Which Canon Lens is Best?

first_imgBuying gear? This lens analysis series tells us which Canon lens you should purchase next.When you’re going out to purchase a camera, odds are it will come with a kit lens. If you’re extra lucky that kit lens will be something like a 24-105 f/4-5.6 L series. Kit lenses are great for beginners and sometimes a much better deal than simply buying lenses separately, but after you’ve shot on a kit lens for a while you’ll probably want to upgrade to something a little better.Let’s pretend that you have just won the lottery and want to buy the best Canon lens in the world, but with dozens of options which one is best?The following series created by the awesome people at SLR Lounge gives us some insight into the Canon family of lenses. The series covers Canon lenses at every focal length up to 300mm. By the time you get done watching you should have some keen insight into what lens is best for your shooting situations. In fact, it’s pretty interesting to see that the best lens isn’t always the most expensive one.This video series was created by SLR Lounge. You can check out more photography related video tutorials on SLR Lounge’s YouTube Channel. Thanks for sharing guys! If you are interested in learning more about how camera lenses work we highly suggest checking out our Understanding Lenses series here on the PremiumBeat blog.Have a favorite Canon lens? Think any of them are overrated? Share in the comments below.last_img read more

India Makes Its Presence Felt at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

first_imgThe Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which sees nearly two million visitors over three weeks, has marked 70 years of its running. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a statement of rebellion in art, music and theatre that showcased 50,266 performances during 3,269 shows at 294 venues this year, is said to be the largest art festival in the world.A total of 62 countries participated in the festival, which was organised during August 4-28 this year. As a part of the UK-India Year of Culture, India’s Ministry of Culture, the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, the Indian High Commission and festival producer Teamwork Arts (of JLF and Meta Theatre fame) brought a selection of the country’s theatre, dance and music to the event featuring 26 Indian performances.Indian PerformancesOne of the many notable shows came from the Indian Navy band, which comprised 65 musician-sailors who performed under the baton of Commander Vijay Charles D’Cruz. They also teamed up with a troupe of dancers to portray India’s western seaboard.Their performance was a part of The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, a series of military tattoos performed by British Armed Forces, Commonwealth and international military bands and musical teams on the esplanade of the Edinburgh Castle. Prince Charles and Prince William attended the shows.Actor-director Yuki Ellias wove an intriguing tale of adventure for children in a homage to Lord Ganesha, in a show called Elephant in the Room. The protagonist is a young boy named Master Tusk, who has been given a new head — an elephant’s! Amid a cursed love affair, an encounter with an eccentric old elephant and a hunt for a missing head, Master Tusk sets off on an adventure that changes his life.Dancer Shilpika Bordoloi, who put up an evocative narrative in a performance titled Majuli, said to IANS: “This production is an earnest effort to share the story of Majuli through a personal vocabulary of movement, dance and theatre. The island has fascinated me from my early childhood days through frequent boat rides that I shared with my father.”Majuli is an island on the Brahmaputra river in Assam.Aditya Roy’s The Offering (also called Guru Dakshina) narrated the story of a boy who dreams of the great warriors of the past and of being one of them.Cross-cultural CreationsIn collaboration with the Edinburgh University, the students of Delhi University came up with a theatrical performance titled Blind Spots. It depicted the life of people structured around campus, where everybody is trying to tell a story, a tale that deals with personal aspirations, social mobility and integration. The show depicted young India’s voices and spaces from personal, literary and historical sources.“The collaboration underlines the University of Edinburgh’s commitment to develop partnerships with Indian institutions and deepen and extend Edinburgh’s relationship with India,” Professor James Smith, vice principal (International) of Edinburgh University, said.The symbolic ritual of Indian dance was represented in an Alba Flamenca group’s performance. Also part of the event were several stand-up comedy shows by Indian origin artistes like Hari Srikanth, the 2014 BBC award winner; Rahul Kohli; Dharmender Singh with his Bollywood stories; and San Francisco-based Sid Singh, who gave this memorable line: “Kanye West deleted all of his tweets about Trump so if you still want to hear him defend an egotistical narcissist, you’ll just have to listen to his music.”Khushi’s, the first Indian restaurant in Edinburgh that opened in 1947, also marked its anniversary. Several street food festivals were also created in and around Edfringe.Festival This YearTim O’Shea, the chairman of Edinburgh Festival Fringe Festival Society, told IANS: “After seven decades, the Fringe remains as relevant, vibrant, rebellious and exciting as ever.” He attributed the festival’s success to its “being a completely open access festival”.According to Fringe Society CEO Shona McCarthy, ticket sales neared the three million mark this year. Ticket sales saw about 9 per cent increase from last year, BBC reported.What began as a protest against Edinburgh International Festival by eight performers in 1947 is now one of the biggest art festivals in the world. Detractors feels that it takes away from the festival’s anti-establishment stand.The Edinburgh Fringe Festival closed with a fireworks concert. In 2018, Edinburgh Festival Fringe will run from August 3 to August 27.-(With inputs from IANS) Related ItemsDelhi University Edinburgh FestivalEdfringe IndiansEdinburgh Fringe Festival IndiaEdinburgh University IndiansIndia Ministry of Culture Edinburgh FestivalLittle IndiaShona McCarthyTim O SheaUK-India Year of Culturelast_img read more


first_imgLast year’s national spelling champion is a 14-year-old kid whose one-liners kept everyone laughing a year ago. His parents moved to the United States from central India, and he wants to be a neurosurgeon when he grows up. The runner-up at last year’s Scripps National Spelling Bee is an all-business 13-year-old Indian-American boy from Michigan. He’s also set his sights on neurosurgery.And this year’s winner is a 13-year-old Kansas girl with a sweet smile and a last name that’s a spelling challenge unto itself. You guessed it: Her family comes from India, and she wants to be a neurosurgeon.“Is that right?” said Naresh Chand, bursting out in laughter. “That’s a coincidence. That’s a big coincidence.” Kavya Shivashankar in the final round of the 2009 Scripps National Spelling Bee which she won in Washington.Naresh is the father of Sidharth Chand, whose mishap in the final round last year allowed Sameer Mishra to claim the title. Trailing closely behind both was Kavya Shivashankar, a three-time finalist who tied for fourth last year, but won the championship this year. The three have come to know each other through the bee — spellers are a tight-knit community, keeping tabs on each other through e-mails and instant messages throughout the year — but it never occurred to any of them that they share more than a heritage.“They only want (to be) neurosurgeons. How many people are going to go for neurosurgery?” Sidharth’s mother, Sunita, said with a shrug and a laugh.Those who follow the bee see the Indian-neurosurgeon quirk as less of a coincidence. In the same way that Hakeem Olajuwon’s success in the NBA inspired a generation of Nigerians to take up basketball, Sidharth, Sameer and Kavya can trace their roots to Balu Natarajan of Chicago, who in 1985 became the first Indian-American national bee champion.Balu inspired others, who in turn became role models for more would-be champions. Kavya’s heroine is Nupur Lala, who won the bee in 1999 and was featured in the documentary “Spellbound.” Sameer was motivated when his friend Anurag Kashyap won in 2005 and was coached by older sister Shruti, a three-time national bee participant. Altogether there have been eight Indian-American champions, including six of the past 10.While it’s tempting to suggest the spellers were just showing off by picking a long word as a potential occupation, their choice of neurosurgery isn’t surprising. The 293 competitors in Washington this week are bright kids flush with big goals. In a survey conducted by the bee, physician was listed as the No. 1 career ambition, followed by author, lawyer, scientist and engineer.Sameer, for his part, thinks his mind is perfectly wired to study the brain.“It’s really interesting how I can memorize a lot of words, (while) some people have a knack for logic for math and stuff,” Sameer said in a telephone interview from his home in Indiana. “It’s a really interesting aspect of the brain.”  2008 Spelling Bee winner Sameer Mishra.Kavya’s father said his daughter became fascinated with medicine in 2005, when she won a spelling bee that featured nothing but medical terms. Kavya was also quick to point out that her idol, Lala, is now a research assistant in the brain and cognitive sciences lab at MIT.“I’ve always been interested in how the body works, and especially the brain,” Kavya said. “I always thought it was really interesting.”Sidharth is a different case altogether. He came home one day as a fifth-grader with news he had won his school’s bee. His mother had no idea what he was talking about, but from that day on, spelling became his passion.He’s one of the rare spellers wearing a suit and tie for his photograph in the official bee guide. Sidharth seemed nervous Tuesday and skipped the annual speller’s barbecue on Monday to study declining an interview so he wouldn’t be distracted from reams of pages of words and notes. He allowed a reporter into his hotel room just long enough to be photographed, so the origin of the neurosurgeon ambition listed in his bio remained a mystery — even to his parents.“He doesn’t have any friends from the spelling circle,” Sunita said. “He’s not a very social kind of a person, so where this neurosurgeon business comes from, I don’t have a clue.” The Quest To BeeIndian fascination with the Spelling Bee was launched by Balu Natarajan of Chicago who became the first Indian winner in 1985, followed by Rageshree Ramachandran in 1988. At this year’s bee, Nearly a third of the 41 semi-finalists and 10% of the total 293 competitors were Indian Americans. Indians have dominated the bee this decade, winning seven of the last 10 contests.1985 Balu Natarajan1988 Rageshree Ramachandran 1999 Nupur Lala 2000 George Thampy 2002 Pratyush Buddiga 2003 Sai Gunturi 2005 Anurag Kashyap 2008 Sameer Mishra 2009 Kavya Shivashankar  Related Itemslast_img read more

Indo-Brit Harry Athwal Hailed for his Bravery During Barcelona Attack

first_imgHarry Athwal a British citizen of Indian origin, has grabbed international headlines for his ‘heroic’ effort of risking his life to ‘comfort’ an injured child in Barcelona terror attack.“He was unconscious, his leg was bent the wrong way, there was blood coming out of his head, I knew it was more than blood,” Athwal revealed to Mirror UK in his first interview after the deadly attack.‘I was not Going to Leave the Child’A van plowed into pedestrians in Las Ramblas area of Barcelona on Thursday, killing at least 13 people. Seven-year-old British-Australian Julian Cadman is among those who were killed. Athwal says Julian Cadman looked to him like his son and he couldn’t have left the child in the middle of the crisis.“I was checking for a pulse and he didn’t have one. I put my hand on his back and I thought he had gone. I was stroking his hair and in floods of tears but I stayed with him, I sat there because I was not going to leave this child in the middle of the road.”‘It was About Comforting Him’Athwal from Great Barr, Birmingham, was in Spain on a family trip to celebrate his son’s eighth birthday. He was about to order lunch at a restaurant located on the first floor when the van mowed down people. As he ran to the street to save the child, his family watched the horrifying attack unfold from the balcony of the restaurant.“The police were telling me to move but I would not leave him. All the time I was thinking the terrorists could come back but I was not leaving that child. To me, he looked like my own son. He was my son’s age, seven or eight. I just ran my hands through his hair, it was about comforting him,” Athwal said.The police then came and rescued the child after which he had no information about what happened to him. He couldn’t see the child’s face “as his hair was all over the face,” and he was bleeding profusely.Social Media PleasSoon after the incident, Julian’s family posted pleas on social media platform to know the whereabouts of the child and to seek more information. Soon after, Spanish newspaper EL Mundo published a report claiming that the 7-year-old was found in the hospital. But authorities quickly rejected that report, calling it “false.” The boy was declared to be among the 13 causalities of the terror attack by the Catalan police on Sunday morning.“Julian was a much loved and adored member of our family..He was so energetic, funny and cheeky, always bringing a smile to our faces …We are so blessed to have had him in our lives and will remember his smiles and hold his memory dear to our hearts,” the family said in a statement, the Washington post reported.The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack but the police are still hunting for the driver of the van. The victims of the Barcelona attack come from all over the world, with at least 34 nationalities represented. More than 100 people were injured in the attack. Related ItemsBarcelona van attackHarry Athwal BarcelonaIndian British Barcelona attackJulian Cadman BarcelonaJulian Cadman Las RamblasLas Ramblas attackLas Ramblas Harry AthwalLittle Indialast_img read more

Without New Laws or Walls, Trump Presses the Brake on Legal Immigration

first_imgA scientist recruited by the renowned Cleveland Clinic is stuck in India because his visa is delayed. An entrepreneur courted by Silicon Valley companies had his application denied. Many green card applicants have new interviews to pass.The Trump administration has pursued its immigration agenda loudly and noticeably, ramping up arrests of unauthorized immigrants, barring most travel from several majority-Muslim countries and pressing the case for a border wall.But it has also quietly, and with much less resistance, slowed many forms of legal immigration without the need for Congress to rescind a single visa program enshrined in the law.Immigration and State Department officials are more closely scrutinizing, and have started more frequently denying, visas for people seeking to visit the United States on business, as well as for those recruited by U.S. companies, according to lawyers representing visa seekers. Foreigners already in the United States whose employers wish to extend their stay also are facing new hurdles.“I call this the real wall,” said Anastasia Tonello, the president-elect of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. “The wall is being built.”The changes show how the Trump administration has managed to carry out the least attention-grabbing, but perhaps farthest-reaching, portion of the president’s immigration plans: cutting the number of people entering the United States each year as temporary workers or permanent residents.The administration has put into practice the philosophy President Donald Trump laid out in a pair of executive orders billed as protecting the nation from terrorism and its workers from foreign competition.One of them, the “Buy American, Hire American” order, singles out the H-1B visa program for skilled workers who otherwise would not be allowed into the country. Hailed by proponents as vital to American innovation, H-1Bs also have been derided as a way to displace U.S. workers with cheaper foreign labor; in one highly publicized case, some Disney employees were told to train their foreign replacements if they wanted severance payments.Each year, 85,000 H-1Bs, which are valid for three to six years, are available to companies, according to a ceiling set by Congress. Demand far outstrips supply when the economy is healthy, prompting the government to hold a lottery.But now even applicants lucky enough to be chosen are drawing more scrutiny.Officials are asking for extra details about applicants’ education and work history, the position to be filled and the employer, requiring the company to amass many additional documents, which can postpone a decision by several months.For H-1Bs, the number of such “requests for evidence” from January to August this year jumped 44 percent compared with the same period last year, according to the most recent data from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.So far, the government is still greenlighting most H-1B applications that survive the lottery, but the approval rate is inching down.For the first two months of this fiscal year, October and November, 86 percent and 82 percent of H-1B applications were approved. That compares with 93 percent and 92 percent for the same months last year. The data does not reflect companies that give up after receiving requests for more evidence.Once a company has spent thousands of dollars in attorney fees to petition for a worker, “there is huge discouragement after an RFE is issued,” said Roxanne Levine, an immigration attorney in New York, “because of the massive extra time, effort and money required to respond.”Trucks deliver shipments of H-1B visa petitions to a government processing center in Laguna Niguel, Calif., April 3, 2017. As a candidate, President Donald Trump vowed to end the visa program. The administration says its tougher stand on visa and green card applications will protect Americans from terrorism and job loss, but some call it arbitrary. Photo: Eros Hoagland/The New York TimesL. Francis Cissna, the immigration agency’s new director, said in an interview that if there are more requests for evidence, “that is perfectly rational and perfectly appropriate.”“We are looking at the entire program to ensure the entire thing is administered well and in conformity with congressional intent,” he said.He recently met with a group of displaced U.S. workers in Florida, including some laid off by Disney. The meeting was arranged by Sara Blackwell, an employment lawyer who leads a group called Protect U.S. Workers. “The administration has done much more for American workers, but I hope to see much more soon,” she said.Still, immigration lawyers and companies seeking the visas say that some of the decisions appear arbitrary.After responding to requests for evidence, a consulting firm that applied for an H-1B for an energy expert from Britain received a denial stating that the skills for the position “do not appear to be of such complexity, uniqueness or specialization as to require the attainment of a bachelor’s degree,” a prerequisite for the visa.Kristen Albertson, the operations manager at the firm, called the outcome “egregious.”“We apply only when it’s a strong case and essential to our business,” she said of the applicant, who is a graduate of the University of Chicago.An H-1B visa for an Indian scientist recruited by the Cleveland Clinic for his expertise in cellular biology is stuck in “administrative processing” in New Delhi, meaning it is undergoing further review that could stretch months. “His team’s projects are now on hold due to the delay,” said Janice Bianco, an official at the Cleveland Clinic who handles applications for foreigners.She said a visa for a pediatric geneticist hired in the spring took three months to be issued — in the past, it would have taken about three weeks — forcing the hospital to reroute some patients to other facilities.The State Department, which has handled the Cleveland Clinic visa requests, said in a statement that “consular officers have the discretion to request additional screening in any case.”Other types of visas also are tougher to get now. During trips to Silicon Valley, Vladimir Eremeev of Russia was encouraged to establish a branch of his cloud-based technology company, Ivideon, in the United States. In Europe, Ivideon employs 150 people, and Philips, the Dutch multinational, sells a camera powered by its technology.Eremeev drew up plans, which his lawyer in New York detailed in a 347-page visa application. He was applying for an L-1A visa, awarded to executives transferring to the United States.“Sounds and looks great, but it didn’t help me obtain a visa,” Eremeev said in a phone interview.Among other things, the immigration agency stated that the office leased by Eremeev did not appear to be suited for a “business that would require the employment of a manager or executive.” His lawyer provided details and pictures of the space.Ultimately, the government denied the petition, stating that the “organizational structure” presented did not support the “managerial or executive position” that Eremeev was to fill.“You are going in circles,” said the lawyer, Oksana Bandrivska, “and it’s getting harder to win cases.”Russell Harrison, director of government relations for IEEE-USA, a society of technology professionals, applauded the administration’s efforts to tackle visa abuse. However, he said, a blanket approach could stifle U.S. competitiveness.“They seem to be against anyone coming in, which is a simplistic view,” Harrison said. “There are some incredibly talented people not born in this country and they are being treated just like other workers who are cheap.”Some lawyers said they had also seen more scrutiny of H-2B visas, the seasonal work permits that Trump uses to staff his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida. Jeff Joseph, a lawyer in Aurora, Colorado, said the government was more often denying visas for companies that sought the visas season after season. (Mar-a-Lago uses them only during winters.)The government’s argument, Joseph said, is that those companies are trying to import temporary workers to fill permanent jobs that should go to Americans. But he said his clients faced a shortage of local labor year after year to fill jobs in construction, lodging, landscaping and amusement parks.Other changes affect foreigners already working or living in the United States on H-1Bs or other temporary permits.Those sponsored by their employers for a green card, or legal permanent residency, must pass in-person interviews, a reversal of a 20-year-old policy that is likely to exacerbate a long backlog in green card applications. A memo from the immigration agency said the change was in line with the executive order to safeguard the nation from terrorism.The administration said this month that it planned to eliminate a program established during the Obama administration that allows international entrepreneurs to stay in the United States for up to five years. The administration also said it would eliminate a two-year-old program that granted work permits for spouses of H-1B workers. And it recently announced plans to restrict the ability of foreign students to work temporarily in the United States after they graduate.Another change affects green card holders who enlist in the military. Since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, military service has provided a faster path to citizenship than applying as a civilian, typically taking just 10 weeks.In October, the Pentagon enacted new procedures that substantially slow the process by adding several layers of vetting. The change affects thousands of immigrants who have already enlisted because they cannot start training before clearing the background checks.The Pentagon said the new measures were needed to ensure that terrorists do not infiltrate the military. But Margaret Stock, an immigration lawyer and retired lieutenant colonel in the Army, said the military would suffer.“They are turning away green card holders with language, cybersecurity and other skills that the United States military needs,” she said.© New York Times News Service Related Itemslast_img read more

Indian-Origin Celebrity Chef Fired by Dubai Hotel for Tweet Over Islam

first_imgThe JW Marriot Marquis Hotel in Dubai terminated its contract with chef Atul Kochhar on June 13 after a tweet posted by him over the weekend caused a furor on the social media.“Following the recent comments made by Chef Atul Kochhar, we have taken the decision to end our agreement with him. With the termination of our agreement, Chef Atul will no longer be associated with the restaurant,” Bill Keffer, the general manager of JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, said in a statement.Kochhar called the hotel’s decision “deeply upsetting,” Gulf News reported. “I fully accept the great pain I have caused and the difficult position the hotel has been put in,” he wrote in an emailed statement to the publication, adding, “I hope my friends and well-wishers in Dubai will forgive me and continue to support me in the future.”The a 48-year-old Michelin star chef had invited public ire on Twitter after he tweeted in response to Priyanka Chopra’s apology over the controversial Quantico episode that showed a Hindu nationalist group plotting a terror attack. “It’s sad to see that you (Priyanka) have not respected the sentiments of Hindus who have been terrorized by Islam over 2000 years. Shame on You (sic),” Kochhar said in the tweet, that was later deleted by him.The Indian-origin chef also apologized twice on the social media platform.His second apology came after netizens pointed out that his first apology sounded like he was  saying sorry for the factual inaccuracy in his tweet that he called Islam as being 2,000 years old when it is 1,400 years old.In his second apology posted on Twitter on June 12, Kochhar said: “I would like to apologize unreservedly to my Muslim friends, the Islamic community and everyone I have offended with my recent tweets. They were insensitive and wrong.”He further said, “I have let myself and my colleagues down. I am upset and sorry for the pain I have caused and asked for your forgiveness.”pic.twitter.com/KRBFr44n0y— Atul Kochhar (@atulkochhar) June 12, 2018In his first apology, he said there was “no justification” for his tweet which was a “major error made in the heat of the moment.”There is no justification for my tweet, a major error made in the heat of the moment on Sunday. I fully recognise my inaccuracies that Islam was founded around 1,400 years ago and I sincerely apologise. I am not Islamophobic, I deeply regret my comments that have offended many.— Atul Kochhar (@atulkochhar) June 11, 2018Social media users called for the boycott of Kochhar’s restaurants in the UAE and the United Kingdom while restaurant finder app Halal Gems said that it would drop any restaurant affiliated to Kochhar from its recommendations.Local media reports also say that Kochhar could be prosecuted for violating the UAE’s strict social media and anti-discrimination laws. Related ItemsAtul KochharDubaiQuanticolast_img read more

Indian-Origin Former Contractor Pleads Guilty to Taking $2.5 Million in Bribes in U.S.

first_imgA United States-based former contractor of an energy management firm admitted to taking bribes and kickbacks worth $2.5 million on Aug. 7.Bhaskar Patel, a resident of Windermere, Florida, pleaded guilty during a hearing at the federal court in Rutland to two felony charges. Judge Geoffrey Crawford accepted Patel’s guilty plea to both of the counts charged, and ordered him to be back in court on Dec. 7, 2018 for sentencing.Patel faces up to 10 years in prison, followed by up to three years of supervised release, on each count of conviction. He further faces a fine of up to $5,072,238.38, or twice his ill-gotten gains, according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the district of Vermont.Patel, 67, was accused of unlawfully soliciting and accepting $2,536,119.19 in bribes and kickbacks associated with federal energy savings performance contracts issued by various federal agencies to Schneider Electric, where he was employed, the statement added. In some cases, Patel directed the subcontractors to pay him by checks written to his adult son and daughter.The exchange of bribes took place from 2011 to 2016 while he was working as a senior project manager for the firm. The company takes contracts to work on energy saving projects in government buildings. Patel was responsible for acquiring bids from subcontractors and recommending them for the energy projects.“Patel’s crime involved a sweeping fraud that harmed many federal agencies and the American citizens and government employees who depend upon them,” U.S. Attorney Christina E. Nolan said in a statement.As part of the plea agreement, federal prosecutors filed a notice of forfeiture totaling $2,536,119 from Patel. The forfeiture amount can be reduced to $1.75 million if he pays $950,000 on or before his sentence starts, according to a negotiated plea with the government.The items which prosecutors may seize as a part of the forfeiture include his property in Windermere, a 2012 Mercedes-Benz E Class E350 vehicle, a watch, six rings, 43 earrings, 10 bracelets, 18 bangles, six pendants, $ 35,700 in Indian rupees, and a timeshare property in Hilton Head, South Carolina, according to VT Digger, a Vermont news portal.Assistant US Attorney Abigail Averbach, a prosecutor in the case, said that the charges against other people involved in the case are possible, the report said, adding that their names were not revealed.Patel was removed from his position immediately after the allegations came to light, the publication cited David Smith, a spokesman for Schneider Electric, as saying.According to court records, the crime was discovered when law enforcement received information that Patel had altered and falsified a bid document submitted to Schneider Electric by a Vermont subcontractor. Related ItemsfloridaUnited Stateslast_img read more

Sri Lanka squad

first_imgIf India are the favourites for the title, Sri Lanka come a close second. Like India, they too have an impressive array of batting and bowling arsenal and are being captained by a wicketkeeper batsman. Captain Kumar Sangakkara too is in good nick and will be looking to capitalise it during the World Cup. Their team which boasts of batsmen like Tillakaratne Dilshan, Upul Tharanga, Mahela Jayawardene and Thilan Samaraweera.The bowling department has the veteran Muttiah Muralitharan in. The pace department too is impressive with names like Dilhara Fernando and Lasith Malinga. Mystery bowler Ajantha Mendis adds depth to their bowling.Squad: Kumar Sangakkara (captain and wicketkeeper), Mahela Jayawardene, Tillakaratne Dilshan, Upul Tharanga, Thilan Samaraweera, Chamara Silva, Chamara Kapugedera, Angelo Mathews, Thisara Perera, Nuwan Kulasekara, Lasith Malinga, Dilhara Fernando, Muttiah Muralitharan, Ajantha Mendis, Rangana Herath.last_img read more

UEFA Champions League, PSG vs Club Brugge LIVE Streaming: When and Where to Watch Online, TV Telecast, Team News

first_img Get the best of News18 delivered to your inbox – subscribe to News18 Daybreak. Follow News18.com on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, TikTok and on YouTube, and stay in the know with what’s happening in the world around you – in real time. Paris Saint-Germain will look to book their knockout berth as they take on Club Brugge in Champions League 2019-20 fixture. The Champions League 2019-20 PSG vs Club Brugge will be played at the Le Parc des Princes, Paris. PSG, who have a great start this season, will eye to produce a clinical show when they take on Club Brugge. Meanwhile, Club Brugge, who have never made it to Champions League’s round of 16, will look for better a result. The Champions League 2019-20 PSG vs Club Brugge fixture is scheduled to start at 1:30 am.PSG will yet again miss their midfielder duo Ander Herrera (ankle) and Marco Verratti (calf injury). Star player Neymar will miss the Wednesday night fixture due to hamstring injury. On the other hand, Club Brugge will travel to Paris without Clinton Mata, who was sidelined due to the hamstring issue. Matej Mitrovic has made a comeback from the injury bench. He is expected to make it to the starting XI for Brugge.UEFA Champions League 2019-20 Paris Saint-Germain possible starting lineup vs Club Brugge: Navas; Dagba, Silva, Kimpembe, Bernat; Gueye, Marquinhos, Paredes; Di Maria, Icardi, MbappeUEFA Champions League 2019-20 Club Brugge possible starting lineup vs Paris Saint-Germain: Mignolet; Mitrovic, Mechele, Deli; Sobol, Vanaken, Rits, De Ketelaere, Diatta; Tau, DennisWhat time is kick-off?The game will kick-off at 1:30 am IST on November 7. There are eight Champions League games tonight with two of them in the early 11:25 pm slot and six that will start at 1:30 am on November 7.What TV channel is it on?Sony will show every game from the Champions League LIVE in India this season. PSG vs Club Brugge will be LIVE on Sony Ten2 SD and HD on Wednesday night.How can I stream it?The Champions League PSG vs Club Brugge live stream will be available on Sony LIV app in India for premium users. champions leagueChampions League 2019-20Club BruggeEurope First Published: November 6, 2019, 2:39 PM ISTlast_img read more

IPL 2016: Injury-hit Rising Pune Supergiants eye revenge against table-toppers Gujarat Lions

first_imgRising Pune Supergiants might be on a high after winning their last game against Sunrisers Hyderabad, but they will have a mountain to climb as they face an in-form Gujarat Lions in an Indian Premier League (IPL) contest here on Friday. (Full IPL Coverage)Mahendra Singh Dhoni-led Pune have had quite a difficult start to the season bagging only two games out of six. They started their campaign with a win over defending champions Mumbai Indians in the tournament opener, but then lost four back-to-back games before winning against Hyderabad via the Duckworth-Lewis system.On the other hand, the Lions have lost just one game so far out of the six they have featured in so far. In the last game against Delhi Daredevils, they survived a scare and got over the line with only a run to spare.The last time these two sides met Gujarat had come out on top and this time ideally Dhoni would want revenge.One of the reasons behind the visitors’ success has been their batting top order who have fired on all cylinders from the word go.Aaron Finch, Brendon McCullum and Suresh Raina have ensured brisk starts so far in the league but Finch’s fitness is a cause of concern for the Rajkot-based franchise.Dwayne Smith, who came in as replacement for the Australian against the Daredevils, scored an impressive 30-ball 52 and knit a 112-run partnership with McCullum in just 10.4 overs.West Indies all-rounder Dwayne Bravo and Dhawal Kulkarni have been the pick of the bowlers for the Lions and have been ably supported by tweakers Pravin Tambe and Ravindra Jadeja who have bagged five and four wickets, respectively.advertisementPune on Thursday suffered yet another massive blow when their in-form opener Faf du Plessis was ruled out due to a fractured finger. Dhoni’s team had already lost England star Kevin Pietersen to a calf injury earlier this week.However, the good news for the Pune fans is that the franchise has roped in Australian opener Usman Khawaja to bolster its batting attack.Ajinkya Rahane have done the bulk of the scoring but the likes of Steve Smith and Dhoni need to step up if they are to post a huge score or hunt down one.All eyes will be on pacer Ashok Dinda who pocketed three wickets in the match against Hyderabad but he would need support from the likes of Thisara Perera and Murugan Ashwin who have had a few good outings with the leather.last_img read more


first_imgMumbai, AUG 30 (PTI) Oilseeds: Bold (in Rs per 100kgs)Mumbai, AUG 30 (PTI) Oilseeds: Bold (in Rs per 100kgs) Groundnut Kernel 6950 Groundnut Bold 60/70 9500 Javas 60/70: 9550 Javas 70/80: 9400 Javas 80/90: 8900 Kardi 3075 Sesame (Whitish) 98/2/1: 7400 Sesame 95/5/1: 7200 Sesameseed crushing 48/2/4 5950 Sunflowerseed 3925 Nigerseed 8700 and Castorseed Bombay 3640.Oils & Seeds: (In Rs. Per 10 kgs) Groundnutoil 1390 Kardi Expeller 870 Sesame Expeller N/T Sunflower Expeller 665 Refined 725 Cottonseeds Refined 710 Palmolein Refined 620 Soybean Refined 643 Soybean Crude N/T Rapeseed Refined 910 Rapeseed Expeller 880 Copra White N/T Ricebran 4-7% FFA N/T Ricebran N/T Linseeds Oil 1100 Castoroil Comm 758 FSG 768 Kandla 730 Mowra N/T Neem 970 Karanji 640.Deoil Cakes: (Rates in Rs.per mt) Groundnut Extraction 45% 28,200 Kardi Extraction 14,500 Sesame Extraction N.Q. Cottonseed Extraction N.Q. Undec Cottonseed Exp 27,300 Rice Bran Extraction N/Q Sunflower Extraction 20,000 Rapeseed Extraction N/Q Soyameal 48% 30,780 and Castor Extraction 4200. ———Oilcakes:- Groundnut Expeller Oilcake Rd(per met. tonne)(50%): 28,500/- Kardi Expeller Oilcake Rd(per2 metric tonnes) : UNQTD. Groundnut Extraction (per metric tonne) : UNQTD ——— PTI SVC ABIlast_img read more

Greece beats Australia 2-1 in Melbourne friendly

first_imgTweetPinShare0 Shares MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) — Giannis Maniatis’ spectacular 60-meter goal proved decisive as Greece beat Australia 2-1 in a friendly in Melbourne on Tuesday, three days after losing 1-0 to the Socceroos in Sydney.Petros Mantalos opened the scoring after an Australian turnover and Maniatis made it 2-0 in the 21st when he swooped on another error from the home team and calmly lobbed from well behind halfway and over the head of Australia goalkeeper Adam Federici, who was far off his line.Trent Sainsbury pounced on Tim Cahill’s deflected header from a corner in the second half but otherwise the hosts struggled to break through the Greece defense.Australia has an international break until Asian World Cup qualifiers resume in September.last_img

9 Chances for Website Conversion Optimization You Don’t Want to Miss

first_img Originally published Aug 22, 2012 12:59:00 PM, updated October 30 2019 2) Revitalize Your CTA DesignsCall-to-action designs have the tendency to get old and stale, especially when they’re used over and over again within various marketing assets. Think about it — if you saw the same CTA design every time you visited a particular website, it probably wouldn’t get you clicking, even if you’ve never converted on the offer it’s promoting. This is true for multiple offers, too. If you’re using the same design for various offers, it can also get stale pretty quickly. Why? Because the design no longer captures your visitors’ attention. As a visitor who has seen the same design repeatedly, your eyes just end up glossing over it. On HubSpot’s website, for example, we’ve noticed that the longer a CTA design appears on our site, the lower and lower its click-through rate becomes.That’s why it’s important to regularly update the designs of your calls-to-action. Once you notice click-through rates dipping, spend some time updating the creative and copy of your CTA buttons, whether you do it yourself in PowerPoint or hire someone with design chops.3) Feature New OffersUpdating CTA designs can definitely improve dropping click-through rates, but it won’t do much if the offer you’re touting is outdated itself. Just like designs, offers have the tendency to get stale, too — and for a number of reasons. I mean, if you’ve been promoting the same offer over and over again, or if the content of the offer is obviously outdated, even to a new visitor (e.g. “Free Ebook: 10 New SEO Tips for 2010”), it’s probably not going to have the best conversion rate. The solution? Time to create or feature some new offers!Marketing offers aren’t effective forever, so put some time and effort into creating brand new ones or updating and repositioning evergreen offers that could benefit from some revitalization. Before you do, analyze the strength of your existing offers so you can put your content creation efforts into the types of offers that you already have historically performed well, whether it’s a particular offer type (i.e. ebooks vs. webinars) or certain subject matters.4) Update CTAs on High-Trafficked Blog Posts & Web Pages Imagine this scenario: you’ve just created a brand-spanking new offer, as we suggested in tip #3, and you’re testing it out for the first time via a call-to-action on a new blog post. Over time, that blog article becomes a big hit, getting tons of traffic and inbound links, and thus ranking extremely well for one of your most desirable keywords. But the offer? Despite that fact that you based the creation of that new offer on the success of an existing offer on the same subject, it’s not really delivering the same awesome results, and well, it’s kind of a flop (hey — it happens to the best of us!).But that fantastic blog post it’s on will still continue to get a ton of traffic, right? So keeping a CTA for a subpar offer on that post probably isn’t the smartest decision. No worries. All you have to do is swap out that CTA for a higher performing one. As a result, you’ll have much more success converting all those people coming to read that post into new and reconverted leads. Not a bad deal, huh? (Note: If you’re a HubSpot customer using our Call-to-Action tool, all you have to do is replace the underperforming CTA with a better performing one within the CTA group, and every post/page containing that old CTA will automatically be replaced with the new one. Easy!) While your website is definitely no one-trick pony, when it comes to its role as an inbound marketing tool, its ability to drive conversions — both in terms of net new lead generation and reconversions — is definitely one of its bragging rights.But surely there must be more you can do to boost your website’s conversion potential, even after you’ve got all the conversion basics down pat … right? Absolutely! Read on to learn about 9 different ways you can improve your website’s ability to convert.9 Tips to Improve Your Website Conversions1) Leverage Social ProofSocial proof stems from the concept that people will conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior. In other words, it’s the mentality that, if other people are doing it, and I trust those people, that’s validation that I should also be doing it. This third-party validation can be a very powerful motivator for your site visitors’ and prospects’ actions.Consider the various ways you can add some social proof to your marketing assets to drive conversions. This very blog, for example, uses it on our blog subscription CTA at the top right-hand sidebar as well as on our blog subscriber landing page. It encourages visitors to think, “76K other people have already subscribed? I probably should, too!”You could also experiment with other types of social proof such as testimonials on landing pages or on CTAs themselves. Check out what we did with our blog CTA for our ebook, “The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Internet Marketing,” for example. We added testimonial tweets to add credibility to our offer and emphasize that others thought it was worth the download — and worthy of a Twitter endorsement. Conversion Rate Optimization Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack 5) Reduce FrictionHow friction-less is your website’s conversion process? Truth be told, there are quite a few distracting, annoying, and confusing obstacles that can prevent your website visitors from converting. And if you’re not aware of — and actively removing — these various hindrances from your website, you could be leaving precious conversion opportunities on the table.To reduce friction and increase conversion rates, here are 8 things you should consider doing (all of which we elaborate on in this blog post):Shorten your lead-capture forms.Create targeted landing pages.Remove top/side/bottom navigation from landing pages.Get rid of calls-to-action on landing pages.Share landing page links in social media.Place landing page forms above the fold.Use actionable language in CTAs and on landing pages.Make it as easy and user-friendly as possible to convert.6) A/B Test and Optimize Landing Pages and CTAsConducting regular A/B tests is a smart and data-driven way to improve the performance of your marketing, particularly when it comes to conversion rates. What’s more, there’s no shortage of variables you can test and optimize.When it comes to CTAs, consider A/B testing such elements as design, button size, colors, copy, messaging, tone, imagery, and placement. When A/B testing landing pages, you can test many of the same variables you test within your CTAs, in addition to variables like page layout, length, number of form fields, etc. (Note: HubSpot’s Call-to-Action and Landing Pages tools make it very easy to A/B test CTA and landing page variations.)If you conduct regular A/B tests, be sure to document your results so you can keep track of the insights you gather from them. Over time, you’ll be able to use these insights to develop best practices specific to your own business that can help you optimize your marketing efforts right off the bat! 7) Experiment With Secondary CTAsI know what you’re thinking: “Wouldn’t including two different CTAs on the same web page confuse and distract visitors from the action your want them to take?” The answer is, it depends on the offers your CTAs are promoting. Yes, displaying two CTAs on one page can distract your visitors from completing your desired conversion. However, when the secondary CTA is not promoting a competing offer, it can actually save a conversion when your visitor isn’t interested in — or ready for — the main offer.For example, if you scroll down to the bottom of this post, you’ll notice that we actually have two separate calls-to-action there. One is for our main offer — our ebook on mastering the design and copy of calls-to-action. The secondary CTA, which isn’t as prominent, promotes subscription to this blog. And having that subscription CTA there might actually capture a few of those people who weren’t interest in the ebook (maybe they’ve already mastered CTA design and copy), but did find our blog content valuable enough to want to subscribe to future updates. Blog subscribers may not be as valuable to us as new or reconverted leads, but hey, they’re still valuable.Identify opportunities on your website where secondary CTAs for non-competing offers make sense, and monitor the results. If they seem to take away from conversion on your main offer, a secondary CTA may not make sense on that particular page. However, if you notice that they actually add more conversions when visitors typically would’ve left without converting on anything, including a secondary CTA is probably a smart decision.8) Appropriately Align CTA Selection With Web PagesWhen you’re selecting CTAs for your various web pages, there should always be a method to your madness rather than just slapping a CTA button on any page on your site, particularly if you have an arsenal of different marketing offers at your fingertips. But how do you determine which offer’s CTA goes on what pages of your website? We’ve created a detailed, step-by-step process for figuring this out, but here’s the jist of it …First, you’ll need to map your various offers to each stage in your sales cycle, since your offers are likely more appropriate for different stages. For example, a free trial of your software would probably be a better fit for a lead who is closer to making a purchasing decision than say, a first-time visitor to your website, who would probably be better suited for a lower-commitment offer like a free, educational ebook.After you’ve mapped your offers to your sales cycle, you’ll need to do the same for the various web pages on your website. In other words, based on a combination of common sense and your marketing analytics, you’ll need to determine how each page on your website aligns with the stages you identified in step 1. For instance, if you know that your blog attracts a lot of new visitors, you would probably associate those pages of your website with site visitors in the awareness stage of the sales process, not the purchase stage.Once you’ve mapped your offers and your website pages to the different stages in your sales cycle, you can start placing appropriate calls-to-action where they belong. Use your analytics to identify the top offers in each stage, and add them to pages you’ve mapped to that stage. Voila!9) Optimize Pages You Expect to Receive High TrafficFrom time to time, conversion optimization opportunities arise that are time-sensitive or events-driven. You just have to be quick to identify and leverage them! The idea is, if you expect a certain page or pages of your website to receive a surge of traffic around a certain time, you can proactively optimize those pages for increased conversions.So if you decided to launch a new marketing campaign that may end up driving more traffic than usual to a particular page (e.g. perhaps you included a link to your ‘About’ page in the description of a new contest you’re launching in social media), it would behoove you to audit and optimize that page for conversion opportunities. You might realize that it’s not optimized at all, that the CTAs on that page are stale, or that there are other opportunities for improvement.For example, at HubSpot, we expect that our INBOUND conference website will receive a surge of traffic next week during the conference, so it would make sense for us to swap out any CTAs for users to register for the conference, and place lead generation calls-to-action in their place since registration during the conference would be pointless.What other tips would you recommend to increase a website’s conversions?Image Credit: Katie@! Topics:last_img read more

Google Algorithm Updates, Blogging Templates, and More in HubSpot Content This Week

first_img Originally published Nov 10, 2013 8:00:00 AM, updated February 01 2017 What kinds of new, original offers can I create? What different types of blog posts can I try out? How do I ensure all of my content is high-quality? At one point or another, all inbound marketers ask themselves these questions — and they should.After all, it’s good to constantly seek out new types of unique content to create, and work to ensure your content is as useful and applicable to your audience as possible.To get you into content creation beast mode (a really fun mode to be in), we’ve selected a few blog articles on the subject from this past week we think you’ll find rather helpful.We’ve also got holiday campaign advice, info on Google’s algorithm updates this year, and other popular posts featured on the blog these past seven days. So grab some coffee, sprawl out on the couch, and get your Sunday off to a productive start by reading up on the latest from Inbound Hub.’Tis the Season: 7 Steps to Prepare Your Holiday Marketing CampaignGameplanning your marketing campaign for the holidays doesn’t have to be stressful, time-consuming, or costly. Don’t believe me? Check out this post from the Marketing section of the blog to learn how you can strategize your tactics related to offers, social media, and SEO through the end of 2013.A Blog Post to Help You Write Blog Posts [+5 Free Blogging Templates]Speaking of your holiday campaign, blogging will likely play a pretty substantial role in your plans, right? Then you won’t want to miss out on these creative templates we put together to make your blogging a little bit easier to accomplish. Once you download the templates, you’ll realize it can be a cinch to generate comprehensive how-to posts (and other kinds) in practically no time.Google’s 2013 Algorithm Updates: A Look BackOh, the algorithms, they are-a-changin’. Google made some waves this year with numerous updates to its Panda and Penguin search algorithms, as well as with its unveiling of its latest formula dubbed Hummingbird. Get the scoop as to what these changes entailed, and learn about other intriguing decisions made by the company during the course of 2013.Memes vs. MBAs: What Is Quality Content, Anyway?After “What’s the meaning of life?” the second-most common question asked by people is “What exactly is quality content?” Okay, that’s a lie, but the question is nonetheless a pertinent one many marketers ponder. Thus, we decided to closely examine top-tier content from BuzzFeed and the Harvard Business Review (yep, two distinct ends of the content spectrum) to determine exactly what both publications consider to be quality content.15 Tips for Content Creators in “Boring” IndustriesWe hear it over and over again — B2B marketers claiming it’s impossible to blog about “boring” industries. Despite this oft-voiced belief, we just don’t buy it. Why? Because these marketing pros can learn the intricacies of blogging for these industries by taking 15 minutes to read these 15 expert tips from one of our latest posts featured in Inbound Insiders.Sales Qualification Improves Close Rates [New Data]This latest sales post from our own Pete Caputa delves into the need for sales managers to use sales qualification methods to determine who the best-fit leads are for their reps. Take some time to learn Pete’s methodology when it comes to scoping out leads and how qualification data can help managers become hands-on, first-rate coaches for their teams.What was the most interesting thing you learned this week on Inbound Hub? What do you want to see more of? Leave your feedback in the comments! Google Updates Topics: Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

Hiring and Recruiting Great Employees: The Ultimate Guide

first_img3. Advertise your job opening.Next, you’ll want to advertise your job opening so you can begin reviewing applications and interviewing candidates. This process might look slightly different depending on whether you’re recruiting or hiring for a position. Here are some examples of ways you might share your job opening with candidates you’re looking to recruit. Reach out to the candidate directly via LinkedIn or another job search website.Recruit soon-to-be graduates from a college campus. For example, your company may host a networking event to meet and interview students on campus.Connect with employee referrals. For example, your company might have an employee referral program in which they can introduce you to people they believe would be a great fit for a specific opportunity.Here are a couple of ways you might advertise your opening if you’re hiring a candidate.Use a job search website (or a few) to share your opportunity and job description. Some of the most popular sites include:GlassdoorLinkedInIndeedCareerBuilderMonsterCraigslist Recruiting is the process of reaching out to a potential candidate — who may or may not have shown previous interest in your company — to convince them to leave their current job and join your team. Hiring is the process of posting a job listing to make it clear you’re looking to fill an open position at your company. Topics: Both the acts of recruiting and hiring also include reaching out to a chosen candidate to offer them a job.Now that we’ve reviewed the definitions of recruiting and hiring, let’s cover those tips we mentioned will help you find the right candidates for your business. Originally published Mar 20, 2019 7:30:00 AM, updated March 20 2019 5. Measure your hiring success.It’s safe to assume all businesses want their company’s processes and strategies to work well — this includes recruiting and hiring efforts, too.So, to make sure your recruiting and hiring procedures are successful, you’ll want to analyze the outcome of your efforts. This will allow you to determine whether or not you’re making the right decisions for your company, employees, and new hires on a consistent basis.Here are some ways you can do this:Check-in with the managers and coworkers of your new hire to ensure that person is meeting all expectations.Check-in with your new hire to ensure they’re happy with their position and feel prepared to be successful in their role.Make sure your company has frequent performance reviews for all employees so you can review their work and level of impact on the business since being recruited and hired.Ask your current employees about what they feel could be improved in terms of recruiting and hiring — whether that be adding more diversity, changing the interview process in some way, or updating the format of, or details in, your job descriptions.Perform an analysis of employee recommendations and referrals to see how successful those candidates are vs. the new candidates you hire. This will give you insight into how valuable your employee referrals are and how well your current employees know who’d be a good fit at your company.Now that we’ve reviewed the five major tips you should follow when recruiting and hiring, let’s cover some important details about why you should promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.Diversity and Inclusion in the WorkplaceDid you know 57% of businesses today say they currently have diversity strategies for hiring and recruiting in place? You might be wondering why that’s the case. Simply put — diverse and inclusive workplaces have repetitively been proven to be more successful and bring in at least 19% more revenue. Not to mention, it’s a great idea to build workforce that represents the world we live in.Before we dive into more reasons why diversity and inclusion (D&I) are critical considerations when recruiting and hiring, let’s review what the phrase diversity and inclusion in the workplace means.What is diversity and inclusion at work?A diverse and inclusive workplace is one that reflects the makeup of society. It’s a work environment that accepts and understands people of different inherent and acquired backgrounds — which we’ll define momentarily — and sees the value of incorporating these factors every day.Inherent Diversity vs. Acquired DiversityInherent diversity is defined by your demographic characteristics such as age, ethnicity, and sex. Acquired diversity is defined by the traits you develop over time and through experiences such as education, skills, and values. Both of these factors are major components of a diverse and inclusive work environment.Why is D&I critical when hiring and recruiting?Diversity and inclusion are critical considerations when hiring and recruiting. Incorporating D&I in your plans to expand your company allows for greater business growth. In fact, it has been proven to increase earnings and improve returns on equity and product development. It also helps you attract and retain employees as well as foster a positive work environment.Benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplaceThere are a number of ways recruiting and hiring for a diverse and inclusive work environment will benefit your company. We’ve put together this list of seven of the most common reasons for this below.Workplace D&I … 1. Allows for more innovation.2. Promotes better performance and ideation.3. Helps you become a leader in your industry.4. Improves your culture and appeals to a wider range of talent.5. Enhances your customer service and support.6. Promotes creativity and the implementation of new processes.7. Improves employee engagement.How to Support D&I in Your Hiring and Recruiting ProcessesYou understand the benefits of incorporating diversity and inclusion in your hiring and recruiting efforts. But how should you go about supporting these processes within your company? How do you start becoming a diverse and inclusive workplace?Here are some ways to do just that:Write inclusive job descriptions and incorporate diverse language, as mentioned earlier.Include a diversity and inclusion page on your website.This way, your candidates can review all of your efforts and goals regarding diversity and inclusion on their own.Be sure to interview a wide range of candidates for each job opening you have.Don’t just stick to one specific mold when it comes to your candidate type (even if you think it’ll be the right one in the end).Be aware of unconscious bias when recruiting, hiring, interviewing, and offering a candidate a position at your company.Continue to focus on D&I after you hire candidates. This will allow you to maintain a diverse and inclusive work environment and prepare all employees (whether or not they’re in HR) for any interviews they may conduct in the future.You can also host D&I events, create D&I workplace support groups, and consistently ask for employee feedback regarding the topic. Recruiting and Hiring Tips Five Recruiting and Hiring Factors to ConsiderNow that we’ve reviewed recruiting and hiring tips as well as why promoting diversity and inclusion is critical to your business’ success, let’s cover five factors related to recruiting and hiring that are important to consider and often overlooked. This will help you prepare for any situation that comes your way while looking for candidates.1. Your Company’s Current Recruiting and Hiring PoliciesIf you work for an established company, there might already be recruiting and hiring policies in place, Be aware of these when interviewing and searching for the right person to fill a job opening. These may include procedures for managing a job opening, how to handle employee referrals, or how to interview. Additionally, if you’re working with hiring managers to fill a role at your company, they should have all the necessary knowledge regarding your recruiting and hiring procedures.However, if you’re at a startup or smaller company, you might want to work with someone who has a background in HR to put some of these recruiting and hiring policies and procedures in place. This way, you’ll be sure to give all candidates equal opportunity, organize your recruiting and hiring processes for all future job openings (and any HR leaders who join your team), and ensure professional interactions among hiring managers, employees, and candidates.2. The Size of Your Business and Your Available ResourcesDepending on the size of your business, you might have different needs and available resources when it comes to recruiting and hiring. For example, if you’re a startup, you’ll likely have different candidate needs than a company looking to hire their 900th employee — maybe you prefer a highly versatile type of candidate versus someone specialized in a specific task.Additionally, you might have a different level of available resources depending on your company size. If you’re a newer company, you may not have the same budget as the company searching for their 900th employee. Therefore, you might stick to posting your job descriptions on job search sites and using other inexpensive recruiting and hiring tactics you’re interested in trying.If you do have the resources, you could potentially bring on a hiring consultant, professional recruiter, or expand your HR department and organize it into specialities such as marketing hiring managers and sales hiring managers.3. Any Changes in the Job MarketAnother consideration you should take into account whenever you’re recruiting or hiring for any position is the ever-changing job market. The job market has the potential to impact your search for the right candidate — it might cause your search to be a long and difficult process or make your search quick and easy.That’s because the job market — which is largely based on the economy — fluctuates in terms of the number of job seekers and the demand for labor. Other factors which consistently impact the job market include industry and the need for a certain level of education. Being prepared for changes in the job market is always a good idea so you’re ready for any scenario if and when a position at your company becomes available.Here are three ways you can do this:Keep an eye on job listings in your industry and at companies similar to yours.Update your website’s job listings regularly and ensure your company is active on LinkedIn and other job search and review sites.Stay up to speed on popular degrees, trends, and fields of study.4. The Possibility of Salary Negotiations With New HiresPart of the recruiting and hiring processes includes extending a job offer. This means you might also be dealing with salary negotiations. As of 2019, 55% of people questioned in a survey said they tried negotiating their salary upon receiving their offer. So, be prepared and put a plan in place for the way you (and your fellow employees and/or HR team) will manage salary negotiations.5. Any Candidates Who May Choose to Drop OutJust because you’re the one interviewing candidates and extending the job offers doesn’t mean your favorite candidates will also choose you in return. Whether it’s during the first round of interviews or once you offer someone a job, you could potentially find yourself in a situation where your top candidate has decided to drop out of the running or deny your offer.By simply being prepared for all outcomes and leaving the other qualified candidates in the mix until you have ensured your top candidate has officially accepted your offer, you’ll avoid having to start over again with an entirely new pool of candidates.Start Recruiting and HiringBy fine-tuning your business’ recruiting and hiring processes, you’ll be able to find ideal candidates to fill the open positions at your company. So, follow the tips mentioned above and consider the benefits of diversity and inclusion when establishing the procedures you implement at your company. By doing this, you’ll expand your team and pool of talent, and propel your business towards success both financially and in terms of workplace culture.  What is the difference between recruiting and hiring? Recruiting vs. Hiring The following five tips are universal, making them applicable to almost every type of recruiting and hiring situation at any company. However, feel free to modify these tips to meet your specific needs and goals.1. Use employer branding.One of the first things you’ll want to do when you begin developing your company’s approach to recruiting and hiring is to use employer branding. Employer branding is how you market your company to all candidates and job seekers. The way you do this impacts your ability to attract the best prospects and make them want to join your team.To leverage employer branding in your recruiting and hiring processes, first determine what makes your business unique. Some examples might include your company’s:BenefitsCareer development opportunitiesCompetitive salariesWorkplace perksWorkplace cultureOnce you’ve identified these things, you should list them in the following locations: Your websiteYour job descriptionsYour initial recruiting messagesThe job search websites in which you post your openings2. Write enticing and inclusive job descriptions.Whether you’re recruiting or hiring, you’ll need to write enticing job descriptions to attract a wide pool of impressive candidates (even candidates who are recruited are often still required to complete an application prior to an interview). Professional job descriptions that represent your brand and highlight why working for your company is so appealing will make your applicants excited about the prospect of joining your team.Additionally, inclusive job descriptions will help you attract a diverse group of candidates. You want a diverse pool of candidates because it’s proven companies that place emphasis on diversity while expanding their teams are 35% more likely to have financial returns above the industry median — and who wouldn’t want that? Also, 67% of job seekers today say they look for a diverse workplace when searching for a new job.Here are some ways to ensure you’re writing enticing and inclusive job descriptions that will appeal to qualified and unique candidates:Introduce your company with your employer branding and company profile information (which describes how your company started and why you create and sell the products you do).This can include details about your company’s culture and corporate image if you choose. Five Recruiting and Hiring Factors I was part of a college Co-op program that required students to take a semester off from classes and work a full-time position at a company in which we were hired. When I started applying to Co-op jobs, I noticed how much the recruiting and hiring processes varies between companies.Some companies recruited us directly from LinkedIn or our school’s networking site. Others required us to find and read detailed job descriptions, ensure our experiences met all listed requirements, and submit a long job application and cover letter.After college, while searching for both my first and second jobs, I found myself in the same recruiting and hiring situations with the businesses I was interested in working for — each company had unique procedures they followed when filling open positions.Click here to download our free guide to hiring and training a team of all-stars.As a business, it’s expected you’ll have some of your own processes for recruiting and hiring candidates. Every company has different needs, timelines, expectations, and resources when it comes to bringing on new employees. But there are also some general tips and tricks practically any company can apply to find ideal candidates.In this guide, we’ll cover those tips, why it’s important to incorporate diversity and inclusion in your hunt for the right candidates, and other factors to keep in mind when recruiting and hiring. But first, let’s talk about the differences between recruiting and hiring. Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment Advertise your opportunity on your company’s social media accounts. You can also add a link to your careers page and/or specific job description to your bio.4. Prepare for your interviews.Job seekers aren’t the only people who should prepare for interviews — as their potential employer, you should too. This will streamline your interview process, ensure all applicants are given an equal opportunity to “wow” you during an interview, and make sure your interview feels professional and thoughtful.Here are some ways you can do this:Determine who will conduct the interviews.Which hiring managers and employees will be involved?Decide how many rounds of interviews will be necessary.Determine how the hiring manager(s) will use feedback from employee interviewers.Be sure all interviewers ask the questions that matter to your company. Here are some resources for great interview questions:Behavioral interview questionsSituational interview questionsGreat questions to ask in an interview and answers to look for10 most popular interview questions Include diverse language and inclusive company information in your job descriptions. Remove any unnecessary corporate language, abbreviations, and less common industry terminology such as PIPs, XML sitemaps, or KPIs. Also, mention specific company benefits regarding things like maternity and paternity leave and your workplace diversity initiatives.Include a statement in your job descriptions explaining your focus on and commitment to diversity and inclusion.Take advantage of tools such as Gender Decoder and Textio which help you diversify the language in your job descriptions (or anywhere on your website for that matter). Use employer branding.Write enticing and inclusive job descriptions.Advertise your job openings.Prepare for your interviews.Measure your hiring success. Clearly list all necessary position skills and requirements you have for your applicants. This will help you vet candidates. However, be sure they’re only the 100% necessary skills and requirements to broaden and diversify your pool of applicants.Keep your “must have” requirements and leave out the “nice to have” requirements. These have the potential to make a candidate feel as though they don’t meet all of your requirements and deter them from applying at all. Recruiting and Hiring Tips Don’t forget to share this post!last_img read more

16 Business Tips You Need to Read

first_img1. Build a brandWho are you and what does your business do? Establishing a brand identity is essential to every business and key to framing social content.Because a brand’s social media feeds are meant to attract existing and new customers, creating engaging content catered to them is key. Once you get to know what your target audience is interested in and what they love about your products, incorporate those ideas into your content.Additional reading: Corporate Identity Ultimate Guide2. Be willing to learn moreAs a business becomes more successful, it’s easy to get stuck in the complacency of success and experience a plateau. Commit to lifelong learning and invigorate your team. Here are a few ideas on how to do that:Catch up on the latest competitive research.Hold a company-wide Adobe Cloud Q&A session.Listen to podcasts on your morning commute. Check out this list of podcasts every entrepreneur should listen to.Read about your industry and professionHost team trainingsFind a mentorAdditional reading: Entrepreneurship Courses and Certifications3. Understand your target audienceDefining a target customer helps you find and market to a specific audience. It can be tough to know exactly how to create a persona, but articles like this one can aid in the process. Perhaps you are catering to “Educator Elise” or “Sales Sam.” What’s unique about them?For example, “Business Owner Bob” is a CEO whose biggest challenges are improving revenue growth and organization. How can your company help his needs?Make Your Persona For Free4. Be consistentBeing a business that’s inconsistent with its message, products, and goals can lead to a loss of revenue. In 2018, businesses with consistent branding increased revenue by up to 23%. Staying relevant and holding your business accountable will build customer trust.For example, World Wildlife Fund’s branding on social media is consistent across their website, Twitter, and Instagram. Notice how their content is optimized depending on social channel, but still connects to their mission and panda mascot.Image Source: TwitterThe hashtags in WWF’s Twitter bio really show how the nonprofit uses Twitter to expand engagement and reach. The hashtags also show the account’s goals, such as #VoiceForThePlanet. Plus, the panda emoji is the cutest thing ever, and it connects to the vibe on Instagram.Image Source: World Wildlife FundWWF uses Instagram highlights to its advantage. The consistent look of using emojis as highlight covers and having the categories sync with the website’s mission is an excellent use of cross promotion on social media.Image Source: World Wildlife FundThe branding across three platforms makes WWF have an engaging and informative social media presence. The organization helps browsers explore with ease and navigate towards categories they are interested in.Additional reading: Power of Consistency 5. Focus on your teamBurnout is real. In fact, 61% of employees feel burnout at work. It doesn’t mean your product isn’t worth it anymore, but with a team tirelessly working towards bettering something they believe in, burnout is almost guaranteed to happen sooner or later. Something as simple as staff bonding days can lighten morale, give your team a chance to get to know each other better, and increase productivity.For example, did a product designer come up with an awesome mock-up for their most recent project? Give them a shout out in an email and encourage them to keep up the good work. Another way to encourage team morale is to dedicate a regular meeting in which different team members present their favorite work hacks.Food always draws a crowd, and if you have a team of foodies, try BYOB (Bring Your Own Bagel) Mondays, where an hour is dedicated to having breakfast together and blowing off steam before the week starts. (Remote members can virtually Skype or Zoom in!)Additional reading: Increase Team Empowerment6. Be accessible to your customersIf you’ve ever called a support team, you know how important providing great customer service is. A customer can instantly cut ties with a business over unsatisfactory customer service.An employee at Zappos once talked on the phone with a customer for 10 hours, upholding his employer’s devotion to the customer. Making sure your customer is satisfied through and through is your number one priority.Incorporate great customer service into your social strategy. Engaging with customers about their concerns and praise builds brand loyalty.Additional reading: What Good Customer Service Looks Like7. Stay organizedOne challenge most startups run into is disorganization. Don’t fall into the trap of using too many tools — or too few. If you haven’t gone paperless yet, now is the time to try. Consolidate your tools, your strategy, and hit the ground running.To get started, adopt a tool or two, like a CRM, collaborative project management software, or time-tracking tool. Choose a tool that enables every employee to easily find documents and communicate with their colleagues.Additional reading: Small Business Organization Strategies8. Be transparentNot every business secret should be a secret. If a customer wants to know the specs of your product, tell them. Being transparent with customers builds trust (94% of consumers cite transparency as their biggest reason for brand loyalty), could generate organic leads, and makes you stand out among competitors who aren’t as transparent.Image source: PatagoniaFor instance, outerwear brand Patagonia took the charge on letting customers know the company’s supply chain routine, in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. Their “Footprint Chronicles” page shows every textile factory, farm, and mill Patagonia uses and their impact on the earth.Additional reading: Why You Should Be Transparent9. Stay updated on intellectual propertyWhat’s yours is yours and deserves to stay that way. Making sure trademarks and copyrights are in place isn’t the most fun part of keeping a business afloat, but it’s necessary as the digital world grows more crowded.To check if a trademark is already registered, The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website has an online database you can search. Here’s a secondary global database from the World Intellectual Property Database.Additional reading: How to Protect Your IP10. Upgrade social strategySocial media is changing all the time. It’s important to keep up with those trends, especially to attract younger target audiences looking for the next new thing. Apps like Buffer, Hootsuite, and HubSpot’s CRM schedule posts so you don’t have to do them manually.Can you imagine shopping for your next bed using Spotify? Mattress brand Casper can. Not only do they have ads on my favorite podcasts, they also found an awesome way to use different social sites — other than the big three: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook — to maximize their audience reach, and it works.If you can’t sleep, you can easily open Spotify and listen to the Casper sleep channel. Consumers might be curious to see if their mattresses feel as good as their favorite songs or lullaby music.Similarly, comforting videos of dogs or montages of calm waves to the backdrop of soothing music can be the fireplace app you need to help lull you to sleep. YouTube being free means their videos are accessible to those who might not want to pay for a Spotify subscription.Additional reading: Proven Social Media Engagement Strategies11. Get your customers involvedCustomers help shape your business. They should be a part of it — and know that they are. Customer appreciation can be shown by using permission marketing and feedback forms, and soliciting positive feedback for testimonials to gain more leads.Twitter sends its users a “Twitterversary” email every year on the date their users make their accounts. It’s a fun and simple way to acknowledge their customers and make them feel unique and special, like a birthday.Additional reading: How to Create a Customer Centric Marketing Strategy12. ExperimentHow else would you find out what works and what doesn’t? The uncertainty of experimenting with e-commerce, marketing practices, and customer loyalty benefits can seem like too much of a gamble, but by executing a planned “safe” experiment such as, say, a small sale on products to drive purchases, you could find favorable results on sales and brand loyalty.For example, TikTok recently introduced ads into their app. It was a quiet rollout, due to the spirit of experimentation, but unsurprising. Ads are a known revenue booster for countless websites and apps, and this rollout has since been the segue to fully integrating them into the platform.Additional reading: The Importance of Experimentation in Business13. Track your engagementThis is another instance of “You’ll never know until you do it.” Tracking social engagement gives you an eye into how your target audience responds to marketing campaigns and what performs the best. You’ll also be able to easily track when customers are commenting and replying to social posts. Tools are also out there to assist with this, which saves you time.For instance, awareness metrics show your current audience as well as a potential one. Consumer metrics show the opinion customers have about your brand and its products.Some of the top tools for tracking engagement include Google Analytics, Hootsuite, and Later.Additional reading: Social Media Metrics that Matter14. Know your competitorsRunning a competitive analysis helps you stay ahead of the curve, whether you’re a startup or a more established business. Always keep the practices of competitors in the back of your mind — especially ones seeing consistent growth in areas you might not have had success in.The recent “Chicken Sandwich War” is a great example of companies who know their competitors. When Popeyes released their viral chicken sandwich, hoping to dethrone the famous Chick-fil-A sandwiches, Chick-fil-A instantly fired back with their own marketing, indirectly letting Popeyes and other competitors know that they weren’t going down without a fight.Bun + Chicken + Pickles = all the ❤️ for the original. pic.twitter.com/qBAIIxZx5v— Chick-fil-A, Inc. (@ChickfilA) August 19, 2019Before analyzing a competitor, make sure to analyze your business’s data to hone in on what you’re looking for and how you measure up to competitors.Additional reading: How to Start a Competitive Analysis15. Focus on customer experienceCustomer experience is just as important as customer service. Are your customers satisfied with your product? Are you measuring that satisfaction? Are you brainstorming and working on improvements to keep their satisfaction high? Running a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey is a great way to measure customer satisfaction.To run one, survey your customers and use the question, “On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend our services to a friend?” Then, categorize respondents based on their answers into three categories: Promoters (Answers were 9-10), Passives (Answers were 7-8), and Detractors (Answers were 0-6). Your NPS is the percentage of Detractors subtracted from the percentage of Promoters.Having a CRM for your business can improve customer experience as well. A CRM automates emails and workflows to help you understand your customer better. Here are a few free CRMs to get you started.Additional reading: Customer Experience Guide16. Keep goingIf you believe in your idea and there’s a market for it, keep going. It can seem discouraging when businesses hit a plateau or a loss in revenue for that quarter. However, maintaining a persistent attitude can be the difference between seeing your business come out on the other side or failing. Not every day will be perfect, and that’s okay.To illustrate, shoe company Adidas lost their footing (no pun intended) in the late 70’s and 80’s, reporting record losses after Nike’s surge in popularity. The company had to redesign its entire structure and connect to its initial purpose — being the best for the athlete — to come back.For more information on how to elevate your business, check out our ideas on how to improve your marketing strategy.Additional reading: 5 Ways to Master PersistenceTo run a successful business, you must understand your profession and industry, conduct social and company listening, and push through difficult times These business tips will help you stay ahead of the curve without feeling overwhelmed. Build a brand Understand your target audience Be consistent Focus on your team Be accessible to your customers Stay organized Be transparent Stay updated on intellectual properties Update social strategy Get your customers involved Experiment Track your engagement Know your competitors Focus on customer experience Keep going 16 Business Tips You Need to Read Originally published Sep 26, 2019 4:00:00 AM, updated September 26 2019center_img Don’t forget to share this post! So, you’ve started a business: check. Hired a team: check. Have a steady workflow up and going: check and check. Stressed because you don’t know what the next step is for your business: check.Now, pause and throw out that checklist. It turned into a bummer — fast. Every business has room for improvement, whether your company has thousands of workers or just you. Here are the tips you need to take your business to the next stage of growth.Download Now: Free Business Plan Templatelast_img read more

Foreign coach’s changes helped improve my game: PV Sindhu

first_imgWorld champion PV Sindhu on Sunday said that working on the changes suggested by India’s foreign badminton coach Kim Ji Hyun helped her a lot.Olympic silver medallist Sindhu defeated Japan’s Nozomi Okuhara in the final of the BWF World Championship recently.Asked how Kim Ji Hyun’s advice has impacted her game, she said, “Well it definitely had a lot (of impact) because she has been here for a few months.”She had few changes in her mind and I think that really helped me. We worked on that, of course under the guidance of Gopi (P Gopichand) sir and it went very well. I have really improved a lot on skills and a lot more still to improve.”Sindhu was speaking after being felicitated by the Sahara India Pariwar at a suburban hotel for her recent achievement.Asked whether the loss of the 2017 final (to Okuhara) played in her mind when she entered the court this time, the 24-year-old Sindhu replied in the negative.”No I don’t think it was playing (in my mind) and also I was very positive. It was just a fresh game for me. We have played a couple of times later as well so it was one of the fresh matches.”According to Sindhu, being more aggressive and being fast on her feet did the trick for her in the World Championship.”I was very much alert and I was very prepared for this tournament (World Championship) and playing against (Chinese) Chen Yufei and Okuhara, even though it was a different style of the game I was more aggressive and fast on my feet which was much needed.advertisement”So, I was ready for every point and not just thinking about the game. Every point was equally important for me,” the ace shuttler said.Also Read | Unlike Rio, everyone will be prepared for me at Tokyo Olympics: PV SindhuAlso Read | Saina Nehwal eyes to regain title at Chinese Taipeilast_img read more

K-pop singer Sulli, 25, found dead at her South Korea home

first_imgK-pop singer Sulli was found dead at her residence in Sujeong-gu, Seongnam in the Gyeonggi province of South Korea on October 14, Mirror reports citing police. She was 25. Police officials confirmed Sulli’s death but further details have not been made available so far.Sulli’s manager was trying to contact her but couldn’t get in touch, after which he went to her residence and found her dead. Sulli was born as Choi Jin-ri in Busan, South Korea on March 29, 1994. She was a member of the K-pop band f(x).Media reports state that Sulli discontinued work in 2014 to take a break because she couldn’t cope with online abuse. Sulli’s break was supposed to last for a year but she quit the group in 2015 so as to pursue a career in acting.However, Sulli resumed working on music after three years with a feature on Dean’s 2018 single Dayfly. In June 2019, she made her solo debut with the single album Goblin.Sulli began working in television dramas in 2005 as she made her debut with the drama Ballad of Seodong. She also appeared in the films Fashion King (2014) and Real (2017).Sulli also won the New Star Award for her role in television show To the Beautiful You in 2012.Mirror reports that Sulli was battling a panic disorder and recently spoke about it on a reality show. “Even close people left me. I was hurt by them and felt there was nobody who understands me, which made me fall apart,” Sulli had said.ALSO READ: Karisma Kapoor in sports bra looks radiant as she rocks post-workout glow after gym sessionadvertisementALSO WATCH: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth call it quits after 8 months of marriagelast_img read more