain’ (10 days, from $3,654 per person); and ‘Highlights of Britain’ (15 days, from $5,396 per person)More news:  Hotel charges Bollywood star $8.50 for two bananas and the Internet has thoughtsBefore booking, CIE has three fun facts for Scotland-bound travellers:There are more than 150 languages, in addition to English, spoken in Scotland.13% of the country’s population identifies as ginger, the highest proportion in the world.More than 800 islands comprise Scotland, of which only 100 are inhabited.“Scotland has much to offer travellers, whether they choose to immerse themselves in the stunning landscape, delve into the rich culture of the country, explore the deep royal connections or sample the finest Scotch whiskey,” said the company.For more information go to cietours.com. Tags: CIE Tours, Promotions, Scotland Travelweek Group CIE Tours celebrates Tartan Week with up to 15% off Scottish tours Tuesday, April 2, 2019 Posted by << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

Savvides an acquaintance of Anastasiades

first_imgThe Greek-Russian businessman Ivan Savvides asked for an invitation to President Nicos Anastasiades’ inauguration ceremony a few weeks ago, government spokesman Prodromos Prodromou said on Wednesday.“Savvides was in Cyprus on private business and notified the president’s office of his interest in attending the ceremony,” Prodromou said in an interview to state-radio CyBC on Wednesday. “As he was well-known in Russian politics, the business world in Greece and football, he was included in the list of possible attendees.“The president happened to have met Savvides in the past and following his request, he was included in the list,” the spokesman continued. “It was not up to the president’s office to decide the choice of the seat nor was it aware of that.”Savvides, the main shareholder of Greece’s football team PAOK FC based in Thessaloniki, was seen storming onto the pitch on Sunday armed with a gun and escorted by his bodyguards when the referee initially cancelled a goal scored by his team which was hosting Athens’ AEK. Greek authorities issued an arrest warrant against him on Monday.During Anastasiades inauguration on February 28, Savvides was seated next to Attorney-General Costas Clerides.On Tuesday, Akel lawmaker Stefanos Stefanou, the government spokesman under former President Demetris Christofias, said that his party wanted answers about why and how Savvides attended the ceremony.Prodromou said that the president’s office did not intend to make a statement over how the guests at the ceremony had been seated as “Savvides had no official capacity and was simply a private guest, a celebrity who attended”.“We shouldn’t be discussing whether this sent a political message,” the government spokesman continued. “There was no political message and what happened next to make the issue more interesting are very sad.”In a communication with the Cyprus Business Mail, Clerides said that at the ceremony, one of two men accompanying Savvides, made introductions.“One of his companions, introduced him to me but the name was not familiar to me,” Clerides said.Savvides, who talks to Greek media via interpreters, “sat next to me, put on the earphone for the interpretation and we did not exchange any other word,” Clerides continued. “I was later informed that he was Russian, the chairman of PAOK etc”.Politis reported on Wednesday that Savvides was in the company of his aide Sergey Anisimof, and Giorgos Gurovanides, a Russian-speaking lawyer from Thessaloniki.Archbishop Chrysostomos, who was also sitting not far away from Savvides, said that he had met him in December when the two were guests in Moscow of the Russian Patriarch, Politis reported. On that occasion, Chrysostomos and Savvides spent ten minutes together in the hotel’s cafeteria.The archbishop denied that he was in talks to sell the businessman the church’s television channel TVOne.Savvides was elected to the Russian Duma in 2003 and 2007 with United Russia, which was previously led by President Vladimir Putin.In August last year, Savvides acquired around one fifth of Greece’s Mega Channel from Greek businessman Fotis Bobolas for a consideration of €5m. Two months later, Savvidi sold his stake to Cyprus’ Elenovo Ltd, a company headquartered in the same building which houses the Limassol-based law firm Andreas Sofocleous and Co. LLC.In July 2017, Savvides also acquired two Greek newspapers, Ethnos, including its Sunday edition, and Imerisia, plus their logos for a total of €3.6m.The newspapers were also affiliated with the Bobolas family, a member of which was implicated two years ago in a waste scandal.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoKelley Blue Book10 Electric Cars That Last the LongestKelley Blue BookUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more