Lies You Tell Yourself About Writing

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Now You know that writing regularly is a powerful way to get where you want to go; to build your business, your personal brand, and your position as a thought leader. But you don’t do it because you’ve convinced yourself that you can’t. The little voice that lives between your ears says:I can’t write because I have writer’s block. Writer’s block is when you tell yourself that you can’t write so many times that you finally believe it.I can’t write because I don’t have ideas or inspiration right now. Even though I have countless stories and experiences,  nothing comes to mind right now while I am trying to write. If I had an idea, I would write.The ideas that I do have aren’t original enough to write about. I can’t write until I have that one brilliant, unique insight that is mine alone. The idea must be completely unique because no great work was ever influenced by anyone else’s ideas.Who has enough time to write? Writing takes too much time. I’m already behind on my email, and I still have work to do. I would write if I had more time. Plus, Game of Thrones.No one is going to read what I write anyway – the Internet is too crowded with content already. Who would want to read what I have to say? I’m not famous. What? Am I supposed to write for myself?I would write if I was a better writer. I mean, if I were, say, Hemingway, I would write. If I were Godin, I would write. But I can’t write like they write. I am not that good.People are going to judge me and my ideas. The trolls are going to tear me apart. Everyone is so judgmental and I don’t need that right now.There are dozens of lies you can tell yourself about why you can’t write, none of which are true.Writer’s block is cured by writing.You have plenty of ideas, you just haven’t catalogued them when you are in a resourceful, creative state.There is nothing new under the sun, and your take on an idea makes it original.You can write a post like this one in half the time it takes to watch Game of Thrones.Google will help the people who need your work to find it.The only way to get better at writing is to read great writers and write.People are going to judge you, but you must write anyway.last_img read more

India-U.S. Trade Ties to be a Focus Area: Kenneth Juster

first_imgKenneth Juster, U.S. President Donald Trump’s nominee to be the next envoy to India, said Washington needs to “push a range of economic issues” with New Delhi, including removal of trade barriers to accelerate the process of strengthening ties between the two countries.The United States must focus on economic issues with India, including intellectual property, standard and non-tariff barriers, Juster said in a response to a question from Senator Rob Portman during a congressional hearing. Juster has been one of the key persons behind the Indo-U.S. civil nuclear agreement.The two countries have only begun to scratch the surface, he said. “There is enormous potential in economic sphere, but we have only begun to scratch the surface. We need to continue pressing forward to make sure that India adheres to its WTO (World Trade Organisation) obligations,” Juster told members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.The economic adviser in Trump administration said he hopes that the Indian community would see the benefits of the economic relationship.“As Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi moves forward with his reform programs and as he seeks to have a high level of growth, it will become increasingly clear that US companies can contribute to that. Removing some of these trade barriers would be an accelerator in the growth process,” Juster said.Senator Portman, the former US Trade Representative, said that while bilateral trade between the two countries has increased tremendously, there is still a long way to go.“When I was a U.S. Trade representative we did start a US- India trade policy dialogue in 2005. Since then we have tripled our trade with India. It was such a low starting point that there is much more to be done,” he said.Portman agreed with Juster about the need for fair, balanced and free trade. “I do continue to have deep concerns about market access to some of our products and services and specifically the intellectual property,” he said.Senator Bob Corker, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, however, expressed his consternation over the slow pace of reforms in Indian economy. “American companies continue to face barriers in accessing the Indian market, including high tariffs and strict localisation policies,” he said.The companies that are able to enter the Indian market often encounter compulsory licensing requirements and lax intellectual property protections, he said, adding that they also face an unpredictable foreign investment environment. Even large-scale contracts are altered or cancelled without cause, he claimed.“Clearly, the economic playing field is not even,” Corker added.Juster also said he will look into India not being a signatory to The Hague convention, which deals with inter-parental child abduction, calling it a “serious issue”.One of the top trade issues the diplomat would take on priority is India’s not complying with the 2015 World Trade organisation on poultry import ban. Senator Chris Coons told Juster: “I would hope if you are to be confirmed to have the opportunity to pursue further with you a discussion about how we might access the Indian market for this tasty high quality American agricultural export.”In 2015, India had lost a case at the World Trade Organisation, which ruled that India’s ban on import of poultry meat, eggs and live pigs from the United States was “inconsistent” with the international norms. Related ItemsIndo-US tiesIndo-US tradeKenneth JusterLittle IndiaUS envoy to Indialast_img read more

India Slams Pakistan Over ‘Atmosphere of Coercion’ After Jailed Ex-Navy Officer’s Meeting with Mother, Wife

first_imgIndia has criticized Pakistan for the atmosphere in which former Indian Navy officer Kulbhushan Jadhav was allowed to meet his mother and wife across a glass wall on Dec. 25. The atmosphere “was intimidating insofar as family members were concerned,” according to the statement released by the Ministry of External Affairs on Dec. 26.The statement said that Pakistani press was allowed on multiple occasions to approach the family members and heckle them. The women were forced to remove their mangal sutras, bangles and bindi, and change their attire “that was not warranted by security.”Jadhav’s mother was prevented from speaking  in their mother tongue, although this was clearly the natural medium of communication. “She was repeatedly interrupted while doing so and eventually prevented from proceeding further in this regard,” the statement added.Jadhav, who Pakistan claims was arrested in Balochistan, met wife Chetna and mother Avanti across a glass wall at the foreign ministry office in Islamabad on Dec. 25, the birthday of Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The two were accompanied by JP Singh, the Deputy High Commissioner of India, but the latter was not allowed to speak to Jadhav.The official statement said that Singh was separated from the family members and was only allowed to join them “after pressing the matter with concerned officials. Even then, he was kept behind an additional partition that did not allow him access to the meeting as agreed.”Jadhav’s wife’s shoes were not returned to her “for some inexplicable reason,” the statement pointed out, adding, “We would caution against any mischievous intent in this regard.”Jadhav “was under considerable stress and speaking in an atmosphere of coercion. Most of his remarks were clearly tutored and designed to perpetuate the false narrative of his alleged activities in Pakistan. His appearance also raises questions of his health and well being,” the statement said.India said that the “manner in which the meeting was conducted and its aftermath was clearly an attempt to bolster a false and unsubstantiated narrative of Jadhav’s alleged activities.”Statement on Shri Kulbhushan Jadhav’s meeting with his family.— Raveesh Kumar (@MEAIndia) December 26, 2017The meeting was emotional and full of tears. They were allowed to speak through a telephone while physical contact was barred by a glass wall. Jadhav’s mother did most of the talking while his wife broke down a few times during the 40-minute meeting, according to the Indian Express. Jadhav’s family met him for the first time since he was arrested in March 2016, which India says happened in Iran.Indians, including politicians, have been sharing their outrage on social media over the fact that the family was barred from getting close to the businessman. Many have raised questions over the use of English by the 47-year-old Jadhav, and not his mother tongue Marathi, even while speaking to his mother.“It was as if he was making scripted comments…,”  senior advocate Harish Salve, who presented India’s case at the at the International Court of Justice, said in an interview to Republic TV news channel. “The language that he spoke. Usually, when a man is emotional or angry, he speaks and abuses in his mother tongue. Here, he spoke in English. Why did he speak in English?”Isn’t it odd that Kulbhushan Jadhav spoke in Marathi with his mother when he was arrested, and now he is speaking in English with her? Harish Salve, India’s Counsel at ICJ #FreeJadhav— TIMES NOW (@TimesNow) December 25, 2017Shocking that Kulbhushan Jadhav was not allowed to speak in his mother tongue to his mother in Islamabad. Jadhav spoke scripted answers provided by Pakistan Army in English. How low will Pakistan stoop? I can’t imagine what his mother would be going through. #IndiaForJadhav— Aditya Raj Kaul (@AdityaRajKaul) December 25, 2017Congress leader Shashi Tharoor called the way in which the meeting was conducted deeply unsatisfactory. “From the point of view of the family, the fact that both the mother and the wife were able to visit him was a good thing. But they could not touch him, hold him or hug him and they were able to see him only through a glass partition,” he said, ANI reported. “I think that was emotional but especially painful for them, since the man is officially been sentenced to death. They may never see them alive again. In that sense, it was very disappointingly unhumanitarian spirit in which it was conducted.”Concerns are also being raised about the physical and mental well-being of Jadhav in Pakistan jail.Jadhav’s mental well-being is a matter of concern, says India’s ICJ counsel Harish Salve Live:— India Today (@IndiaToday) December 25, 2017The spokesperson of Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Mohammad Faisal, earlier tweeted the photo of Jadhav’s mother and wife, saying, “We honor our commitments.”Jadhav’s case is sub-judice in the International Court of Justice, which also put a stay on a death penalty handed to him by a court in Pakistan. Jadhav was arrested on March 3, 2016, and was sentenced to death by a Pakistani court on charges of espionage and terrorism.Pakistan has to portray itself fair and humanitarian in front of the international court before its next hearing, according to security experts from India. Some also see it as a way in which Pakistan is showing its intention to open dialogue.Pakistan also released a medical report of Jadhav, saying he was in “an excellent healthy condition (sic)”. The report was signed by a German doctor of a Dubai-based hospital, the date was handwritten and it wasn’t revealed where the examination took place, according to the Times of India. The report added that Jadhav’s BMI (body mass index) was ideal for his height.Meeting between Commander Kulbushan Jhadev & his family in progress— Dr Mohammad Faisal (@ForeignOfficePk) December 25, 2017“It is a tactical gesture by the Pakistan government before the next hearing at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which is hearing the case. Islamabad can argue in the ICJ that they are treating the case from the humanitarian points of view,” Suman Sharma, a New Delhi-based foreign affairs expert, told Arab News.Another Indian foreign affairs expert, Dr. Zakir Husain of the Indian Council of World Affairs, a New Delhi-based think tank, told Arab News, “The larger point of this meeting is more than humanitarian. Pakistan is sending a signal that it is willing to break the ice with India and hold talks with its eastern neighbor.” Related ItemsHuman RightsPakistanlast_img read more

Potato Paneer Burrito

first_imgNearly 2,500 Indians are digging into burritos and quesadillas daily at Taco Bell’s first Indian franchise in Bangalore. Taco Bell has modified its cuisine for the Indian palette, dishing out crunchy Volcano Potato Tacos , Potato Paneer Burrito and Potato Crunchwrap.Yum Foods, owner of the Taco Bell chain, has a track record in India with its other brand, Kentucky Fried Chicken, which offers local fare, including a Vegetarian Thali and Chana Snacker, a garbanzo bean burger.  Related Itemslast_img

NRI Woman Files Sexual Assault Case Against Boss

first_imgA 38-year-old NRI woman has filed a case of stalking, extortion and sexual assault against her former boss. According to the woman, not only did he assault her in India, but he also followed her to Australia when she moved to the country with her husband and children, and continued the harassment there as well.A case has been booked against the accused under relevant sections of the IPC for causing hurt, rape, cheating, voyeurism and criminal intimidation, according to Mail Today. The report did not name the accused.Continuous HarassmentThe woman met the accused in her office. They were in the same department, though he was based in Hyderabad. The nature of her job demanded that the complainant had to communicate with him often, and that he would often travel to Gurugram for work.“He used to tell me about his cruel and selfish wife who had eloped with her cousin and how he was raising a daughter with special needs all alone without any support from the family. He told me that he needed a friend in such difficult times for stories and he was calling the frequently to discuss work and personal problems,” she told the police. In March 2013, knowing that she would be all alone at her house in Gurugram, she claims he called her and said he was coming over in the evening.According to the FIR she filed, she poured them a glass of cold drink. She went inside the kitchen for a couple of minutes after pouring out the drinks. She adds in the FIR that after finishing the drinks, she fell unconscious and woke up to find herself lying nude in her bedroom. The accused, who was sitting on the chair, threatened her to keep mum about the assault, using her job and reputation as blackmail tactics.The FIR reveals: “He threatened to leak my objectionable photos, the video of the incident and asked me to please him in all ways and keep him happy. I was forced to accompany him to several high-end hotels and various cities across the country. When I pleaded him to let me go, he began blackmailing me by threatening to reveal the incident to my husband and therefore I was forced to bear the pain of mental and sexual abuse. He sought 20 lakh as a lump sum amount to end the assault. I even agreed to that. However, a few days later I was again subjected to the assault.”Harassment in AustraliaEven after she moved to Australia with her family, the accused continued harassing her. He messaged to her husband, maligning her character and sent them emails. “His emails gave me feelers that he was still following me. I thought of complaining to the police just before moving to Australia but I did not do it to avoid being placed in an uncomfortable situation,” the woman recounted in the FIR.He then stalked her on the streets of Melbourne.Sexual Harassment at WorkplaceA survey conducted of 6,047 people by National Bar Association in India reveals that 38 per cent of women had faced sexual harassment at their workplace, and 68.09 of them had refrained from lodging a complaint due to fear and embarrassment. According to about 65.2 per cent of the respondents, their company did not follow the provisions of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2013. A FICCI study from 2015 states that 35 per cent of Indian companies and 25 per cent of multinational companies do not comply with the Sexual Harassment Act 2013. Related Itemsextortion caseLittle IndiaNRI womanNRI woman assault GurugramNRI woman stalking Australiasexual assaultSexual Harassment Act 2013last_img read more

Indian-Origin Siblings Allergic to Nuts Told to ‘Sit in Loo’ on Flight

first_imgTwo siblings of Indian origin, who have severe nut allergy, have alleged that they were told by the Emirates cabin crew to “sit in the loo” while cashews were being served on a flight. Shannen Sahota, 24, and Sundeep Sahota, 33, were on board a seven and-a-half hour flight, which departed from England’s Birmingham Airport en route to Dubai and Singapore.The siblings claimed on the show This Morning, a British daytime television program broadcast on ITV, that the airline did not pay attention to their condition despite being relayed the information about their nut allergy during booking and check-in.The duo was panic stricken when fried nuts were being served 40 minutes into the flight. They were also alarmed when they learned that the chicken main course dinner for 500 passengers contained cashew nuts.One of the cabin crew reportedly told them that they might feel more comfortable if they moved into a toilet cubicle with cushions and pillows, they said. They refused and instead sat at the back of the plane with blankets over their heads for the remaining seven hours, to protect themselves from any airborne nut particles, the Sun reported. They carry EpiPen injections for emergencies.Shannen, an analyst living at Wolverhampton, formally complained to Emirates, saying: “It was uncomfortable, embarrassing and demeaning. We were stunned when a supervisor told us ‘one way round it’ was for us to spend the flight in the cabin loo.”Sundeep, a contracts manager, said, “All information we gave them was ignored,” the Mirror reported.An Emirates spokesperson apologized following the report. “We are sorry to hear about Ms Sahota’s complaint. Emirates tries to cater to all passenger specific needs by offering a number of special meals that cover as many medical, dietary and religious requirements as possible. However, Emirates cannot guarantee completely nut-free flights, the airline said. “We’ve looked into Ms Sahota’s booking and our records do not reflect any mention of a nut allergy. All passengers who alert us of a nut allergy prior to travel are informed of our policy and it is also outlined on our website. When alerted during the flight, our crew tried their best to offer Ms Sahota and her brother alternative locations in an open space in back of the aircraft cabin to minimize their proximity to other passengers who may be consuming meals with nuts. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and our customer care team will be in touch with Miss Sahota directly.” Related ItemsBritish Indianemirateslast_img read more

Prime Healthcare Settles False Claims Suit for $65 Million in U.S.

first_imgPrime Healthcare, one of the largest hospital chains in the United States, and its founder-CEO Prem Reddy, agreed to jointly pay $65 million to settle a case that accused the firm of submitting false claims for payment to Medicare.Reddy agreed to pay $3.25 million while Prime Healthcare would pay $61.75 million to resolve the lawsuit that was filed by a whistleblower former employee in 2011.The sum would be paid “to settle allegations that 14 Prime hospitals in California knowingly submitted false claims to Medicare by admitting patients who required only less costly, outpatient care and by billing for more expensive patient diagnoses than the patients had (a practice known as “up-coding”), the U.S. Justice Department said in a statement earlier this month.“This settlement reflects our ongoing commitment to ensure that health care providers appropriately bill Medicare,” Acting Assistant Attorney General Chad A. Readler of the Justice Department’s Civil Division said. “Charging the government for higher cost inpatient services that patients do not need, and for higher-paying diagnoses than the patients have, wastes the country’s valuable health care resources.”Prime took inpatient admissions of even those people for whom outpatient facility would have been sufficient from the year 2006-2013, the Justice Department statement said. The deliberate corporate-driven schemes were meant to increase inpatient admissions of Medicare beneficiaries who originally presented to the Emergency Departments at 14 Prime hospitals in California, it added.The treatment of these patients could have been completed for a comparatively lower cost but the organization chose to conduct follow-up tests which were not required. The settlement also resolves allegations that, from 2006 through 2014, Prime engaged in up-coding by falsifying information concerning patient diagnoses, including complications and comorbidities, in order to increase Medicare reimbursement.“Patients and taxpayers who finance health care programs such as Medicare deserve to know that doctors are making decisions solely based on medical need – and not based on a corporate desire to increase billings,” First Assistant United States Attorney Tracy Wilkison for the Central District of California said.According to the department, the company also entered Corporate Integrity Agreement with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (HHS-OIG), which requires the company to engage in significant compliance efforts over the next five years. Under the agreement, Prime is required to retain an independent review organization to review the accuracy of the company’s claims for services furnished to Medicare beneficiaries.Based in Ontario, California, Prime Healthcare Services and the not-for-profit Prime Healthcare Foundation constitute one of the largest hospital systems in the nation with 45 acute-care hospitals located in 14 states. Along with Prime Healthcare services, the following 10 hospital defendants owned by Prime Healthcare Services were parties to the settlement agreement: Alvarado Hospital Medical Center, Garden Grove Medical Center, La Palma Intercommunity Hospital, Desert Valley Hospital, Chino Valley Medical Center, Paradise Valley Hospital, San Dimas Community Hospital, Shasta Regional Medical Center, West Anaheim Medical Center and Centinela Hospital Medical Center.Four other hospitals came under the settlement agreement as well — Sherman Oaks Hospital, Montclair Hospital Medical Center, Huntington Beach Hospital and Encino Hospital Medical Center.Reddy established the group in 1992 and was named among the “Top 100 Physician Leaders To Know” in 2015 by a survey done by Becker’s Hospital Review.The lawsuit was filed under the False Claims Act (FCA) by Karin Berntsen, the former Director of Performance Improvement at Alvarado Hospital Medical Center in San Diego. Under the whistleblower provisions of the FCA, private citizens are permitted to bring lawsuits on behalf of the United States and obtain a portion of the government’s recovery, which will allow Bernsten to acquire $17,225,000 as her portion of the settlement amount. Related ItemsCaliforniahealth fraudlast_img read more

Haryana Assembly to meet on May 4

first_imgChandigarh, Apr 18 (PTI) The session of Haryana Vidhan Sabha will be held on May 4.A decision to this effect was taken in a meeting of the state cabinet under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar here today, an official spokesman said.The cabinet also approved new Haryana Police Service Rules, 2017 for the non-gazetted posts and other ranks.These rules would govern the service conditions of all ranks, including general cadre of both men and women, in all districts and ranges and of Government Railway Police, Haryana Armed Police and Commando Police Force.According to new rules, 100 per cent of the posts of inspectors would be filled through promotion from the rank of sub-inspector.In case of sub-inspector, 50 per cent posts would be filled by promotion among assistant sub-inspector and 50 per cent by direct recruitment, out of which three per cent posts would be filled from among outstanding sports persons, he said.In case of ASIs and head constables, 100 per cent posts would be filled by promotion from among the head constables and constables, respectively.Total 100 per cent posts of constables would be filled by direct recruitment out of which three per cent posts would be filled from among outstanding sportspersons, he said.As far as the age for direct recruitment of sub-inspector is concerned, the candidate should not be less than 21 years of age and not more than 27 years on the date to be specified by the commission or any other recruiting agency, he said.In case of constable, the age should be between 18 and 25 years. PTI VJ KISadvertisementlast_img read more

Bungee jumping from Chenab rail bridge in the offing

first_imgNew Delhi, May 8 (PTI) India will soon boast the worlds tallest railway bridge, construction of which is on in full swing, over the river Chenab in the difficult terrain of Jammu and Kashmir.Also, the Chenab rail bridge, the crowning glory of the Kashmir rail link project, is expected to host bungee jumping and many other such exciting sport events.There will be sight seeing points, trekking routes and hotels slated to be constructed in the area to cater the tourists in the difficult terrain, railway officials said.The 1.315-km-long rail bridge at the height of 359 metre over the river Chenab, 35 metres taller than the Eiffel Tower, will have two stations at both ends of it.The area was inaccessible earlier and the railways have to make 22 km of roads as access path for the construction of the bridge.”We are in discussion with the Jammu and Kashmir government for development of the area as an adventure tourist spot,” said Sanjay Gupta, Konkan Railway Chairman and Managing Director.Konkan Railway is executing the Rs 12,000-crore Chenab rail bridge project.Currently, 1,400 men out of which 500 are locals, are working through the day to complete the behemoth structure by March 2019.The project is an attempt to boost tourism and it has increased employment opportunities in the state.The bridge forms the crucial link in the 111-km stretch between Katra and Banihal which is part of the Udhampur- Srinagar-Baramulla section of the Kashmir Railway project.Gupta said the 325-km-long Kashmir rail link is the most expensive stretch out of the entire 66,000-km rail line in the country.advertisementThe completion of the Kashmir rail link project will provide an all-weather and reliable connectivity to the Jammu and Kashmir state with rest of the country by rail network.The rail link will also provide connectivity by train to far-flung areas of the state which is expected to result in economic development of region.Once completed, it will be an iconic bridge and an engineering marvel of the world, said Railway Chief Engineer B S Tomar, who is involved in the project. PTI ARU KISlast_img read more

Panathinaikos Crushes Anadolu Efes

first_imgATHENS – The surging Panathinaikos hoopsters showed they are still a force to be reckoned with in Europe, easily disposing of the Turkish team, 78-64 at the Olympic Sports Hall, going 3-0 in Euroleague play, tied with Barcelona at the top of their group.Anadolu Efes may have thought it had a little edge with its new coach from Greece, Vangelis Angelou, but it held a brief lead only once in the game, near the end of the was a tight first period that ended with the Greens holding only a two-point lead, 23-21 with 13,000 fans screaming their team on. Anadolu played tougher in the second period but that would be it for them.The Greek team’s sharpshooters started off miserably, missing seven three-point shots in the second quarter but held a 37-36 halftime edge behind the spirited play of Mike Batiste.Panathinaikos made a run in the third period to bolt out to a 67-54 lead behind perennial all-star Dimitris Diamantidis, joined by Ramel Curry, who got the team running and broke a slow pace that had dominated. Diamantidis stood out with 17 points and nine assists, while Stephane Lasme had 16 points and eight rebounds.The easy win was a good tune-up for Panathinaikos before takes on its eternal rival Olympiakos Jan. 20 back in Greek domestic league play. TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

Your Top Questions on “Social Selling” Answered by LinkedIn, Evernote, and HubSpot

first_img Originally published Feb 20, 2014 2:00:00 PM, updated February 01 2017 Koka Sexton, LinkedIn Koka Sexton, LinkedIn “When it comes to the tools needed, I think it’s important for sales professionals to be as visible as possible within every social network that their customers may be a part of. That’s what social selling is all about. Obviously LinkedIn works well for that, because it’s a professional network, but it may be Twitter or other networks as well.I think this is why what HubSpot and Evernote said about how marketing and sales can be aligned is so important. Mark put it best when he said, “There is no social selling without content.” And so to salespeople, I would say that you need to hold your marketing professionals accountable by providing you with the right content that’s in the right context for your buyers.I think context is something that’s often overlooked because where the buyer is within the sales cycle should determine what type of content you’re handing them, and ultimately how you’re delivering it to them. If email open rates are low, then why not try posting something in your social stream so you can feed your prospects the information they need at the time that they need it?” “When it comes to sales and marketing, I think it’s helpful to make sure there’s an open channel of communication so that collaboration can occur. So if a salesperson is talking to people on the phone and they know that they’re not able to send their prospects the right materials to close the sale or move things along, marketing needs to know that information.That’s a sign that there needs to be more collaboration between sales and marketing to make sure the salespeople have the sales tools and materials that they need to close deals. And vice versa – communication goes in both directions. If marketing feels that they’re out of the loop when it comes to what customers are thinking or saying or what their actual questions are, it’s definitely worth it to have more involvement with sales.” Mark Roberge, HubSpot Josh Zerkel, Evernote “There could be a couple of things going on. Sales might not be aware where the tools are or it may be that they feel it’s too difficult to access them. That’s why it’s critical to keep your content in a shared spot where it’s really easy to access and where salespeople feel comfortable.The other thing that might be happening is that the tools that marketing thinks are so awesome may not, in fact, be so awesome when it comes to real world deployment and social selling. So it’s probably worth it at this point, if sales isn’t using the tools that are being deployed, to have an in-depth conversation about what is really needed, what are people asking for, and then go back to marketing and share those findings.” Topics:center_img Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Social Selling “Sales professionals, and really every professional, need to understand that their LinkedIn profile is not their online resume. They simply need to take themselves out of that frame of mind. Your LinkedIn page is really your online brand, your professional profile.So salespeople need to use their LinkedIn accounts as a resource, and not a resume. Internally at LinkedIn, we call that ‘Resume to Reputation.’ It’s really about the transformation in how you use your online persona, building your reputation and becoming that brand that draws people in.This is where marketing can come in, too. If a salesperson is consistently posting great content about the industry, provided by the marketing team, it will be so much easier for that salesperson to build that personal brand and that social media credibility. That’s really what social selling is all about: Giving salespeople the tools they need to have genuine interactions on social media that help them in their sales processes.Next Step: The 3 C’s of Social SellingWith these core questions answered, feel free to check out the presentation deck from the webinar that prompted this discussion below. If you’d like to listen to the webinar recording for the full experience, just click here. This post originally appeared on the Sales section of Inbound Hub. To read more content like this, subscribe here.Social selling — it’s not just a buzzword anymore. It’s a crucial part of how successful sales teams communicate with their prospects. That’s why last week, HubSpot, LinkedIn, and Evernote hosted a webinar to discuss how organizations can align their sales and marketing teams to develop the tools that make social selling work through context, content, and collaboration. Toward the end of the session, three critical and common questions were asked that we’d like to address today:My sales team doesn’t have the right materials to help my prospects solve their problems. What should I do?Our marketing team creates a lot of content each month, but the sales team never uses it. How can I solve this problem?How do you present yourself on social media in order to do social selling? How do you leverage your social presence as a salesperson?Responses below come from our speakers: Mark Roberge, chief revenue officer at HubSpot, Koka Sexton, senior social marketing manager at LinkedIn, and Josh Zerkel, user education specialist at Evernote.  Q: My sales team doesn’t have the right materials to help my prospects solve their problems. What should I do? Q: Our marketing team creates a lot of content each month, but the sales team never uses it. How can I solve this problem? “We’ve seen this problem at HubSpot ourselves to the nth degree — it’s actually something we’ve been focusing on with some hacker technology in the HubSpot Sales Labs. As you can imagine, we’re producing boatloads of content that have to do with different problems people have, different industries, different buyer personas.Then, on the other side of the fence, you’ve got sales actually out there talking to different buyers, on social media or via email, in specific industries with specific problems. It’s next to impossible, at this point, for those salespeople to know exactly the right content to follow up with — there’s just too much out there.We’re experimenting with a bunch of different solutions. We’re testing tagging content depending on the topic or persona, and then on the other side, having sales designate problems that different personas are having in our CRM. That way, the system can do some matching.Q: How do you present yourself on social media in order to do social selling? How do you leverage your social presence as a salesperson? Josh Zerkel, Evernotelast_img read more

Enjoy win but learn from mistakes: MS Dhoni tells CSK teammates after tense chase vs RR

first_imgNot keen to get into on-field controversy that saw Chennai Super Kings skipper MS Dhoni lose his cool and walk onto the field to confront an umpire for overturning a decision, the former India skipper said that it was a good game and credited Rajasthan Royals for fighting till the last over, despite scoring only 151 on a decent wicket.CSK won the game off the last ball as Mitchell Santner hit Ben Stokes for a six.”It was a very good game. Need to give credit to Rajasthan. They were slightly few runs short on what would’ve been a good score. But they put pressure on our batsmen and they were able to build pressure right to the end,” he pointed.But Dhoni wants the boys to learn from the little mistakes that they have been making. “Once you win games like this, you learn a lot out of it. It’s important to enjoy the win but also learn from the mistakes,” he said.Asked if it got a little too close for comfort at the end, Dhoni said: “It’s about a few hits. Have to see the ground here. It’s a very big ground and the outfield is fast.”Pacer Shardul Thakur didn’t have the best of days on the field, but Dhoni said that cricket is a team game and everyone needs to pitch in and it wasn’t about individuals.”At the end of the day, individuals do commit mistakes. But the team has to take the blame if you’ve lost. Doesn’t matter if it was Shardul’s over or someone else’s over. Important to see if the batsmen batted well or whether the execution failed,” he said.advertisementDhoni once again thanked the fans for showing their love and support. “We’ve got very good support here, thanks to them. Not to forget, one of my biggest innings came here. All games are big games,” he said.Also Read | MS Dhoni was fired up by the way no-ball decision was handled, says FlemingAlso Read | MS Dhoni fined after fierce on-field argument with umpiresAlso Read | Unlike Captain Cool: MS Dhoni slammed for confronting umpire after no-ball controversyAlso See:last_img read more

Naomi Osaka comes back from behind to beat Ashleigh Barty in China Open final

first_imgJapan’s Naomi Osaka fought back from a set down to beat Australian world number one Ash Barty 3-6 6-3 6-2 in the final of the China Open in Beijing on Sunday.It was world number four Osaka’s second title in the Asian swing after clinching the Pan Pacific Open in Japan last month and she is yet to lose a match since her fourth-round exit at the U.S. Open, extending her run to 10 victories.In a battle between two of the year’s Grand Slam champions, Australian Open winner Osaka broke the reigning French Open champion Barty three times and dropped serve only once in the one-hour-50-minute encounter.It was Osaka’s second win over a fellow Grand Slam champion at the tournament after she beat U.S. Open winner Bianca Andreescu in another three-setter in the quarter-finals.The opening set went with serve until Osaka made three double faults in one game to give Barty a 4-2 lead, after which the Australian served out the set, saving a break point along the way.”Basically I was telling myself to keep fighting even though my attitude was really trash – ‘this is a final, I’m really privileged to be here in the first place, so keep fighting!'” Osaka said.”I feel like I wasn’t that calm here (at the tournament). I threw my racket, like, once every match. I really wanted to win here, I felt like I had something to prove.”You missed the moment where @Naomi_Osaka_ clinched it? Worry no more, here it is again 🙂 China Open (@ChinaOpen) October 6, 2019The Japanese turned the tables in the second set when she broke back to take a 4-2 lead. At 30-all, she unleashed a backhand return to bring up a fourth break point and then forced Barty to hit her forehand long.Osaka did not concede a single break point in the second set and took it into the decider after closing out on her serve.She then upped the tempo right from the opening game of the third set with long baseline rallies which forced Barty into making mistakes, earning the fourth seed a break of serve.A poor service game from Barty when she was down 4-2 in the third saw her broken to love as Osaka won eight points in a row to take a 5-2 lead and serve for the title.Barty managed to save one match point in the final game but Osaka took to the baseline again to out-rally her opponent, wrapping up the encounter and levelling their head-to-head record at 2-2.last_img read more

Feel angry at times but I control my emotions better than some others: MS Dhoni

first_imgDisplay of emotions is not something that one associates with Mahendra Singh Dhoni but the enigmatic former India skipper says he feels as strongly as anyone else, just that he is good at controlling the negative ones a lot better than most.He has been the eternal ‘Captain Cool’ of Indian cricket but the two-time world champion leader said he goes through the entire gamut of emotions at every triumph and debacle.”I am like everyone else but I control my emotions better than some of the other individuals,” Dhoni, who made his first commercial appearance since India’s semi-final exit from the World Cup, said on Wednesday.Dhoni’s future has been a matter of speculation ever since India’s semifinal exit from the World Cup in July. The seasoned wicketkeeper-batsman is on a sabbatical right now.”I would say, I feel equally frustrated. I also feel angry at times, disappointed. But what is important is that none of these feelings are constructive,” Dhoni spoke about how he fights adversity.For the 38-year-old, finding solutions rather than cribbing about the problems is what works for him.”What needs to be done right now is more important than any of these emotions. What is the next thing I can plan? Who is the next individual, whom I can use? Once I get into it, I am controlling my emotions in a much better way,” he said.Dhoni once again asserted that the process is more important than the final result, a philosophy that he repeatedly stressed on during his captaincy tenure.advertisement”If it’s a Test match, you have two innings, you get slightly longer duration to plan out your next move. In T20s, everything happens very quickly, so demands are different.””It might be an individual, who has committed a mistake or it might be the whole team. May be we didn’t execute the plan whatever the format may be.”Dhoni on the art of winning major tournamentsDhoni knows a thing or two about winning big tournaments and he feels it’s more about the team goals than individual performances.”What you want to achieve as a team is to win the tournament but that’s a long-term goal. Ultimately, what you do is to break it into smaller things,’ Dhoni explained.He then recalled how during the 2007 ICC World T20 in South Africa, the team strategised the famous ‘Bowl Out’ against Pakistan.”There was something particular about that World Cup. The ‘Bowl-Out’ was one of the things. I remember we would go for practice. Before every practice session, we would practice ‘Bowl Out’ before or after the warm-up.”We said it very clear, it is for fun but at the same time, whoever hits the wicket most number of times, we will use him if the situation arises.”It has got nothing to do with I am a bowler, this is my job. It’s like a performance thing and we will keep doing it everyday and whoever has the best hit-ratio are the ones who will be used,” said Dhoni during a promotional event of Mastercard.Dhoni said team effort can never be discounted despite the many individual performers.”Ultimately, winning or losing comes to each and every individual who is part of the team. In team sport, everybody has a role and a responsibility. Throughout the T20 World Cup, the roles and responsibilities given to individuals was fulfilled to the best manner possible. That was the reason we won the tournament.”It’s not always about few of the individuals performing a lot better than the whole lot. What you want is for everybody to contribute. That one wicket at that right moment, that outstanding catch,” he said.Also Read | Mithali Raj shuts down troll: Tamil is my mother tongue but above all I am an IndianAlso Read | Need your support: BCCI president Sourav Ganguly responds to Harbhajan Singh’s congratulatory messageAlso See:last_img read more

Virat Kohli not in favour of rotation policy for allocation of Test venues

first_imgVirat Kohli feels that India should have five-Test centers at maximum for any series in home conditions. Kohli stressed on the fact that to keep Test cricket alive, this is a step that we must take. He added that you can’t have Test centers spread over so many places where people turn up or not.India have been hosting Test at multiple venues in the recent past. While Test matches were allocated to major centers during N Srinivasan’s tenure as BCCI president, India went back to rotation policy in 2015 whereas venues started hosting matches as per their turns.A day before the start of the 3rd Test between India and South Africa in Ranchi, the lack of interest of the general public was evident as only 3000 tickets had been sold till the eve of the game.”Look you gonna keep Test cricket alive. I totally agree with the fact that we should have five-Test centers at max. It can’t be sporadic and spread over so many places where people turn up or not,” Virat Kohli said at the post-match press conference on Monday.India vs South Africa 3rd Test Day 4: Highlights | ReportVirat Kohli believes the visiting teams should know where they are going to play when they visit India. Australia and England have a fixed set of venues for Test tours whereas in India the Test centers are spread over different states. Kohli stressed on the fact that Indian team knows the conditions and venues when they visit any country.advertisement”In my opinion, we should have five-Test centers. Period. Test cricket, teams coming to India should know we are going to play at these five venues, kind of people that are gonna come to watch. That becomes a challenge already when you are leaving shores. Because we go to any place, we know we are having Test matches at these venues. This is what the pitch is gonna offer,” added Kohli.A formidable Indian team ticked all boxes with ease as they deservingly completed a 3-0 rout of an out of sorts South Africa with comprehensive innings and 202 runs victory in the third and final Test here on Tuesday.last_img read more

Frank Ribery banned for 3 matches for pushing assistant referee

first_imgFiorentina winger Franck Ribéry has been banned for three league matches after pushing an assistant referee.The incident occurred after the final whistle of Fiorentina’s 2-1 loss to Lazio on Sunday and Ribery was given a red card after pushing the official twice.The Italian league’s disciplinary commission announced Monday that Ribéry has been banned for three matches and fined 20,000 euros ($22,200) for “seriously disrespectful behavior toward an assistant referee.”Both teams disputed some refereeing decisions, including Ciro Immobile’s winner a minute from time as there appeared to be a foul in the buildup.The 36-year-old Ribéry had already been angered at being substituted with 15 minutes remaining and the score still 1-1.Ribery apologized for his actions on Monday with a post on social media.”I am really sorry about last night, I apologize to my teammates, the coach and the fans,” the former France international said. “I apologize to Mr. Passeri, because after the final whistle I was very nervous and disappointed, and I hope he can understand my mood.”I always want to be on the pitch and to help my teammates, because I came to Florence for this city and this club, and I expect more care for Fiorentina, the same care that is given to other clubs, because of the hard work we put in on a daily basis.”Ribery will miss the matches against Sassuolo, Parma and Cagliari.Also Read | He was wrong: Unai Emery on Granit Xhaka’s angry reaction to fans’ boosadvertisementlast_img read more

IPL 2020 player auctions to take place in Kolkata on December 19

first_imgThe players’ auction for the next Indian Premier League (IPL) will be held on December 19 in Kolkata, the event’s Governing Council decided in a meeting here on Tuesday.The glitzy league is usually held in April-May every year and players’ auction is being conducted in Kolkata for the first time. The city is the home ground of the Shah Rukh Khan co-owned Kolkata Knight Riders franchise.”The IPL auction will be in Kolkata on December 19. It’s a departure from the traditional venue of Bengaluru,” an IPL Governing Council member said on conditions of anonymity after the meeting here.While the franchises were allotted Rs 82 crore each for IPL 2019, Rs 85 crore per team has been earmarked for the 2020 season.Every franchise will also have an additional purse of Rs three crore in addition to the balance in their kitties from the last auction.Delhi Capitals have the biggest balance — Rs 8.2 crore, followed by Rajasthan Royals at Rs 7.15 crore and Kolkata Knight Riders at Rs 6.05 crore.This year’s auction is the last one before the franchises disband and prepare to assemble fresh squads from 2021 at a mega auction.Funds left with franchises ahead of IPL 2020 auction:Chennai Super Kings Rs 3.2 crore, Delhi Capitals Rs 7.7 crore, Kings XI Punjab Rs 3.7 crore, Kolkata Knight Riders Rs 6.05 crore, Mumbai Indians Rs 3.55 crore, Rajasthan Royals Rs 7.15 crore, Royal Challengers Bangalore Rs 1.80 crore, Sunrisers Hyderabad Rs 5.30 crore.Also Read | Exclusive ‘No Ball Umpire’ for IPL, no ‘Power Player’ for time beingAlso Read | ‘Power Player’ at IPL 2020? BCCI plans to revolutionize T20 cricketAlso Read | Indian players avoid taking breaks fearing they’ll be thrown out: Yuvraj Singhadvertisementlast_img read more