New Mac Pro Release Imminent

first_imgApple has announced a fall 2013 marketing event and the new Mac Pros are on the agenda.It’s been over a year since Apple released a minor upgrade to the Mac Pro and over three years since any significant update to this ‘workhorse’ system for creative professionals. In June of 2013, Apple gave a sneak preview of a radically redesigned Mac Pro (to largely mixed reviews)…but no further info on when the new computer would be available.Now, Apple has announced an invite-only event on October 22, 2013 that will surely shed more light into the future of the new Mac Pro. According to, Apple is expected to make public a Mac Pro release date (which is likely be before December).Although the event will likely focus around updates to the Apple iPad line, the new Mac Pro will ‘get some stage time as well” (as reported by Will Apple address the concerns by creative professionals that were raised after the sneak peek (lack of expandability, little support for third party hardware, no Nvidia option)? We’ll know soon enough. Get more info on the new Mac Pro at is you initial impressions of the new Mac Pro?Share your thoughts in the comments below!last_img read more

New UK Visa Center Opens in Bengaluru

first_imgBritish Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis inaugurated a new Visa Application Centre (VAC) in Bengaluru on Nov. 7. This is the 18th VAC to be opened in India.The new center opened at Brigade IRV Centre in Nallurhalli, Whitefield, making it easier for highly-skilled Indian workers to travel to the United Kingdom.In 2017, Indians received two-third of all of United Kingdom’s visas — 60,000 in total. The new center will be beneficial for some of the biggest IT firms in India, including Infosys and Tata Corporate Services that are based in Bengaluru, a city visited by British Prime Minister Theresa May in December 2016.“The opening of this visa application center is yet another example of how the government is making it easier for businesses across the world to work with the UK,” Lewis said. “India has always been an important partner for us and we are committed to building on this relationship and positioning ourselves as a truly global Britain.”He added: “The UK is open for business and this center will make it easier than ever before for the brightest and best Indian workers in the important IT industry to come to the UK. We want to ensure that both countries are benefiting from the sharing of ideas, expertise and technology.”India is the fourth largest investor in the United Kingdom.While the United Kingdom has been trying to reduce its net immigration, which includes students, it also made a few reforms to make it easier for Indian applicants to apply for visas. While the same day, 3-5 Priority Visa and Super-Priority Visa was earlier available only to visitors, it has now been made available for first time visitors, students and those applying for some work visas.A total of 17 other Visa Application Centers are already functional in India, including those in the metropolitan cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, and one at Langford Town in central Bengaluru.Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson had said in October 2017 that the United Kingdom gives Indian students and workers the most number of visas. Related ItemsBengaluru UK visaBoris JohnsonBrandon LewisBrandon Lewis BengaluruBritish visa BangaloreIndia-UK relationsuk immigrationuk visalast_img read more

Australia’s Largest Comedy Festival to Come to India

first_imgIndians can now expect a major laughing carnival as “The Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow” is all set for its arrival in India.The Australian High Commission announced in a statement that India can now experience a major dose of Aussie humor as the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow is all set to hit a five-city trail of Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, and Delhi before performing at the Bengaluru Comedy Festival next month.Australia Fest, a six-month celebration of Australian culture, involving over 75 events across 20 Indian cities, was inaugurated by Australia’s High Commissioner to India, Harinder Sidhu in September.“Audiences in Australia have been enjoying the fun and frivolity of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for a long time now,’ Sidhu said. “We are thrilled to bring four of the funniest Australian comedians to India to showcase everything from stand-up and sketch to satire as part of Australia Fest.”The Australian comedy festival will feature an ensemble of some dynamic Australian comics including the ideal Aussie comedian Daniel Connell, the relatable and hilarious Mel Buttle, a stand-up comedian with a surreal take on the everyday life Guy Montgomery, and an observational and often-absurd comedian Aaron Chen. “The tour promises to be a comedy experience you will never forget,” the statement read. Chen, one of the most popular new-age Australian comedian best known for his unique mic techniques talked about his excitement to come to India for the first time.“I’m incredibly excited to perform in India and also just to be in India for the first time. I don’t know what to expect from this beautiful country except open arms and warm naans (I hope to have at least one).”Guy Montgomery, another popular comedian, said, “Every year at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival I’m blown away by the quality of the comedians who come over from India. I can’t wait for them to say the same about me!” He has also tweeted announcing about his performance in India.What the hell is up Bengaluru! Where my Bengaluru followers at!? I am genuinely very excited— Guy Montgomery (@guy_mont) October 28, 2018The mega Australian comedy carnival will also feature several new-age Indian artists including Kanan Gill in Mumbai, Anirban Dasgupta in Kolkata, Sonali Thakker in Pune, Rahul Dua in Delhi and Kjeld Sreshth in Bengaluru.The Australia Fest aims to strengthen the Australia-India relationship by featuring the best of Australia’s rich cultural representation through the world of music, art, food, film, literature, dance, theatre, sport and much more.‘With Australia Fest, we aim to deepen the engagement between our two countries and further strengthen our people-to-people ties,’ Sidhu said. Related Itemslast_img read more

Indian Diners Go Global

first_imgExpat chefs in India confront among the biggest food challenges in the world. Indians are born food critics and assign a major part of their routines revering about the rajma-chawal or chhole-kulche. Moreover be it a new job, a new workstation, a new born child or simply newly bought shoes, Indians love to binge and celebrate. They all swear by those authentic, native recipes their mothers and grandmothers prepare.The challenge for expat chefs is to blend the flavors of their home country with the authenticity of the local palate to amaze food connoisseurs across the country with lip-smacking delicacies. Be it dishing out an authentic laccha paratha or a roasted tenderloin chicken burger, these chefs celebrate the variety Indian cuisine has to offer and combine it with spices from their regional platter to serve a country who know its food well. While many of these chefs consider Indian consumers to be the best food aficionados they have catered to, living in a strange country, especially pleasing its people with luscious culinary delights, can be quite a Herculean task.Little India speak to several successful expat chefs across the country for a peek into the challenges they face, the part of India they love, the dishes they rave about and the people who have made them feel at home.Chef Eric Khoo Thiam HuatThough the Head chef of Royal China, New Delhi has spent just a year in the country, Chef Eric Khoo is floored by the boisterous affiliation towards food that Indians exude, especially the cuisine he specializes in – Chinese. “India is a big country with a unique culture and strong religious affinity. I like the people here, especially the ones who come to our restaurant and are usually educated, polite and hail from the elite Indian class,” he says.While the share of non vegetarian diners is growing rapidly, the country is largely vegetarian, certainly more so than any other country Huat has worked in. “Indians prefer their food to be hot and spicy,” Huat says. “They even enjoy at late hours of the night and I appreciate the fact that they enjoy food served in its authentic taste.Thankfully, the customers I have catered to at Royal China don’t prefer run of the mill Indo-Chinese food, but authentic Chinese which we prepare. Sure, we modify the spice quotient if a guest demands it, but I ensure that it doesn’t get influenced by Indian tastes.“For the same reason, I have brought in some changes in terms of cooking to achieve the genuine Chinese taste. A simple dish like fried rice may smell differently when subjected to a high level of cooking method with proper fire control and timing. The aroma which it breathes then is what makes it different from roadside Chinese outlets.” He finds living in India very similar to China, although the food culture is quite different in both countries. “In China, people rarely cook at home, as there are a lot of restaurants, hawkers and food courts, but in India, the emphasis is highly on preparing meals at home.” On visits home, he has taken back home with traditional Indian spices, which even his family now relishes. “Eventually, I would want to move back since my family is in China, but the love and freedom of creativity, which I have received from my colleagues here, hasn’t once made me miss my family. That’s what gives me the drive to enjoy every bit of my stint here”Chef Naphaphak PrompaksaNaphaphak Prompaksa at Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel, New Delhi, has resided in both New Delhi and Mumbai and loves India for of its pace and people. “Indians are by and large warm and friendly by nature. Living in India is quite easy for me now as I understand a lot of Hindi and also speak some. New Delhi is a beautiful city and I stay in the heart of it. So it’s great.”She finds the culture, beliefs, traditions and values are same as the ones back home, in Thailand. She has even taken to the sari, which she says is now her favorite dress. “I love the many ways in which women drape it. It’s so exciting to see how one garment can be worn in so many different styles and fashions.”She loves the cosmopolitan taste of the average Indian diner who is well-travelled and open to experimenting with different cuisines. “Cooking for Indians is easy as most guests who come either want to try something new or have already tried it and come back because they like it. Thai food is very appealing to the Indian palette and there’s no modification required. Indians love spices and Thai food is famous for being spicy. With me, I have bought in typical authentic Thai cuisine, which has found an audience in India. I believe the key to improvisation is regular customer feedback. I always make it a point to meet the customers and take their feedback on the food. Luckily, they like the authentic Thai food that we serve and appreciate our authentic tastes.”Prompaksa relishes chicken and mutton biryani and has introduced a concoction of grilled chicken roti with sweet Thai sauce giving Indians a slice of both Indian and Thai cuisine. Mostly though she stirs up authentic Thai delicacies, which she has discovered are appreciated by her diners.Chef Antonello Cancedda Having lived in India for nearly two years now, the Italian Chef Antonello Cancedda at JW Marriot’s Oregano restaurant in Chandigarh, loves the city he lives in and is amazed by the strong family roots most people still have. “I just love the country, the culture and most of all I love the people. They are so peaceful and meditative. Living in India is an amazing experience. I am here as an ambassador of my culture and at the same time I find Indian intricacies such as Yoga, Hinduism, Indian Cuisine, Sufi Music creating a deep impact on my daily life too.”His diners have a wide awareness of global cuisines and the spirit to experiment with new ones. “People come to Oregano to taste authentic Italian food and we explain the flavors to the customers and give them the truly Italian experience. Indians, especially the people in Chandigarh enjoy authentic Italian delights and pay great attention to the quality of food.”He has tried to keep the food as authentic as possible. “People enjoy the local spices that I have brought in from my homeland and appreciate a small briefing about the dish before ordering it. Cooking for Indians hence isn’t that difficult. In fact, the customer feedback has been great so far. People in Chandigarh really appreciate authentic Italian cuisine there are lot of customers who have few particular favorites dishes which they call in advance and request me to prepare for their next dinning in my restaurant.”He himself is fan of yellow dal and thinks the diversity of Indian cuisine needs to be promoted to expand it to a global audience. He has found himself charmed by the friendly character of Chandigarh and the spiritual connection he has found through yoga and meditation.Chef Nuria RodreguezChef Nuria Rodreguez, of Spain, has spent two years in the country surprising Indians with authentic Spanish delights at the Mediterranean cuisine restaurant Imperfecto in New Delhi. “I couldn’t be happier than here. India is fantastic. I like the culture, the people, the customs and so many other things. At first, Indians come across as very serious people, but when you get to know them and extend a hand of friendship, you fall in love with their hospitality. Thankfully, I have many Indian friends now and I know their customs. Though they drive me crazy sometimes, but I respect them and have fun being a part of them.”India may be very different from her country in terms of food, relationships, and beliefs, but Nuria has taken it in stride. “In India anything can happen. That’s what I have figured. So while people may be very friendly on one hand, some are very closed and want you to take the first step.”She specializes in Mediterranean cuisine, which Indians are gradually opening up to, but she says she has never tried fusion unless a guest wanted the spice level to be altered. “I have never done fusion and believe in acquainting Indians with authentic Mediterranean preparations. A good part about Indians is how conscious they are getting towards their health and want the same to reflect in their food too. Cooking for my customers hasn’t been so difficult hence. Customer feedback for me is extremely important. It even helps you connect with the people you are serving and gladly many of my guests are my friends now.”Having travelled the world she considers Africa and India to be her favorite places to travel and explore and enjoys Indian spices; her favorites being butter chicken, palak paneer and butter garlic naan. She misses the cheap beer she used to get back home in Spain and detests the exorbitant rent she shells out every month. But she enjoys the cheap massages, the culture seeped deep in spirituality and her loyal customers who have become friends over time.Chef Bela Rieck With a culinary experience that has taken her to Indonesia, China, Slovakia, Germany and now India, Bela Rieck, the executive chef of Sheraton Bangalore Hotel, is a citizen of the world. While adding pins to his world map is exciting, he says he is also tempted by settling down and retiring in India. “Living in India, especially Bangalore has been perfect! The climate is very nice; everything is available, good bars and restaurants all over the city, exciting food and lots to explore. If I would need to complain about something, it would be the traffic.“Sadly, as India is such a big country I haven’t had the chance to explore all cultures and people. But I love the fact that people are so friendly and open-minded and always raring to explore new things,” he says.Tieck says the key to satisfying any customer is by delivering quality food: “It’s actually easy for Indians as above everything they simply want to eat good food. As long as you are giving them lip-smacking delicacies, they will be always satisfied. Though generally, I believe that food should be authentic and representative of its origin, but of course I would never refuse a request from our guests to spice up the risotto in our Italian Restaurant Bene, if that suits their palette. As a matter of fact, even though our guests liked the idea and the presentation of authentic foreign food, but in my experience people prefer the traditional way of serving it.”Rieck has introduced Indians to many German delights: “We did a very nice authentic Oktoberfest last year in our all day dining restaurant Feast which worked very well with the guests. In addition, in our buffet menu you will find one or the other German style salad. Also our breads have a German twist with pretzels for dinner.”He finds that Indian customers are attentive to detail, and also value conscious, which is similar to his home country, Germany. He enjoys working with his cooking team and learning something new from them each day. “That’s the beauty of my job. So far nobody has denied sharing their knowledge with me, and this is not something you find in every country.”Though Bela can’t single out a particular thing will he take back from India, he is falling in love with the variety in Indian food and its concoction of spices. “I simply love Indian food. I find the taste, the mixture of spices and the variety of all the different flavors very exciting, but I guess you love it or you don’t like it, there is not much in between. I once created a fusion named chicken tikka Yorkshire pudding and served it with Dal Makhani, which was quite exciting. Moreover, I love palak paneer and can enjoy a nice piece of tandoori chicken, wrapped in hot naan bread any day.” Related Itemslast_img read more

What’s App Doc

first_imgWhen you fall ill or want to seek medical advice, who do you turn to? Your family doctor or the neighborhood medico, of course. But, now social media offer another possibility.As more Indians join social media platforms, WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook, among others, are helping to reach out to patients, guide them for treatments, provide counseling post-surgery and create close-knit support communities.“We are frequently using WhatsApp, Skype and Viber to reach out to patients. Currently, we have over 180 patients connected via WhatsApp and over 30 through Skype who are receiving online rehabilitation training,” says Dr H.S. Chhabra, medical director and chief of spine service at the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre in New Delhi.At present, there are 143 million social media users in India, including 25 million in rural India. By 2020, India will have at least 1.4 billion mobile subscribers, according to a latest report by Swedish communication technology and services provider Ericsson.The medical trend has been catching up fast with the Indian health providers. Take the case of Anil Kalra (name changed), 27, who was diagnosed with a severe spinal cord injury in December 2012. After the surgery at the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, he underwent rehabilitation for four months.While recovering, doctors provided him health tips post-surgery via skype for 45 minutes daily for six weeks. After the online counseling period, Kalra is a happy man now. “Kalra’s case demonstrates the importance of internet and social media platforms,” Dr Chhabra said.Dr Archana Dhawan Bajaj, gynecologist and obstetrician at New Delhi-based Nurture IVF Centre, has been using social media platforms for patients’ benefit.“I use Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube to have a constructive dialogue with my patients. Social media is enabling collaborations in the context of health care which is essential in promoting awareness via sharing testimonies, providing support and advocating best health practices,” Dr Bajaj said.The power of social networking in medicine should not be underestimated. “Many patients are joining us via social media. Many of them have received key knowledge about their ailments and possible treatments on Facebook and WhatsApp,” says Dr S.S. Sibia, medical director at the Sibia Medical Centre in Ludhiana that is famous for non-invasive treatments for various diseases.This has saved many lives, he adds.At Max Super Speciality Hospitals in New Delhi, WhatsApp has connected several breast cancer patients with specialists who are available for counseling round the clock.“We have radiation oncologists and onco-surgery specialists on the WhatsApp group. So if a patient posts a query, whichever expert is available to answer at that time, addresses the query,” said Dr Anupama Hooda, director (medical oncology) at Max Hospitals.At times, patients share general health tips, anecdotes and organise activities like yoga with group members.“We have more than 75 active members on WhatsApp and are strict about the content being posted. It is not an entertainment group — it’s only for support purposes,” Dr Hooda stresses.In a recent survey involving 2,250 people in the US, nearly 57 percent said they were interested in using Facebook and e-mails to reach out to doctors for managing health better.Nearly 46 percent of patients wanted to use e-mail to track their health progress, said the survey from Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health, published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.“We do use social media to counsel our patients and take queries from post-surgery long-distance patients to resolve their concerns,” comments Dr Deep Goel, director (department of bariatric and gastrointestinal onco-surgeon) at BLK Super Specialty Hospital.“We also have a WhatsApp group of our bariatric patients who remain in touch with surgeons and dietitians,” he informs.Social media’s use in health care is limited in India, though.“Social media can be a double-edge sword for health experts because communication over e-mails and instant massaging may not provide the complete profile of the patient,” Dr Hooda says.“Drug prescription and final diagnosis should be done only after a through physical examination,” Dr Goel added.Social media, however, is a great platform to understand the epidemiology of diseases.Moreover, social media can play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between doctor and patients.Facebook and Twitter can play a major role in mending the increasing distrust between the patients and their doctors, say experts.According to Dr Samir Parikh, director (mental health and behavioural science) at Fortis Hospitals, social media is helping provide emotional and practical resources to patients and creating awareness about other health-related issues.“Social media is also breaking stereotypes, giving lifestyle and health tips, facilitating behaviour changes and, ultimately, helping people lead healthier and safer lives,” Dr Parikh says. Related Itemslast_img read more

An Indian Court Ordered a Temple to Admit Women. So Far, It Hasn’t.

first_imgBefore Hindus can climb the 18 golden steps leading to the Sabarimala Temple, a centuries-old hillside shrine in southern India, there are customs to observe.Devotees fast for 41 days, avoiding alcohol and tobacco. They prepare bundles of goods to be tied to their heads, filling pouches with jaggery, flattened rice and turmeric powder. And they observe a ban on women of childbearing age from visiting because the shrine’s deity, Lord Ayyappa, is celibate.Last month, after India’s Supreme Court struck down that ban, furious protests burst the calm surroundings at the Sabarimala Temple, located in a forested patch of the state of Kerala.When the temple reopened for six days Wednesday, for the first time since the court’s decision, the pilgrimage path became a kind of conflict zone, pitting traditionalists against police officers who vowed to enforce the law and protect any woman who wished to visit.At least 12 women attempted the journey. Each was met with a mob that variously shouted in her face, pummeled the police, set vehicles on fire, hurled rocks and blocked the steep, 3-mile trail leading to the temple by lying on its slippery stones. All of the women were forced to turn back. One was so overwhelmed that she fainted.Now, with the temple closed again for about two weeks before its peak season starts, officials are scrambling to figure out what to do. On Tuesday, India’s Supreme Court announced that it would hear petitions next month challenging its ruling. The court did not elaborate; some lawyers said it was too early to say whether the justices had been swayed by the protests but that a reversal of the ruling seemed unlikely.For now, Krishna Kumar, a commanding officer posted near the temple, said the focus was on law and order. He gave a dry laugh when asked if the police were ready for November’s reopening. The annual event is often compared to the rush at Mecca, and a crush of millions of pilgrims can clog the trail for hours.“This is a huge problem,” Kumar said, “a very huge challenge for the police.”It is not unusual for Indian court rulings to go unenforced, particularly in remote rural areas. The Supreme Court put that to the test with its September ruling, which overturned a 1991 decision by the High Court of the state of Kerala that banned menstruating women — defined as girls or women between the ages of 10 and 50 — from visiting the temple.Advocates of the ban argued that it should be respected because it had been in effect for so long and that the temple’s celibate deity had constitutional rights. But in a 4-1 decision, the court disagreed. “Religion cannot become a cover to exclude and to deny the right of every woman to find fulfillment in worship,” judge Dhananjaya Y. Chandrachud wrote in his opinion.Almost immediately, thousands of protesters who disagreed marched in Kerala, threatening violent repercussions for women who tried to visit the temple.Bhakti Pasrija Sethi, a lawyer who was involved in challenging the ban, said she was baffled by the backlash, saying the dismantling of exclusionary rules in other places of worship, like the Haji Ali, a mosque and tomb in Mumbai, or temples in west central India, were not met with the same level of vitriol.In any case, she said, there was evidence that women had peacefully visited the Sabarimala Temple decades ago for rice-feeding ceremonies, which mark a baby’s first intake of solid foods. Other temples dedicated to Lord Ayyappa also allow women to enter, she said.“They are giving superstition the cover of religion,” Sethi said of the protesters. “What they are doing is not religion. The Hindu religion is not teaching you violence.”Kerala’s chief minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, attributed much of the chaos to members of fringe Hindu groups disguising themselves as pilgrims and then “spreading terror.” Kerala is run by a coalition of communist parties; opposition politicians in the state have warned the police not to use force against protesters and argued that India’s central government, which is led by a party with Hindu nationalist roots, should take over security at the temple.Initially, the police encouraged women to visit. When a female journalist for The New York Times tried to climb up the path Thursday, several officers went before her, insisting that it was safe to continue even as the mob began throwing stones. She was struck on the shoulder but was not injured.As the security situation grew more intense, the government seemed to waver on enforcing the court’s ruling. On Friday, two women, Rehana Fathima, a social activist, and Kavitha Jakkal, a journalist, began climbing the trail in helmets and shoulder pads, escorted by about 100 police officers in riot gear.As they crested the hill, becoming the only women yet to make it that far, a police officer said there was news: The Kerala government had called to say it was not particularly pleased with the situation.Kadakampally Surendran, an official with the state Devaswom, a religious trust that helps manage temples, told reporters in Kerala’s capital, Thiruvananthapuram, that the authorities could not allow the shrine to become a place where “activists can come and showcase their power.”Fathima said she was not there for activism, but Sunil Arumanoor, a public relations officer with the temple, called her “publicity hungry.” He said those who visited the temple specifically to make a point would be turned away. “This temple belongs to true devotees,” he said in an interview.After Fathima and Jakkal reached the temple’s entrance, a crowd of protesters blocked their way. The temple’s priest warned that he would lock the doors if the women proceeded. They turned back.Since then, several more women have tried their luck, but the obstacles seemed to pile up. On Saturday, when an advocate for the rights of Dalit people told the police she wanted to go, they discouraged her from doing so because of the heavy rains, and they subjected her to a background check. Others were so badly harassed by protesters that they did not even make it to the trail.By Monday evening, when the temple complex shut, the message, at least for the moment, seemed clear: The Supreme Court’s ruling had no bearing there.“History not made,” read a headline on NDTV, an Indian news channel.Suhasini Raj contributed reporting.c.2018 New York Times News Service Related Itemslast_img read more

Why IITs, IIMs Are Reaching Out to Indian Diaspora

first_imgThe new IITs and IIMs are reaching out to the Indian diaspora in a bid to connect  with candidates that can work as faculty, to find universities to collaborate with, and meet other needs of the institution such as project funding. Institutions like IIT Gandhinagar, IIT Hyderabad and IIT Ropar are reaching out to a significant number of Non-Resident Indians in countries like the UK, Canada, the US, Singapore and Australia. These institutions are looking for ways to build brand equity in these foreign locales, besides increasing their reach.“We don’t have an alumni base as strong as the older Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) but you cannot wait for 40 years to reap that benefit… so you must innovate and reach out to new constituents,” Sarit K Das, director of IIT Ropar in Punjab, said, according to Mint. “Indian diaspora can be (almost practically) your alumni base. What alumni do for older institutions, diaspora can do it for you.”This move is also seen as a way for the newer institutions to counter poor placement records and garner attention from companies to recruit students.The benefitsSudhir Jain, director of IIT Gandhinagar, told the publication that he got good support from the diaspora — particularly in the US and Japan, and that several tie-ups for students’ research and recruitment happen because of NRIs.“In the last few years, we have received endowments worth Rs 30 crore, and a sizable portion of them are from the diaspora community. As we engage with them more, we believe more will follow,” he said.Without the baggage that the older institutions carry, the newer institutions can opt for fresher strategies. Harivansh Chaturvedi, alternate president of Education Promotion Society of India, a federation of education providers, pointed out how India is a leading recipient of remittances from NRIs. Top institutes like the IIMs and IITs should definitely target them for some contribution, he feels. India received about $62.7 billion worth of remittances in 2016, according to World Bank data.International standingThe idea behind the outreach programme is to see where Indian universities stand in international rankings as well. “We have found that in international ranking, there is perception about these institutes. So many times, real quality does not reflect in ranking,” Union Human Resource Development minister Prakash Javadekar said, the Telegraph reported. “To address that, we have decided to implement outreach programmes with the alumni Indian diaspora for their active participation and have more foreign students, foreign faculty and exchanges with foreign countries. All these will help in creating the right perception about the Indian institutes and then we will get the right place in international ranking too.”However, the move has raised a few eyebrows. Critics say that there isn’t going to be much of an impact. The diaspora, critics claim, have gotten subsidized education at these prestigious institutes by paying only Rs 90,000 per year when it costs about Rs 3.4 lakh to the government.Then, critics say, they abandoned the motherland and are not even a significant part of the total foreign direct investment. Argues a Scroll piece, “A report in the Economic Times shows that out of the total remittances of $70 billion to India, the remittances from IITians who go to developed countries is much lower than the remittances from the Middle East to the state of Kerala. Most of the Malayalis in the Gulf are blue-collar workers, not IIT engineers.”However, another report published in Economic Times counters the general perception of critics by highlighting that not even 200 of the approximate 10,000 students from different IITs in India went abroad for work last year. Related Itemsforeign faculty Indian institutesIIMIIM alumniIITIIT alumniIIT GandhinagarIIT RoparIIT-IIM NRIsIndian DiasporaLittle IndiaNRIsuniversity collaborationlast_img read more

Trump Interviews Indian American Neomi Rao to Replace Kavanaugh in DC Court

first_imgPresident Donald Trump has interviewed Neomi Jehangir Rao, an Indian-American woman, to replace Brett Kavanaugh in the District of Columbia Circuit Court, considered the second most powerful court in the country after the Supreme Court, an American news website said.Axios said in its report that 45-year old Rao is currently serving as the Administrator at the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) under Office of Management and Budget. Her name was recommended by Don McGahn, who was White House Counsel from the start of Trump administration till Oct.17 this year.It also cites sources as saying that Trump wanted to nominate “a minority woman and somebody who could be a feeder of Supreme Court” and thus decided to interview Rao. However, two sources told the website that Trump was not much impressed after meeting Rao.The Axios reporter also claims to have an inside information from his source, who is close to Trump that “it seemed like he (Trump) was reconsidering his initial judgment of Rao and may still pick her.”Brett Kavanaugh, who is embroiled in sexual misconduct controversy is serving as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States since Oct.6, 2018. Prior to taking the oath of this position, he was serving as a Circuit Judge at D.C. Circuit Court, another reputed position in American judicial circles.The post in D.C. Circuit court has been vacant since his departure. President Trump has been interviewing people to find a suitable candidate for the Judgeship.Rao is seen as a suitable candidate by many as she brings with her extensive experience of the law field and has a good reputation among many key Democrats.“Prior to joining the Law School, Administrator Rao served in all three branches of government. She served as Associate Counsel and Special Assistant to President George W. Bush. Administrator Rao also served as counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary, where she was responsible for judicial nominations and constitutional law issues,” according to White House website.Rao, who has received her JD with high honors from the University of Chicago and her BA from Yale University, had clerked for Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit and for Justice Clarence Thomas on the U.S. Supreme Court. She also practiced public international law and commercial arbitration at London office of Clifford Chance LLP, reported NDTV.Her mother Zerin Rao and father Jehangir Narioshang Rao, both are Parsi Indians and physicians by profession. However, Neomi grew up in Michigan, a midwestern U.S. state. Related Itemslast_img read more

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first_imgSena nominates Sanjay Raut for RS electionMumbai, May 17 (PTI) Shiv Sena today nominated its leader Sanjay Raut as a candidate for the Rajya Sabha election, for the third consecutive term, slated for June 11.Sena ministers in the BJP-led government in Maharashtra, Subhash Desai and Diwakar Raote will be the partys nominees for the Legislative Council elections scheduled on June 10, the party announced here.Raut has been a party MP for two consecutive terms and his current term ends on July 4, 2016.In Maharashtra, six RS seats are up for grabs while there are 10 vacancies in the Legislative Council.Besides Raut, the other retiring Rajya Sabha MPs from Maharashtra are Ishwarlal Jain and Praful Patel (NCP), Vijay Darda and Avinash Pande (Congress), and Union minister Piyush Goyal (BJP).The biennial elections to 57 seats in Rajya Sabha are necessitated as 55 members from 15 states are retiring between June and August.As per the arithmetic, the BJP and Shiv Sena have a chance to wrest at least one seat each from Congress and NCP given their present strength in the Legislative Assembly.The number of votes required to win election by a candidate is pegged at 42.However, considering their strength in the Lower House, it seems unlikely that Congress or NCP will field more than one candidate.The combined strength of Sena (63) and BJP (122) in the House is 185 while that of Congress and NCP at 42 and 41, respectively.Rajya Sabha polls are held through open ballot wherein the members of the Legislative Assembly (excluding nominated MLA) have to display the preference of voting to the party whip.advertisementThe elections to 10 seats of Maharashtra Legislative Council will be held on June 10, in which, as per the given scenario, five seats are expected to be won by BJP, three by Congress and NCP collectively, and two by Shiv Sena. PTI MM NSK TIR TIRlast_img read more

How to Evoke Emotion on Your Landing Pages (Without Going Overboard)

first_imgEmotion is a major force in online sales. As much as we tend to disparage “emotion” in purchasing decisions, the fact is everyone thinks and makes choices based on emotion.We can’t prevent this. Emotional decision-making is hardwired into our brain’s functionality. In fact, without guidance from our emotions, decision-making would be nearly impossible.Not only is it appropriate to use emotion in your landing page, but it’s essential for the decision-making process. That being said, you don’t want to go overboard. In this post, I want to show you is how you can use emotion in the most effective way in your landing pages.Know your audience’s emotional needs.The first step to using emotion in a landing page is discovering the emotions that will make a difference in your audience’s actions (assuming that you already know who your customers are). Every purchase and conversion is a driven by the customer’s emotional need.If you are selling arthritis relief cream, your customer’s emotional needs are for relief.If you are providing consulting services for office organization, then your customer’s emotional needs are for control or stress relief.If you design outdoor living spaces, then your customers want relaxation or enjoyment or respect from their neighbors.There are a basic set of human needs and desires. All you need to do is identify which of these emotional needs your customers have. Then, you use the techniques described below to tap into those emotional needs on your landing pages.Use images of people.As a general rule, pictures have the most power in affecting emotion. But what types of pictures are the most emotionally powerful?Pictures of people. We are drawn to such pictures because we can identify with the person in the picture. We see emotion in their eyes and in their faces and in their body language. In a way that is both immediate and unavoidable, our emotions are affected by what we see.Image from reddit. Landing pages that use pictures of people can affect the emotions, too — perhaps not in a tear-jerking way, but at least in such a way that the user will feel something. And because of that feeling, they decide to convert.Pictures of people are remarkably effective. Usually, these people are expressing an emotion that the user is supposed to feel.eHarmony uses a picture of two people who are obviously in love. The user, looking at this picture, may also feel the pangs of romantic emotions, and then want to look for a match.Evernote’s landing page pictures a woman who looks confident, organized, and in control. These are emotions that Evernote users-to-be may want to feel, too.This isn’t just some psychological gimmick. Humans tend to mirror one another’s attitudes and actions. When you look at images of someone who is exhibiting a certain emotion, you will experience that same emotion to some extent, too.Use colors that cause the right emotion.Color plays a major role in our emotions. Over 20 years ago, studies found that children with violent tendencies will relax and calm down when placed in a pink room. Hospital researchers have discovered that replacing blue-tinted lighting with gold-tinted lighting makes medical staff feel soothed. More recently, researchers have also found that creative inspiration comes more often to people who work in rooms that are painted blue.Color affects our attitudes, emotions, and actions. It’s most powerful effect, however, is on the emotions, which in turn affect our actions. Conversioner’s color wheel outlines some of the ways in which we are affected by the colors we see.Image from Conversioner.comI’ve strategically selected an orange color scheme on part of my site’s landing page. It’s an upbeat, attention-grabbing color. I’m looking to partner with optimistic visionaries, and this color is exactly what I need.You’ll improve the emotional connectedness of your landing pages if you use a color scheme that brings out the emotion that you want your users to experience.Focus on benefits to provide gratification.Users want benefits. They already know what they need, how much it’s going to cost, and where to find it. What will tip the scales in their decision? It’s the benefits of the product or service that you are selling.To be emotionally effective, landing pages should be benefit-heavy and solution-light. Mention the solution only to inform users about what product or service you are selling. Focus on the benefits in order to connect most directly with their emotions.Listing benefits is exactly what Pampers does in their diaper landing page. They give you a whole list of benefits. Notice how the language itself has emotional overtones — “comfort,” and “protection.” Every child’s caregiver wants her child to be comforted and protected. These words, loaded with emotion, will help encourage a conversion.Remind users of the pain to cause emotional avoidance.Pain and emotion are closely connected. They share a common brain processing center, the cingulate cortex, and work in conjunction to tell the body how to behave in response.We tend to respond to pain and pleasure with a far greater amount of emotional involvement than we do, say, to a more “objective” or non-urgent decision, such as whether to go to Olive Garden or Carrabba’s for dinner.Pain demands immediate alleviation.I need to go to the bathroomI’m going to have this babyI need to find a more comfortable chairI need to get the spiders out of my houseI need to get a more reliable vehicleHere’s the thing about pain, though. Someone doesn’t have to feel the pain to experience the same urgency or sensitive response. They only need to be reminded of the pain in a subtle way. When they feel that pain or are reminded of it, they are more likely to act and to convert. Since we’re talking about Carrabba’s, let’s see if they use pain in their landing page. They do — it’s a subtle and understated example of what a might pain reminder might be. In this page, they simply show a picture of food. This, however, may signal my pain receptors to the fact that I am hungry and need satiation.LifeLock wants their users to feel a little bit of the fear of losing their identity, so they subtly introduce this pain into their landing page. And here’s another. InsureMyTrip uses the term “worry-free.” Even words with a negative emotional response can be used in such a way that makes them appealing, and serves the goal of the landing page.Words have emotional power. Choose them carefully, and use them wisely.ConclusionDon’t miss the importance of emotion. Jim Joseph, a contributor to Entrepreneur, wrote “A very important element to marketing that too many entrepreneurs overlook is finding your emotional benefit.”Emotion is too powerful to overlook. Emotion underlies everything we do. You users need to not only see and understand what you are providing, but they need to feel it, too. Those feelings are what will cause them to convert.How do you use emotion in your landing pages? Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Don’t simply present the user with pain. Show them the pain, then present your product or service as the solution to that pain.Use emotionally loaded words.Specific words have emotional power. Using emotional words brings out the emotional power in your landing page.Here’s how to use emotionally loaded words. Simply identify the emotion that you are targeting, then use words that elicit those emotions. This list of emotional words from will help you identify the right words.It’s important not to overdo it with emotional words. As powerful as they may be, they lose power with overuse.Here’s an example of not overdoing it. This landing page for Aruba vacations uses the word “happy,” a clear emotional marker that is designed to elicit a response: Originally published Dec 4, 2014 8:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017 Topics: Emotion in Marketinglast_img read more

How 6 Little-Known Athletic Brands Are Changing the Face of Fitness

first_img Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Marketing Case Studies Topics: 2) Outdoor VoicesChanging the fitness narrative.This indie fitness apparel brand is poised to dethrone long-reigning powerhouse Lululemon as the dominant force in the $100 billion athleisure space. Founded by a 27-year old graduate of Parsons The New School for Design, Outdoor Voices sets itself apart in a crowded market by focusing on accessibility above all else. While other fitness brands preach a credo of high-performance workouts and no excuses, Outdoor Voices stands behind a much more attainable motto: “Doing things is better than not doing things.”The casual, authentic approach to working out shines through in its advertising. The brand’s first campaign was a simple Instagram hashtag — #DoingThings — that invited users to highlight the ways that physical activity is naturally woven into their day-to-day routines. The campaign’s approachable sentiment resonated with young consumers and led ultimately to the inaugural Doing Things Day, a fundraiser to fight childhood obesity.The brand’s blog also manages to champion the accessible side of fitness, featuring posts about light and social exercise ideas, such as how to play frisbee and stretches you can do at the office.Image Credit: Outdoor Voices3) BandierMaking brick-and-mortar worth the trip.A three-story, 10,000-square-foot space might seem a bit ambitious for a startup fitness apparel boutique, but there’s a catch: Bandier only uses one floor to actually sell its high-end merchandise. The rest of the multi-use space is devoted to lounges, music, events, and food. The top floor even hosts a fitness studio, offering a wide selection of playfully named classes — like “New York Pilates” and “Yoga for Bad People.” Converting traditional brick-and-mortar spaces into multi-purpose venues for social events and other activities is a growing trend among retailers. When people have the option to shop online, it takes considerably more effort to get them off the couch and through the doors of a flagship store.But Bandier’s expansion into a hybrid retail and event space is unique for its industry. The athletic apparel space might be a booming market, but the vast majority of brands are adhering to a digital-first ecommerce business model, avoiding permanent storefronts altogether. “We don’t have competition in the format that we are in,” said Neil Boyarsky, one of the stores’s founding partners. “Other companies sell activewear online, but they don’t have brick and mortar.”The risky business model has paid off. Bandier already has multiple locations in the U.S. and is looking to expand into Europe. Image Credit: Racked NY4) Kit and AceRedefining fitness apparel for luxury consumers.Founded by the former head designer of Lululemon and her son, Kit and Ace has carved out a uncommon niche for itself as the athleisure brand for the luxury market. While other fitness brands are immediately recognizable for their flashy patterns and neon color schemes, Kit and Ace has positioned itself as the grown-up antidote. Its subdued palette and classic tailoring is more reminiscent of Banana Republic than Nike, enabling the brand to comfortably straddle the line between fashion week and yoga class.So what actually makes its clothing athletic apparel? It’s all in the materials. Namely, its signature “technical cashmere”: a stretchy fabric made from synthetic materials and a hint of real cashmere sourced from mountain goats.More important than the fabric itself — which is flying off the shelves — is the way they market it. Cashmere isn’t the main component of “technical cashmere”, but adding it to the name certainly screams high-end. And its not stopping at that; the brand is perfecting a stretchy athletic silk-based material as well: “technical silk”.By giving an athletic update to traditional luxury fabrics, Kit and Ace has been able to break into the upper echelons of the fashion universe — a place no athleisure brand has been before.Image Credit: Christopher Deagle5) EVEN HotelsAdapting to a powerful demographic.IGH hotel group saw a gap in the travel market for health and fitness-centric hotels, and it  decided to fill it. EVEN Hotels presents travelers with an appealing alternative to the typical gluttonous breakfast buffets and crowded leisure pools of most hotel chains. Health-conscious travelers can expect world-class fitness centers, standing work stations, high-end spas, and a carefully curated menu of healthy food options — complete with small dessert portions (because even health nuts enjoy some balance).As part of its marketing plan to make a big impression on the wellness industry, the brand launched Wellwellwell by EVEN Hotels, a hub for articles on how to remain healthy while traveling. The initiative has allowed EVEN Hotels to capture thought leadership real estate in the coveted health junkie space. Articles such as The Best Restaurants for Vegan Travelers and Secrets to Staying Fit During Wedding Season deeply resonate with its target demographic.EVEN Hotels is a perfect example of how the fitness craze doesn’t stop at the gym or even with gym clothes. The wellness industry commands significant consumer power, and other industries can benefit from catering to the health-conscious.Image Credit: EVEN Hotels6) LarkDeveloping an accessible and personal approach to wellness.What if you could carry a health coach around in your pocket? Lark is just that: an app designed to monitor your movement, ask about your meals, and help you be healthier through friendly, natural conversations. For example, if you tell Lark that you ate “bacon and eggs” for breakfast, the bot will kindly remind you, “That’s the third time this week you’ve had bacon,” and offer up some better alternatives. It’s all about changing behavior patterns. “The interface of empathetic coaching and chatting, having a conversation with people, is a big part of that,” explained CEO and co-founder Julia Hu.The App Store has no shortage of fitness apps, so what really sets Lark apart? It takes a more holistic approach to health, forgoing the tedious calorie and mile trackers of other fitness apps in favor of personalized recommendations and positive reinforcement. Lark knows when you’ve been stationary for too long and encourages you to get up and go for a quick walk. It monitors your sleep patterns and knows when you might need to clock in a few more hours. Most impressively, it acknowledges when you make progress, cheering you on for the extra mile or when you reach for an apple instead of chips.Lark’s human touch comes from real health coaches. “We basically cloned tens of thousands of conversations and interventions that these health experts knew would be effective in helping people get more active and eat healthier and sleep better,” Hu said.Image Credit: LarkFeatured image credit: Outdoor Voicescenter_img When every new knick-knack on the block is labeled “disruptive” within an hour of its launch, how do we know if something actually breaks new ground?The fitness industry is a perfect case study for real innovation. Estimated to be the next trillion dollar market, it’s proof that people are more than willing to shell out for pricey equipment, clothing, apps, and tech to improve their workouts and health. But even among constant giants such as Nike and Weight Watchers, people are always looking for the next big thing to emerge.These six little-known fitness brands are each redefining the fitness space with their business models and advertising tactics. Their ability to carve out lucrative niches in a crowded market is impressive, and any business looking to re-vamp their image should take note.6 Innovative Fitness Brands1) PelotonUsing tech to revitalize studio fitness.This tech-driven cycling startup offers fitness aficionados and amateurs alike an at-home alternative to SoulCycle’s studio classes. Cycling workouts are streamed live from the company’s New York studio, and anyone with Peloton’s touch screen-equipped stationary bike can tune into the action.While the adrenaline rush is surely a powerful lure for riders to keep on peddling through multiple classes, the brand wants to make the social element addictive. Currently, users can follow each other’s remote workout activity streams and share their progress on Facebook. But they want to take it a step further. The company’s Vice President of Community Jayvee Nava has been working to cultivate a sustainable community on Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube to get Peloton’s 12,000 riders more socially invested. “The group fitness experience needs people to feel that community part,” Nava explained to Fast Company.It seems to be working so far. Peloton has developed an undeniable cult following, and its new CMO Lori Marcus thinks the biggest challenge for the company has been clearly communicating to the public what they actually do. To remedy this, Peloton recently enlisted the help of agency Partners & Spade to spin up a “comprehensive brand refresh” in the form of print and TV ads aimed at educating consumers. Originally published Aug 15, 2016 5:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017last_img read more

The 8 Best Startup Logos From Shark Tank, and Why They Work

first_img7) TranquiloThe pitch: The Tranquilo Mat is a portable vibrating mat that soothes baby in the crib, stroller, or on the go! The mat helps baby transition from a mother’s womb to the world during the “fourth trimester” after birth.The logotype is an expressive and playful script that embodies the feel-good of the soothing mat. The friendly curves of the hand-scripted font and the light green color create an approachable and optimistic vibe. Slogans & Taglines If you’re a young startup just beginning to find your footing in the business world, having a quality, professional-looking logo can help you look great in front of potential investors and clearly establish what your brand stands for.Designing a logo that is simple enough to be absorbed and understood quickly, but still conveys the many meanings a brand might depend on is not an easy task. Generating creative logo ideas can be very time-consuming.On ABC’s Shark Tank, companies only have a few minutes to pitch their business to the panel of investors, which means their logo needs to say a lot about what kind of business they are.Download Now: Free Brand Building GuideI’ve examined 96 companies from Shark Tank, Season 8 (check the full list here) and selected the best Shark Tank logos, explaining in-depth why each logo works and which design elements make it great.The process of designing a logo requires an enormous amount of patience and an obsession with getting it right. So whether you’re a designer looking for some inspiration or an entrepreneur looking for logo design ideas for your business — you’re in the right place! Check out my analysis of the logos below to inspire your own design.8 Best Shark Tank LogosToymailEdnVibesLaidBrandRinseKitChirpsTranquiloBiemHow do you judge a logo? 2) Edn The pitch: Edn is a seed pod to grow your tiny garden indoor. Now anyone can master growing herbs, vegetables and flowers within the comfort of their home. The Small Garden’s soil-free technology takes care of your plants, so you don’t need to. The seed pods are dirt-free, so there’s no mess to clean up.The wordmark feels very light and clean. The line over the “e” adds some character to it and marks the accent. The turquoise color adds a sense of nature and an organic feel to this slim and elegant typography. I have judged all the Shark Tank logos by the following five criteria:Simplicity: Is the design simple and clean enough to be flexible and easily recognizable? Is it not too busy, distracting, or confusing?Memorability: Is it quickly recognizable? Is it clever? Will people only have to spend a second or two thinking about it to get it?Timelessness: Will it still be a great logo in 10, 20, or even 50 years?Versatility: Does it scale to different sizes without losing quality or clarity? Will it work across various media and within different contexts?Appropriateness: Does it resonate with the desired audience and industry of the business? 4) LaidBrandThe pitch:  LaidBrand is a pheromone-enriched hair care. Pheromones are naturally occurring chemicals in humans, and to put it simply without getting too technical, pheromones trigger responses. Whether you are trying to attract a mate or just exude that extra boost of confidence, pheromones play a huge part in achieving those desires.The new wordmark is quite elegant and striking and the characteristic cuts on both sides add some sexy touch to it. There’s a great harmony between the cuts and the middle “A” letters. Overall, a great logo that sets a strong tone and makes it feel like something completely different. Don’t forget to share this post! 5) RinseKit The pitch: RinseKit is the only portable shower to have the pressure of a garden hose without pumping or batteries. With up to 4 minutes of spray time, RinseKit’s 2 gallon system holds pressure for over a month.Overall, this is a very bold and dynamic logo. I like the underline that symbolizes a stream of water. Very confident, flat design with a special treatment that makes it look unique. It’s a complete conceptual and graphic solution. A good logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic, simple in form, and conveys an intended message. The most successful companies continue to say:Simpler is better.And these companies definitely made the right hiring decision, whether they hired an independent design or a design agency, their logos came out well executed.I’m going to judge these Shark Tank logos only in terms of their pure visual aesthetics without discussing the whole identity system, and how these logos work on the applications like websites, stationery design etc.Simple ≠ EasyRemember that the simplest ideas often require many hours of tweaking design concepts. Simplicity is something that is achieved by eliminating unnecessary elements — going from a visual clutter to a visual essence.Principles of a Good Logo  The 8 Best Startup Logos from Shark Tank Season 81) Toymail The pitch: Toymail is a toy with hidden components inside that allow you to send a message to your kids. With just a push of a button, kids can connect to Mom, Dad, grandparents, or friends at any time, from anywhere. Parents use the Toymail app to send messages. Approve your child’s trusted circle through the Toymail app. The logo is attractive for its unique toy-contour and a modern geometric typeface. The icon and the wordmark use a one-weight line which sets a unified style. The bright pink color is appropriate for a toy-company. 6) Chirps The pitch: Chirps are chips made of bugs — crickets. When we first started Chirps, many people told us to hide the fact that our foods have bugs and just talk about the nutritional benefits. That’s not us. We started Chirps because we want people to know that bugs are delicious, nutritious, and sustainable.It is a crisp and bold icon that has a great presence. Very impressive logo. The subtle modifications to the “i” letter turn it into a bug which perfectly embodies the main ingredient: bugs. Originally published Nov 6, 2017 6:00:00 AM, updated November 06 2017 8) BiemThe pitch:  Biem is the handheld device that transforms a stick of real butter to a spray in seconds, making cooking, home entertaining, and baking infinitely easier.I like the concept of the “i” being a spray bottle with the spray beam coming out of it, which captures perfectly what it is about in a simple way. The beam is neither too big nor too small to serve as a graphic trigger for something memorable.Feature image credit: ABC 3) Vibes The pitch: Vibes are designed to enhance your live music experience. They lower decibel levels of your environment without sacrificing sound clarity. You hear true natural sound the way it was intended: clear, clean, controlled.The minimalist execution is perfectly calibrated with a sturdy sans serif, just the right amount of airy letter-spacing. The icon adopts the silhouette of the earplugs and highlights the first letter in a distinctive & unique way. Topics:last_img read more

The 61 Best Marketing Tools for Every Business & Budget [2019 Guide]

first_imgOther Video Tools:VidyardVimeoYouTubeContent Distribution and Brand AwarenessWhile it might seem like a given, when it comes to getting your content distributed online, there really is king that we’d be remiss if we’d different mention:I know, I know. Google isn’t “exactly” a new or a fascinating tool that you didn’t already know about. That said, within the same parent company is another important distribution channel that many marketers often forget when they’re strategically distributing content for the sake of brand awareness.YouTube is becoming more and more important to marketers lean more heavily on video-based content. While, of course, you should continue to optimize your text-based content for search engine optimization, don’t forget to consider YouTube as an important channel as well. Not only is YouTube great for hosting your videos and getting them shared across social networks, it’s also important to optimize your videos for search to get found on YouTube as well. Other Event Marketing Tools:PicaticFacebookAddEventInnovation and Efficiency ToolsIf you’re on the search for new marketing tools, chances are you’re not just looking for the hammer and the nail in your toolkit. Instead, you might be looking for new and innovative solutions to try out and experiment with in your marketing. Sound about right?As marketers, you’ve probably used forms — whether on your site or in a survey — more than a few times. But have you ever started to get bored with the same old, robotic form type?Typeform is the tool you need to try if you’re looking for new ways to interact with your prospects and customers while giving them a positive, human-centered experience. Typeform isn’t just another survey tool. It’s a conversational, interactive typeform that feels more interactive than a standard form. Use it to host survey content, lead forms, or even create content with it by putting together quizzes and more.Try Using Typeform in your Marketing Today CollaborationIn any marketing team, the inevitable happens: there’s a million files and pieces of content between everyone on your team without one place to keep it all. Organization on any team — let alone a marketing team — is essential. That’s why it’s important to have a collaborative organization tool to keep you sane.Dropbox is the perfect tool to keep your team organized and your files under control. With cloud-based software to keep your files accessible anywhere at anytime, Dropbox helps your team store all of its files in a central location. Dropbox makes it easy to collaborate, too. With tools like Dropbox Paper, which allows you to write and collaborate in real time on the same doc — and sharing tools for shared folders and files, you’ll be organized and ready for any project that comes your way. Get Dropbox for Your Team Now Eventbrite*Lynda.comVenngage* Other News and Timely Tools:FlipboardPocketYour choice of online news sources or magazinesLead GenerationIf you’re in the mood for demand generation, you probably have you eyes on the prize: converting anonymous website visitors into contacts with email addresses that you can successfully nurture. While landing pages are a must for some things, sometimes you want a shorter, simpler user experience to capture lead information.HubSpot’s free marketing tools can help do just that. The moment a lead shares their email, you’ll know who they are, where they work, and what pages they visited — all in real time. When they view an offer or check your pricing, you’ll be ready to follow up right away.And with simple but powerful analytics, you’ll learn more about what’s working and what’s not — like which traffic sources or pieces of content are driving the most conversions. It’s a risk-free way to find out what inbound marketing can do for you. No budget necessary.Try HubSpot’s Free Marketing Tools AhrefsIconosquareSkype* Facebook*Moz*Vidyard* Online AdvertisingIf your team is making investments into PPC ad campaigns on platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, it’s probably a bit of a hassle to manage all the different ad campaigns you’re running across each different network. Besides just managing them, you then have to try and report on the results of all of them. What a struggle. Luckily, there’s a tool for that.AdStage takes the hassle out reporting on all of the PPC campaigns you’re running and puts it all in one place. AdStage helps you automate, create, and manage your campaigns across all of the major PPC platforms, then allows you to report on your results. With visual features and powerful automation tools, AdStage is a must for PPC experts and newbies alike.Check out AdStage Google Analytics*Picatic* Adobe Spark*HubSpot Academy*Recordit* BoxJoin.Me*Trello* Other Project Management Tools:HubSpot Projects Tool (one of many tools in the HubSpot Marketing Platform)JIRAAsanaAirtableSearch Engine OptimizationWhether its keyword research, content optimization, or checking your current page rankings, every marketer needs a go-to tool for planning what content to create and how to optimize it for SEO. Google Analytics and SEMrush our great tools for planning which keywords to rank for, but how do you make sure the content you create actually meets your goal once it’s created?Ryte is the ideal tool marketers can use to make sure their SEO efforts are having a real impact on their marketing strategy.Check out Ryte now Other Content Creation Tools:VenngagePiktochartCanvaRecorditKapAdobe Color CCVideo MarketingIt’s 2017 — haven’t you heard? Video is the thing everyone is talking about. But how do you actually implement it into your marketing?Maybe your strategy is just to put a YouTube video embed on one of your blog posts or landing pages. But then what happens? Someone else’s ad plays on your landing page before your video even begins. That’s bad for your conversion rates, brand, and your user. Luckily, there’s a solution.Wistia is a powerful video hosting platform that allows you to host your videos on your website — ad free — with a guaranteed smooth playback and responsive player. Wistia also helps you prove the ROI of your video efforts by offering you video analytics and key metrics to fine-tune your video marketing efforts over time. Ready to take your video marketing to the next level?Try Wistia for Free Now Dropbox*LinkedIn*Unbounce Other Website Optimization Tools:HubSpot Website PlatformOptimizelyUnbounceGet the Full List of Tools* = Free Marketing ToolsWe’ve covered a lot of tools for every part of your job on this page. But sometimes, it’s just helpful to see the full list. Here is our list of the top 61 marketing tools you need to know about. You’ll see an asterisk (*) next to each free marketing tool that has either a free account with limited features or a select group of free functions within the product. Adobe Color CC*Hotjar*Product Hunt* Other Social Media Tools:BufferHootsuiteFacebookTwitterLinkedinHubSpot Social Inbox (one of many tools in the HubSpot Marketing Platform)Try HubSpot’s Social Media Tools for FreeTeam CommunicationWhere would your work day be without accessibility and communication between you and your colleagues? Probably pretty frustrating. Marketers can’t shy away from communication when it comes to aligning with team members and across the company, so having the right team communication tools is necessary every single day.I’d be given a lot of slack if I didn’t make the world aware of this tool.Slack is a powerful messaging app that allows you and your teammates to quickly message back and forth without the hassle of email. But it’s not just AOL instant messenger 2.0. Slack has powerful features and integrations that make it possible for you to integrate all of your other daily tools — like Trello, Gmail, Giphy, and so many more — right where you’re already communicating. You can start channels between different teams or just chat with specific colleagues. Slack makes remote and in-person work possible and easier than ever.Get Slack today. Seriously. Do it. Codecademy*LeadpagesUdemy* Don’t forget to share this post! Data ReportingMost tools that automate some of your marketing strategy will also provide reports that allow you to see and present your campaigns’ performance to other employees in your company. What if you want a more holistic look at the health of your marketing?From the efficiency of your content calendar to the effectiveness of your lead-generation methods, Digital Marketing Tuner offers a helpful overview of all of your latest marketing activities.Developed by OverGo Studio, an inbound marketing agency and HubSpot Agency Partner, Digital Marketing Tuner guides you through a brief survey where you can submit basic information about your company’s content volume, email open rates, website traffic, and more. The tool then sends you a detailed report in which you can better visualize your team’s strengths and weaknesses so you can make even better decisions for your company moving forward.Closing Deals and Tracking RelationshipsYou and your sales team want to sell your product or service — not fight with messy spreadsheets, cluttered inboxes, or clunky tools that slow you down. That’s why using a Customer Relationship Management System — also known as a CRM — is essential. Not only will it help your sales team manage relationships, but a CRM will also give you a place to deliver those leads you generated to your sales team.CRMs are such an essential part of any good marketing and sales team that we think everyone should have one. That’s why the HubSpot CRM is completely free.HubSpot CRM automates the tasks salespeople hate and takes minutes to learn — not months. That means doing more deals and less data entry.Check out the HubSpot CRM Now AddEventHootsuite*Piktochart* Other Online Advertising Tools:HubSpot Ads Add-OnPerfect AudienceGoogle AdsFacebookLinkedInAdRollProject ManagementFile management and organization is one thing, but how do you manage all of the moving pieces of a marketing campaign or project? There are many different tools you can use for project management, but only one sticks out when it comes to the number of integrations and features at the price of — oh yeah — free!Trello is a great project management tool for small teams and individuals. With it’s Kanban-style setup and fun user interface, Trello lets you set up to-do lists and tag individual cards with due dates, members, labels, and more. You can attach files, links, images, and more to your cards and easily get a full-view of any project that you’re working on. At HubSpot, we use Trello daily to manage our team campaigns and individual to-do lists. Want an example of how we do this? Check out our guide to managing marketing campaigns in Trello.Get Trello — It’s Free! Other SEO Tools:HubSpot Content Strategy ToolGoogle Analytics / Keyword ToolKeywords Everywhere Chrome ExtensionAhrefsSEMrushMozSocial MediaSocial Media Managers know the pain of posting that perfect social media post only to have a follower find a typo a minute later and call you out. For marketers, using a social media tool to schedule all of your posts (so you catch those typos beforehand) is a must. But it also helps to get the right analytics from your social posts, especially on channels where it can be hard to get that information.Iconosquare is the perfect tool for marketers to grow their brand on Instagram with easy-to-use analytics. It’s not always easy to know what’s working and what’s not on Instagram. But, as the second most popular social channel and one that’s quickly approaching first most popular among some age groups, it’s a channel that marketers can’t afford to miss out on. Try Iconosquare now to maximize your Instagram analytics and optimize your brand Instagram channel for success.Try Iconosquare Now Originally published Feb 17, 2019 9:17:00 PM, updated February 22 2019 Airtable*IFTTT*Slack* Canva*Keywords Everywhere*Typeform* Other Distribution and Brand Awareness Channels:FacebookTwitterLinkedinProduct HuntContinuing Education and LearningA challenge all marketers face is the need for continuous learning over time. With new tools and methods changing all the time, it’s essential to stay on top of the trends and changes. Luckily, there aren’t a shortage of tools and platforms for you to learn new tactics or techniques and take necessary classes.HubSpot Academy, for example, is a great place to go anytime you need to get up-to-date information on the latest marketing best practices, find answers to your questions, get certified in a new area of expertise, or renew certifications on subjects that you’re a little rusty on. Bookmark your HubSpot Academy portal today Flipboard*OnPage.orgVimeo* AdrollHubSpot CRM*SEMRush* Google Drive* General AssemblyOptimizelyWistia* Other Innovative Tools to Try:GiphyTodoistKeeping Up with the Latest Industry News ToolsReading this post alone won’t end your career-long pursuit for the latest tools, trends, and marketing techniques. That’s why keeping up with the latest industry news is a full part of your job as a marketer.Product Hunt, a tool meant for finding the latest tools and products, is a must for any marketer trying to stay on top of the industry and find new channels to promote their own product launches. Product Hunt is a daily feed of launched tools, letting people upvote what they think is interesting. Pro tip: when you sign up for Product Hunt, set it as your homescreen in your browser so you’ll always have a reminder to keep an eye out for what’s new. Who knows? You might even decide to use some of the featured tools yourself!Sign Up for Product Hunt Now In the world of marketing, it seems like there are always new tools, tips, tricks, and trends to discover and incorporate into your marketing strategy. How is it possible to keep up with them all?As a marketer myself, I often wish I had a better sense of all of the tools available to me — and what sets each of them apart — so I can make more informed decisions on how to create and optimize content.Luckily, I have the privilege of working on a team of 150+ other marketers who specialize in different functions than I do. And because of that, I was able to curate this list of the top 61 tools every marketer should know about and use in 2019.Access all of HubSpot’s free tools and training to grow your business, and your career.The list of recommended tools below is sorted into different sections so you can get a better sense of what tools are available for different functions of the job. At the end, you’ll see the whole list of 61 tools that you can skim and bookmark for later. Nearly 50 of them are free marketing tools, which means the product offers either a free version with limited resources or a select group of tools inside the product that are yours to use at no charge.Enjoy!Your List of the Best Marketing Tools to Build Your Strategy in 2019Marketing AutomationAutomation is nothing new to marketers. Whether you want to save time doing marketing tasks or simply cut time wasted doing those daily tasks like saving emails and files to spreadsheets, having a tool that makes your life easier and saves you time is ideal.While there are lots of automation tools out there for specific fields or verticals (for example, the HubSpot workflows tool for marketing automation), there aren’t many tools that allow you to automate the various different tools you use throughout all aspects of your life.Wouldn’t it be nice to link lots of tasks between different apps together? Like posting your Instagram photos to all your social networks or linking your app reminders together. With IFTTT you can!IFTTT (IF This Then That) is a service that allows you to create chains of simple conditional statements, called applets. These “if this then that” applets are triggered by a wide range of other web-based services at the choice of the user. Some of the web-based services that work with IFTTT include Gmail, Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter, Fitbit, and much, much more.Sounds great, right? Check it out. Google AdsPocket*Zoom* Digital Marketing Tuner* Lead NurturingIn the world of lead nurturing, the tools and techniques used are constantly involving. While some aspects of nurturing remain the same, like using email to nurture contacts down your funnel, for example, the content and positioning you use is ever-changing. It would be easy for us to introduce a set of standard workflow and automation tools (like HubSpot’s, for example) you can use to nurture your contacts down the funnel. But if you’re looking for something a little more innovative for actually creating nurturing content, we have a new tool for you to try.Vidyard is a great tool for creating and hosting awesome video content in your nurturing flows and otherwise. At HubSpot, for example, we’ve even started using Vidyard to create unique, customized nurturing videos specific to our audience and product. What makes Vidyard so great is its variety of video tools that you can use to create remarkable content.From Vidyard’s live feature to its studio content creation products to its free tool – ViewedIt — Vidyard is an excellent tool if you’re a marketer looking to jump on the video bandwagon and start integrating video into all of your content.Check out Vidyard Today Another tool to mention, though slightly different in purpose, is Shift. If you’re running multiple email account and multiple extensions and applications, this is a great way to organize everything.A cool part of Shift is that, in addition to compiling your email inboxes, it also allows you to manage other applications, such as HubSpot Sales, Grammarly, and Asana.Other Team Communication Tools:HipChatGoogle ChatJoin.MeZoomSkypeWebsite OptimizationAs marketers, sometimes it feels like we’re constantly making educated guesses about how our site visitors are going to interact with our content. While we might design a page to draw our user’s eye to a spot on a page, how do we ever really know where their focus is so that we can improve that experience?Hotjar is a new and easy way to truly understand what your web and mobile site visitors are looking at when they interact with your site. WIth its visual heatmap tools, you can understand what users want, care about, and interact with on your site. Hotjar visually represents visitors’ clicks, taps and scrolling behavior, giving you the ability to find hot areas for growth and conversion rate optimization.Convinced? Try Hotjar. It’s Free! Giphy*HipChat*YouTube* Other Collaboration Tools:Google DriveBoxTrelloContent CreationIn the world of content creation, there are admittedly tons of different tools you could use to create various types of content. Whether it’s social images, logos, blog posts, or ebooks — the options and tools are endless.That said, a newcomer among the Adobe Suite of tools is winning the hearts of many marketers, including this one, for its ease of use to create stunning webpages, awesome videos, and eye-catching graphics. The best part? It’s completely free and impossibly easy.Adobe Spark is a suite of three web or mobile apps – Spark Page, Spark Post, and Spark Video — that allows marketers to easily create graphics, webpages, and videos in a variety of themes in minutes.You can completely avoid the hassle of page layout, video editing knowledge, or a CMS and start creating content that looks remarkable immediately. For example, we use Spark Page at HubSpot to create some of our online guides and promote them with Spark Videos and Posts. You can too!Check out Adobe Spark AdstageHubSpot Marketing*Skillshare* Top 61 Tools Every Marketer Should Know About Buffer*Kap*Twitter* You’ve got all the tools you need, but are you looking for a place to start putting them all together? Check out our free marketing blueprint. It’ll walk you through creating your own marketing plan and teach you how to use all of these tools together. Other Ongoing Education and Learning Tools:Lynda.comUdemyCodecademySkillshareGeneral AssemblyDigitalMarketerConversion Rate Optimization (CRO)When it comes to your bottom-line goals, you probably want a few tools for not only attracting prospects to dedicated marketing campaigns, but just as importantly, converting those visitors into leads and customers. Thanks to a drag and drop interface, Unbounce lets you quickly build mobile responsive landing pages without developer assistance. The tool also integrates with a number of different CMS platforms and tools.With Unbounce Convertables, you can also launch targeted overlays on top of any web page, each with a dedicated call to action. Customizable triggers and targeting rules give you control over who sees your offers and when, so you can serve the most relevant offers to the right audience.Try Out Unbounce NowOther CRO Tools:HotjarOptimizelyLeadpagesHubSpot Landing Pages Tool (try it below)Build landing pages that convert visitors for free.Event MarketingWhether your team holds monthly customer and prospect events, yearly conferences, or just occasional community outreach parties and events, it’s important to have the best event marketing tool up your sleeve when the time comes to use it. After all, in-person events are some of the best ways to interact with potential customers and create a brand experience that prospects, customers, and your community will remember.Eventbrite is an efficient, easy-to-use tool tons of marketers rely on not only to manage the logistics (like ticketing) of events but also to promote their events. Eventbrite lets you create an event landing page and allows you to set up your ticketing and payment for the event all within the same platform. The best part? Eventbrite is always free if you’re hosting a free event!Check Out Eventbrite Now Asana*JIRATodoist*last_img read more

Jofra Archer an exciting talent but England have to manage his workload: Shoaib Akhtar

first_imgFormer Pakistan pacer Shoaib Akhtar has labelled England’s Jofra Archer as an exciting talent but believes that since the bowler can be prone to injury, his workload needs to be managed.”Archer is an exciting talent. He is strong but I believe he is the perfect candidate for being injury prone. With his action and speed, I believe he can have back injuries, so he needs to be preserved,” Akhtar said in a video posted on his official Youtube channel on Monday night.”My suggestion will be to play him in fewer matches, he should not bowl 27 overs in an innings. What he cannot do in 14 overs, he won’t be able to do it 27 overs,” he stressed.Archer, who hails from Barbados, was not picked up for the West Indies U-19 squad in 2014 and it was then that England’s all-rounder Chris Jordon asked him to think about a career in England.”After a long time, a lethal fast bowler has come into the scene. Chris Jordon brought him from Barbados and told him to play for England. There’s a contract within the England management that the player who does not abide by the team rules, then the ECB and management decides whether the player can come into the side or not,” Akhtar said.The 44-year-old Akhtar has been advocating the need for bowling bouncers to Australia’s Steven Smith to take him out of his comfort zone. Akhtar hailed Archer’s approach against Smith in the second test of the ongoing Ashes.advertisement”He is an express fast bowler. There’s just one way to dismantle Smith, that is to bowl bouncers. Smith has a habit of moving around the crease, so there was no way of curbing the batsman than bowling bouncers to him. Archer tested Smith by bowling at his upper body,” the former pacer said.”When Smith got hit on the elbow, he looked shaky. Then Archer hit him on the neck, Smith was visibly taken aback,” he pointed out.Smith received two blows on day four of the second Test match. First, he got struck on the elbow by Archer and soon after he received a hit on the neck by a bouncer from the pacer.Physios from both England and Australia attended Smith, but the batsman had to leave the park to undergo a concussion test. A while later, the batsman made his way back to the crease.But on day five, Cricket Australia released a statement that Smith had suffered a delayed concussion and as a result, the batsman was ruled out of day five of the Test. Marcus Labuschagne was named as the concussion substitute in place of Smith.Akhtar felt that Ashes can now take a turn with Archer’s inclusion into the England lineup. However, he also said that Archer should have gone up to Smith to check up on him after striking him with a bouncer.”I think Ashes will now take a turn. I believe fast bowlers should bowl with more intensity now. I thought Archer should have gone up to Smith to check up on him as Smith got hit very badly on the neck. Archer should have sympathised,” he said.Australia has a 1-0 lead in the Ashes and the team will take on England in the third Test at Headingley from August 22.Also Read | Kane Williamson rested, Tim Southee to lead New Zealand in Sri Lanka T20IsAlso See:last_img read more

MP minister Jitu Patwari’s 5-star treat for poor kids sparks Twitter war

first_imgA Twitter war has broken out over Madhya Pradesh minister Jitu Patwari’s initiative to invite underprivileged children to a five-star luncheon gathering on Diwali.Many netizens are wondering if the government would have picked up the bill for the PR gimmick.The others were equally quick to question all expenses over the rallies organised by former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to canvass for the BJP.Some others questioned the Uttar Pradesh government and its Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath, for spending several crore rupees in the pursuit of a Guinness Record for lighting up millions of lamps. This certainly was a laudable cause even if it was at the government’s expense, said another Twitter warrior.Patwari was not available over the phone. His staff said he has been organising the party for the past some years. Long before he became a minister, he thought of this gesture at the prompting of his son who was in a hostel for studies.This year, his son reminded him on Diwali and the minister took urgent steps to fulfil his wish.Patwari’s son wanted to share his Diwali joy with less fortunate friends. Patwari called up his son to invite his friends and acquaintances to a party at Radisson hotel at Indore. His staff claims Patwari would foot the bill personally. Even if the government did, it wasn’t a big deal, they added.The wars over such issues always end up dragging the Prime Minister. Patwari supporters have questioned those who make such fuss about a small gesture should explain the whopping bill for unscheduled visits to Pakistan and China.advertisement”Can Jitu be compared with anyone in the BJP who has used public money with such disdain,” says another.Patwari’s staff could not elaborate on the overall expenses incurred. “The minister can be reached in his office on Tuesday,” his staff said.Patwari is known to speak his mind and walk his talk. His last act to hit headlines was when he said more than 90 per cent of patwaris – the primary level revenue officials – are corrupt. That brought revenue assessment and collection to a standstill with patwaris demanding an apology from the minister. The minister said if his apology could change the reality, he won’t mind seeking the officials’ pardon. The agitation petered out after initial aggressive posturing as the reality about patwaris was known to the public.The other initiative of the minister was to help a young sprinter to test his skills against the best. The underprivileged athlete didn’t do well but was promised another chance.So, this resolve to help his son break bread with underprivileged who included orphans and economically backward children got a spontaneous response from the media. There were large number of cameras, and there was action on the festival of light. Even his political adversaries conceded the minister’s act deserved appreciation.ALSO READ | Watch: Madhya Pradesh sports minister gets caught in traffic jam, helps clear itALSO WATCH | Was Madhuri a victim of Pak honey trap?last_img read more

Indian wrestler Ritu Phogat ready for tilt at Mixed Martial Arts world title

first_imgCompeting at the Olympic Games is the dream of most athletes but Indian wrestler Ritu Phogat has always wanted to script a different destiny.Phogat won gold at the 2016 Commonwealth Wrestling Championship but switched to the combat sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) in February, much to the disappointment of India’s wrestling federation who saw her as a strong medal contender in the 48kg category at Tokyo 2020.Phogat, who will make her MMA debut against South Korea’s Kim Nam-hee at One Championship’s Age of Dragons event in Beijing on Saturday, says she never gave much thought to qualifying for the Olympics.”It never crossed my mind,” she told Reuters by telephone from Singapore where she trains. “I always wanted to do something different. Script my own journey on the international stage.”I want to win a World Championship belt for India. I want to be the first in mixed martial arts to win that for my country.”The 25-year-old is from one of India’s most famous wrestling families.She started in the sport aged eight, under the tutelage of her wrestler father Mahavir Singh and followed in the footsteps of her elder sisters Babita and Geeta, who have both won Commonwealth Games gold.Their cousin, Vinesh, is one of India’s top medal hopes for Tokyo.The Phogat sisters achieved cult status in 2016 when the film ‘Dangal’, which is based on the family’s story, became the highest-grossing Indian movie ever made.Before they were famous, however, growing up in their village in Haryana was tough.advertisement”We struggled to fit into society,” Ritu Phogat said. “Our family was surrounded by naysayers in those early days, but we had each other for support. Together we found a way to block out all the outside noise.”The sisters are very close Babita and Geeta sprung to Ritu’s defence when her decision to quit wrestling drew criticism on social media earlier this year.MMA is the third-most popular sport in the world, behind soccer and basketball, according to Nielsen. India alone accounted for nearly 100 million viewers last year, Rajesh Kaul, the head of Sony Pictures Networks India’s sports business, told the Hindu newspaper March.Phogat, who discovered MMA on YouTube at the age of 18, said her decision to sign for the Asian promotion One Championship in February was a “no-brainer”.”I see this sport growing by leaps and bounds in India,” she said. “My debut will be shown live on TV and I hope it inspires the next generation … Our country is changing. Young girls now have a platform for take up any sport.”Phogat has trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing and muay Thai ahead of her MMA bow but she remains a wrestler at heart.”My natural style makes it much easier to control all the takedowns … I hope I can use that to my advantage,” she said.Also Read | Tokyo Olympics 2020: Mairaj, Angad will hunt in a pairAlso see:last_img read more

Van Dijk fee ‘not nice’, says Klopp

first_imgLiverpool Van Dijk fee ‘not nice’, says Klopp Dejan Kalinic 10:25 12/30/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(2) JurgenKlopp - Cropped Getty Images Liverpool Liverpool v Leicester City Premier League Jürgen Klopp Paying £75 million for the Dutch defender was an exorbitant outlay, but the Liverpool manager said it was down to the market Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp labelled the £75 million spent to buy Virgil van Dijk as “not nice”, but said his club was simply adapting to the market.Van Dijk, 26, is set to join Liverpool from Southampton in January after the Premier League clubs agreed to a record fee for a defender.Klopp, who questioned Manchester United for paying £89m for Paul Pogba last year, said his club had little choice in a market where Paris Saint-Germain bought Neymar from Barcelona for a world-record £198m. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player “A fee of £75m at this moment is very good for Southampton. They want to improve their squad as well,” the German told UK newspapers.”Do you think when they go to a club – if the player is not a free agent – those clubs will be accepting £5m for a replacement? That is how it is.”It’s not nice, but that’s the market, that’s the world. We have to adapt.”Liverpool Football Club can confirm they have reached an agreement with Southampton for the transfer of Virgil van Dijk.Full story:— Liverpool FC (@LFC) December 27, 2017Van Dijk signed a new deal with Southampton in May 2016, extending his contract until 2022.Klopp said that played a part in the price, one he said fans should try to immediately ignore.”Virgil has a long contract at Southampton. That is how it is. It started a few years ago. If you do not want to do it, do not do it,” he said.”We had an opportunity to do it and that is why he will be a Liverpool player. Do I like it? No, because it puts more pressure on everything.”That is why I said as a Liverpool community we have to ignore it immediately. He is a player for us, he can improve and he needs to adapt.”There are so many things he still needs to work on. He developed a lot in the last few years, made big steps, so it is a good thing.”Liverpool, fourth in the Premier League, host Leicester City on Saturday. Subscribe to Goal’s Liverpool Correspondent Neil Jones’ weekly email bringing you the best Liverpool FC writing from around the weblast_img read more

Allegri unsure over severity of Dybala injury

first_imgJuventus Allegri unsure over severity of Dybala injury Jack Davies 09:00 1/7/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Paulo Dybala Juventus Cagliari MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images Juventus Paulo Dybala Cagliari v Juventus Cagliari Serie A The Argentine will be sent for tests after sustaining an apparent hamstring injury in his side’s win on Saturday Juventus head coach Massimiliano Allegri concedes the severity of the injury picked up by Paulo Dybala in the 1-0 win at Cagliari remains unclear.Dybala left the field in tears and clutching his hamstring early in the second half, although the fact he was able to walk off will be encouraging for Allegri, who also lost Sami Khedira to a head knock.The Argentina international will now be sent for tests as Allegri waits to discover how long he will be without the striker. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player “We don’t know how bad it is now, but he will have tests,” he told Mediaset Premium .”Fortunately we go into a two-week break now and he’ll evidently need to rest more than the others during that time, so hopefully he will be fresh for the final weeks of the season.”200 – Massimiliano #Allegri have won 200 Serie A games as manager, 100 of these as Juventus manager. Milestones. #CagliariJuve — OptaPaolo (@OptaPaolo) January 6, 2018 Juve had to rely on a 74th minute strike from Federico Bernardeschi to overcome a spirited Cagliari side, who felt the goal should have been disallowed for a Medhi Benatia elbow on Leonardo Pavoletti in the build-up.The hosts were further incensed when they were denied a penalty following allegations of handball against Bernardeschi, imploring referee Gianpaolo Calvarese to use VAR to no avail.”We didn’t react as well as we should’ve done, the second half was very physical,” added Allegri. “It was very important that we bring home the result, so I compliment the players, as we are still in Napoli’s slipstream and have broken away from Inter and Roma.”After going 1-0 up, we could’ve added another goal, or at least done better to control the ball rather than allow Cagliari opportunities to equalise.”I will say that Cagliari did not deserve to lose. VAR is an instrument that was meant to reduce controversy, but instead it has increased it because people don’t accept the referee’s decision.”The win, which closes Juventus within a point of leaders Napoli, was Allegri’s 200th in Serie A and 100th league win in charge of Juve.last_img read more

Superlatives from the Kansas Game

first_imgWhile you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up. Best quote: Glenn Spencer hits the nail on the head.#OKstate Glenn Spencer: “I don’t even want to see a stat sheet. I really don’t care. People lost their lives today. This is a game.”— Kyle Fredrickson (@kylefredrickson) October 25, 2015Winners: We’ve got a tie for first place, and I can’t in good conscious omit one of them.I think the special teams unit came away the overall winners of today’s contest. There weren’t any big, game-breaking plays, but I think both return units improved dramatically over the bye week. The punt block from Miketavius Jones was another big win for the unit.THOSE HELMETS!AdChoices广告Here’s a better look at the #okstate throwback helmets. They’re really cool.— Pistols Firing (@pistolsguys) October 24, 2015MVP: J.W. Walsh. 4 total touchdowns, no turnovers. The red-zone go-to continued his dominance again today.Best play: Miketavius Jones’ punt block for a touchdown was pretty great. The athleticism to stick with the play paid off for a big play for the Pokes.Best GIF:James Washington is the man. This is Dez-like. #okstate up 35-10 at the half.— Pistols Firing (@pistolsguys) October 24, 2015Class act of the day: Photo of the day— Phil Inzinga! (@PhilInzinga) October 25, 2015Most popular call: The chop block! My gosh, all of them!Pose that deserves a statue: The Walsh point! I’ll miss it one day.Final: OSU 58, Kansas 10: J.W. Walsh finishes with five touchdowns. #okstate moves to 7-0.— NewsOKSports (@NewsOKSports) October 24, 2015last_img read more