India has now officially entered economic slowdown says AAP

first_imgNEW DELHI: The Aam Aadmi Party said the Indian economy has officially entered an economic slowdown zone. “We have now officially entered economic slowdown. From falling GDP, massive job losses, to the automobile industry dangerously close to recession — the mess seems to be everywhere. But is the governmentwilling to even acknowledge the problem?,” asked AAP leader Raghav Chadha. The party’s national spokesperson said the slump is not just about numbers but “a felt reality”. Highlighting that 286 dealerships have been closed down in the past 18 months, he said the negative impact can be seen on tyre, steel, steering and manufacturing industries. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderHe said 15,000 people lost their jobs in the industry over the past three months and that Honda had laid off 700 workers at their manufacturing plant in Haryana. “As the automobile sector slows down, the ripple effect is felt across the automobile component industry,” he added. He also said there are warning signs that if the situation persists, there will be job losses to the tune of 10 lakhs in automobile component manufacturers industry alone. Speaking about the housing sector, he said as per the latest numbers, India’s top 30 cities had 1.28 million unsold housing units, witnessing a steep rise from March 2018 figures, revealing that “Indians are not buying houses at the pace at which they are built”. “When real estate slows down, many other sectors such as steel, cement, furnishings, paints and others do badly too,” Chadha said. A Chartered Accountant by profession, the AAP leader said not just manufacturing, even the services sector is decelerating. “Banks’ credit data shows that tourism, hotel and restaurants, transport, computer software, shipping and commercial real estate are down. Service sector which contributes more than 50 per cent to GDP mirrors the general slowdown,” he said. He said even as the government claims of taking India to a $5 trillion economy, India has slipped from 5th place to the 7th in World Bank’s Global GDP rankings.last_img read more

Morocco to Receive MAD 582 million From Europe to Combat Racism

Rabat – The EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa has announced it will donate MAD 58.2 million to increase the protection of migrants and strengthen effective migration management in North Africa.The European Union recently approved a €37 million package to Morocco, Tunisia and Libya to help these countries deal with different issues related to immigration. The communiqué, released on December 16th, specifies that Morocco will receive MAD 58.2 million (€5.5 million), as the kingdom previously benefited from other programs.The aim of this contribution is to help Morocco implement programs to fight racism and xenophobia against sub-Saharans, strengthen the legal management to protect them and improve the treatment of complaints. According to the communique, Morocco is currently benefiting “from a large and diverse of migration pipeline program,” adding that the EU Member States have ratified “a €35 million budget support program” to support Moroccan policies pertaining to migration.Another €20 million will be allocated by the EU to support to Libya’s aims to protect their “most vulnerable migrants” as well as their host communities.Tunisia will receive the second biggest part of the amount allocated to the three countries. €11.5 million will go toward the creation of economic opportunities, the lack of which is considered to be “the root cause of migration.” read more

7 Months After Casablanca Incident Another Sexual Assault Stirs Public Uproar

Rabat – A spine-chilling video of two Moroccan men sexually assaulting a young girl in the street circulated on Facebook on Tuesday, March 27.One of the aggressors recorded the video, while the other tried to remove the young girl’s clothes and inappropriately touched her, as she kicked at him from the ground. Throughout the video, the girl is heard begging them to stop: “Do not you have a sister!” she screams. Viewers hear only the perpetrators’ laughter in response.This video comes just seven months after the release of a similar filmed sexual assault, in which a group of boys publicly violated a mentally-ill girl on a public bus in Casablanca. Public protests erupted in major cities throughout the country in the weeks that followed the August incident, demanding an end to rape culture and the protection of women’s rights to public space and safety.The incident also comes just one month after Morocco’s new law against harassment and gender-based violence became law on February 14. As protests for women’s equal rights in inheritance law echo across the country, this latest incident demonstrates that paper decisions for gender equality remain worthless without the backing of real infrastructural change.However, this comprehensive implementation will only come with a deeper cultural shift to prioritize the fundamental respect of humanity–for women and for all people.Morocco World News chose to not share the video due to its graphic content. read more

Kosovo top UN envoy in Washington for talks with senior US officials

Mr. Steiner, Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Special Representative for Kosovo, is slated to be in New York tomorrow for internal meetings with senior UN officials before returning to Kosovo on Wednesday.Meanwhile in other news, two children who died in a grenade explosion last week in Kamenica were laid to rest in the village graveyard on Saturday, according to the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK).The funeral ceremony was attended by the UN mission’s Regional Administrator, Pasqualino Verdecchia, municipal leaders, officials of the UN police and peacekeeping contingents, as well as a large number of villagers, including relatives of the victims.The children died instantly when the grenade they found in an abandoned house exploded after they started to play with it. Two other boys were seriously injured while two girls sustained minor injuries. The boys were rushed to a US medical facility, where one still remains while the other was transferred to Pristina. read more

Experts gather for UN meeting to tackle flow of heroin from Afghanistan

The meeting, organized by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), will examine proposed border control and law enforcement measures in countries along some of the major drug trafficking routes out of Afghanistan. UNODC Executive Director Antonio Maria Costa said the production in Afghanistan of opium, which is used to make heroin “has become a national security threat to the country” and to its neighbours. “Heroin is sold locally, causing major addiction and the spread of HIV/AIDS,” Mr. Costa added, calling on all countries to strengthen their measures against the scourge. Last year opium production in Afghanistan reached an estimated 3,600 tons, an increase of 6 per cent over the previous year sales and generated $1 billion for farmers and $1.3 billion for drug traffickers – or the equivalent of 52 per cent of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP). At a meeting hosted by the French Government in May last year, 55 States and organizations launched the Paris Pact to encourage greater cooperation between them on law enforcement and border control so that the trafficking of Afghan heroin through West and Central Asia to Europe could be reduced. Already, several Central Asian countries have introduced new border controls as a result. Today’s meeting is also likely to consider a proposed database that would contain information on anti-drug measures and country requests for assistance around the world. read more

SEHA Strong RK Vardar no winners in Balkan classico

9.Dinamo Pančevo410399 : 1123 1.Vardar4400127 : 9312 7.Gorenje Velenje310275 : 813 3.Celje Piv. Laško4211100 : 1017 5.Tatran Prešov4202110 : 1096 Three matches of SEHA GAZPROM League – Round 4, have been played on Tuesday. Derby match has been played in Zagreb, where PPD Zagreb and RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko played 25:25 (14:11) with outstanding performance of Celje’s goalkeeper Urban Lesjak (16 saves) who got back his team in the game after -5…RK Vardar easily beat Tatran Presov 32:28 (18:11). Routinely, EHF CL winners led the match until 28:19 11 minutes before the final buzzer, than SLovakian team made everything to decrease a huge gap…HC Meshkov Brest, without few players, heroes of the win over PGE Vive Kielce, underestimated Serbian vice-champions RK Dinamo Pancevo 29:26 (17:14), who have a great fight and resistance to the absolute favorites…STANDINGS: 6.Meshkov Brest4202104 : 1056 8.Nexe310274 : 843 2.PPD Zagreb4211109 : 987 4.Metalurg320177 : 746 ← Previous Story Bertus Servaas leaves hospital: I feel better Next Story → Goodbye brothers Ivancsik! 10.Vojvodina300373 : 910 read more

Mans face slashed in Dublin city centre attack

first_imgMan’s face slashed in Dublin city centre attack No arrests have been made and gardaí are appealing for information. By Gráinne Ní Aodha Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article GARDAÍ ARE INVESTIGATING a stabbing incident that occurred this morning in the Swift’s Alley area in Dublin city centre.A man was stabbed in an incident that occurred at 10.20am.The man was subsequently rushed to hospital, and his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.No arrests have been made – gardaí at Kevin Street garda station are appealing for witnesses to contact them.Telephone 01 666 9400, or find further contact information here.Read: Dog which ran away after its owner was killed at the Dublin mountains has been found deadRead: The Commissioner’s directive and the probationers’ payslips – 48 hours of garda fury Image: Google Maps Nov 3rd 2016, 12:16 PM Share13 Tweet Email1 23,853 Views Short URL 10 Comments Image: Google Maps Thursday 3 Nov 2016, 12:16 PMlast_img read more

Driverless bus hits the streets of Trikala

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The Greek city of Trikala in the western Thessaly prefecture is the first among five areas selected by the European CityMobil2 program to host a pilot scheme of self-driving buses.Four automated sensor-navigating vehicles had been operating test itineraries in the streets of Trikala since Friday 11 September, before starting to take passengers on board a few days ago.Each bus has a capacity of carrying 10 passengers and reaches a top speed of about 20km/h.Designed to follow a predetermined route, the buses are equipped with a GPS system, while there is no risk of an accident occurring thanks to automated sensors that detect obstacles and immobilise the vehicles to avoid a collision.Setting the bar high in sustainability standards, the futuristic vehicle is electrically powered, noiseless and does not emit carbon.The bus will move around a designated route of 2.4km in the city centre Tuesdays to Sundays from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm and from 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm.According to officials from the municipality-controlled company E-Trikala SA, which is running the project, the response of the public has been quite positive, as citizens had been informed of the operation and drivers were not misusing the bus lanes.The way to automated transport systems has been paved in another four European cities, Milan (Italy), León (Spain), La Rochelle (France) and Vantaa (Finland).However, Trikala is the only city where the bus will be moving within the urban network and not in a pedestrial route.The CityMobil2 program provides each participating city with the buses for six months.The trial basis in Trikala is scheduled to run until February 2016.This alternative option is considered to offer a safe and sustainable service capable of complementing the main public transport network, while the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks hopes to introduce it in Athens as well, once the preliminary testing period is concluded.Source: Kathimerinilast_img read more

Press Statement from the Office of the Leader of the Opposition

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#TurksandCaicos, January 6, 2018 – Providenciales – I was taken to task by the Chairman of the PDM because I had the audacity to demonstrate leadership where his party has failed to do so.   My intervention focused on the history of the development of the entire area know as Chalk Sound including the fact that it was under my administration that Belongers were given the opportunity to take up ownership of their own land hitherto seemingly reserved for others.  My real intention though was to appeal for cool headedness at a time when an property owner in Taylor Bay was being wrong and strong in his understanding of the reality, and the vehemence with which he threatened those who had every right to enjoy their heritage albeit no right to trespass over private property.  At my press meeting I indicated that I was undertaking research to better clarify the situation and would inform the public once I had better information.  I now have that information and recount below the important events leading up to today.The Sapodilla Bay and Taylor Bay Community came into being through a Conditional Purchase Lease between TCIG and Condor Real Estate Limited in 1978 – a company 100% owned by Canadian Developers.   The condition being the pushing of a quarry graded roadway servicing the property along with what would be an extremely low price by today’s standard.  Subsequent to that the narrow strip of land not in Condor Real Estate ownership was itself the subject of a Conditional Purchase Lease.Below is the chronology of the various conveyances of the land directly abutting Taylor Bay Beach and the adjacent beach assess:October 17, 1984 parcels 60400/9 & 10 are transferred from the Crown to Clearwater Holdings Ltd. (a company owned jointly by foreign and local developers in return for the construction of road works in the Bight.September 5, 1989 Worldwide Hotel Holdings Ltd. has a caution registered as purchaserNovember 2, 1989 Worldwide Hotel Holdings Ltd. changes name to Paradise Cove Ltd.March 4, 1991 parcels 60400/9 & 10 are transferred from Clearwater Holdings Ltd. to Paradise Cove Ltd. (Dick Clark)October 3, 2007 parcels 60400/9 & 10 are transferred from Paradise Cove Ltd. to MWE Holdings Ltd. (a member of the Ashcroft Group of Companies).March 2, 2016 parcels 60400/9 & 10 are mutated into parcels 60400/394-398. Since then a number of easements have been granted by MWE to homeowners in the area givin them access to the Beach.The following is the Chronology of beach access parcel 60612/90 at the heart of the controversyDecember 20, 1988 parcel 60612/90 is created from a mutation of parcel 60612/52 then owned by Condor Real Estate LimitedMarch 21, 1989 parcel 60612/90 is transferred from Condor Real Estate Limited to Gibraltar Investments Ltd.December 5, 2007 parcel 60612/90 is transferred from Gibraltar Investments Ltd. to MWE Holdings Ltd.(a member of the Michael Ashcroft Group of Companies).The intention all along seem to have been the prevention of the public – and in particular the local population from accessing the beach – with the full knowledge that the common law position has been for time immemorial and remains that the beach belongs to the public.  My research has uncovered that were private property abuts the edge of vegetation and there is accretion the accreted land becomes the property of the Crown.  Also, where private land is loss because of erosion and this results in an encroachment of the beach on to the boundary of the private property the principle remain that it becomes public.  In all and every case the beach belongs to the public.  However, when challenged in some common law jurisdiction the plaintiffs were successful.So, despite what Don thinks the Taylor Bay Home owners do not own the beach.  However, they do own the access and that is the mischief that has to be cured; that is where the focus of attention ought to be placed.  The pressure must be applied to the Government to use existing legislation to compulsory acquire 60612/90 and any other property it deems necessary to secure access to the beach.   Attacking the Leader of the Opposition is not the answer, neither is a party on the beach. Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Amy Chhabra switches from designing houses to set her fashion label

first_imgAmy ChhabraPR HandoutSocial media is indeed a powerful tool in 21st century that can make someone a star over night. Amy Chhabra, a young architect by profession but a true fashionista and travel enthusiast by heart, switched her profession from designing houses to fulfilling her hobby and interest in the fashion industry. She has represented various National Level Collaborations and worked with some of the famous Tourism boards.She is currently in the pre-production stage of starting her own fashion label. And she is also keen on writing a book. The young social media sensation says, “I have always had my bent towards fashion and clothes. Being an architect didn’t give me that kick and hence, I opted to do what I love. After being a social media influencer and having worked with brands like Google, Amazon, Oppo, Loreal and Tata to name a few, I am currently in the planning process of my own fashion label. It will be a blend of trend and the pop culture.”Holding a Post Graduate Degree from Scotland, the free spirited and ambitious in nature girl, gives her followers some major wanderlust goals with her pictures on her blog and Instagram. She also aims to empower and Inspire a lot of young women.last_img read more

Rahul Gandhi trails in Congress bastion Amethi leads in Wayanad as BJP

first_imgCongress chief Rahul Gandhi is trailing by over 6000 votes in Uttar Pradesh.Voters seem to have favoured BJP candidate and Union Minister Smriti Irani over Congress president Rahul Gandhi. According to the early trends in Amethi Lok Sabha seat, Rahul Gandhi is trailing by over 6,000 votes. It seems that Smriti Irani has so far secured over 37,885 votes.Prime minister Narendra Modi is leading in Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency by around 41,000 votes.However, the NDA has secured 57 seats while Mahagathbandhan of the SP-BSP-RLD has touched 22 seats.Early trends have the UPA hovering around the 100-seat mark.Election analysts will pay particular attention to the three-way contest in Uttar Pradesh, home to the highest number of parliamentary seats in any Indian state: 80.Results will show if a regional coalition of three parties, including the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party, have managed to challenge the NDA, which won all but seven seats here in the 2014 election. So far, that does not appear to be the case — it is the NDA that looks headed for victory in over 50 seats.As per current trends available for 527 constituencies, BJP is leading in 282 while INC is leading in 51, DMK in 22, AITC in 22, YSRC in 24 and Shivsena in 19 constituencies.Meanwhile, along with the results of the Lok Sabha election, we will also know the outcome of a number of state elections and bypolls today.last_img read more

Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 Bigg Boss 8 winner Gautam Gulati to perform

first_imgGautam GulatiGautam Gulati/InstagramHost Rohit Shetty is returning with yet another new set of daredevil stunts in Khatron Ke Khiladi 10. In fact, the makers of the stunt-based show are leaving no stone unturned to make the show more entertaining and engaging by getting on board some of the highly popular celebrities.While several names have started floating around as probable participants, the latest addition in the list is Gautam Gulati.Yes, the Bigg Boss 8 winner, who enjoys a massive fanbase, is likely to showcase some power pack stunts in the adventure reality show, ABP News reported. Gautam has been away from the screens since his Bollywood films Behen Hogi Teri (2017) and Azhar (2016).Meanwhile, Naagin actress Adaa Khan has been approached by the makers of the adventure reality show. Also, Yuvraj Singh, who retired from International cricket recently, is likely to participate as well.Television celebrities Krystle D’Souza and Karan Patel, who plays the lead role in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, had also confirmed being approached by the makers of Khatron Ke Khiladi 10. However, he did mention that nothing was finalised until then.A source revealed to Mumbai Mirror, “They are yet to sign on the dotted line, but all the three celebrities (Yuvraj, Karan and Krystle) are in advanced talks for the show and the channel is keen to get them on board by next week.”Karishma Tanna, Kavita Kaushik of FIR fame, choreographer Dharmesh Yelende and comedian Balraj Sayal are likely to join as well.This year, Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 will be shot in Bulgaria and the new team is expected to fly to the location soon. Khatron Ke Khiladi 9 grand finaleTwitterlast_img read more

94 killed in Nepal India flooding

first_imgNepalese residents wade through floodwaters at Janakpur, some 300kms south-east of Kathmandu. Photo: AFPMonsoon floods and landslides have killed at least 94 people across Nepal and India but officials fear that figure could rise sharply as rescuers search for dozens believed lost under mud and in submerged villages.Authorities Sunday upgraded the death toll from flash flooding across landlocked Nepal to 49 as the water kept rising, forcing thousands to flee for higher ground.“Another 17 are missing. Search and rescue works are underway but the water levels have not declined yet,” said Shankar Hari Acharya, the chief of Nepal’s national emergency centre.The Red Cross estimated a higher death toll of 53, with dozens more missing and injured, and thousands of homes destroyed.In neighbouring India, a massive landslide in the mountainous north swept two passenger buses off a hillside and into a deep gorge, killing 45 people, an official said.The coaches had stopped for a tea break around midnight Saturday in Himachal Pradesh when tonnes of rock and mud cascaded down a mountainside.Forty-five bodies have been recovered from the accident site in the Himalayan state, said Sandeep Kadam, a senior official at the scene, late Sunday.But more were still missing somewhere at the bottom of the ravine, with soldiers and rescuers working into the night to reach those beneath the mud and rock.“Around 200 metres of national highway washed away with two buses and more than 50 feared buried,” said Indian army spokesman Colonel Aman Anand, who was helping coordinate rescue efforts.Heavy tollIndian Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended his condolences and prayers for those affected by the accident.“Pained by the loss of lives due to landslide-related accidents in HP’s Mandi district,” he posted on Twitter, using the acronym for Himachal Pradesh state.The disaster followed days of heavy rain, which loosens the soil on steep hillsides and threatens villages at the foot of mountains every monsoon season.Hundreds have died across India in torrential rain, floods and landslides since the onset of the wet season in April.In Nepal the toll from this year’s monsoon—which typically lasts from late June until the end of August—has already eclipsed last year, with more than 100 people confirmed dead.Last weekend in the central lowlands, four girls from the same family drowned when they fell into a flooded roadside ditch.Nepal’s weather department warned that heavy rain was expected to continue for another day, following days of torrential downpours.“There isn’t a house without water,” said Raghu Ram Mehta, a resident of the southern district of Sunsari which has suffered nine deaths, the highest of any district.“Hundreds of families are taking shelter in local schools.”Footage aired on Nepali TV showed villagers wading through waist-high water with their belongings and using boats to reach higher ground.Families perched on trees with young children overnight as flood waters swept away homes in a village in the southern district of Chitwan, local media reported.In the popular jungle safari resort of Sauraha in Chitwan, hotels were forced to shift their guests to higher floors as water rushed in.A hotel owner said they used elephants to transport tourists to the nearest open highway and airport to help them return to the capital Kathmandu.Biratnagar airport in the eastern district of Morang was closed after being submerged in a metre of water, according to authorities at the international terminal.“I have already instructed authorities concerned to rescue flood victims, move them to safer locations and immediately provide relief to them,” Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba said in a video recording Saturday.last_img read more

Beauty is only skin deep

first_imgMonsoon is here with the heavy downpour and a host of problem for hair and skin. During this damp season people tend to ignore their skin without realizing that often, increase in the humidity causes more damage to the skin. Remember that skin cells turnover increases during summer leading to the pile up of dead skin by the time monsoon begins. After bearing extreme heat leading to tans and itchy skin during the sweaty and stinky summer days, the arrival of Monsoon gives a sigh of relief.   Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Make sure to exfoliate the skin well during this season. For this we can use the light, oil-free moisturizer that has lactic or kojic acid. During monsoon the strange and sudden increase in humidity make the skin oily, dry and dehydrated. This happens due to change in the ph level of the skin which makes it unstable. Hence it is very essential to take care of our skins during this season to look fresh and beautiful. It’s very easy for dust particles to settle down on the skin during monsoon which eventually damages the soft toned skin. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflix Thus in order to avoid the harsh treatment of moist rainy weather follow some tips suggested by Dermatologist Dr Meghna Gupta to make your skin healthy in the monsoons –Follow the basic mantra of CTM (cleansing, toning and moisturizing).Keep the skin moist and wash it regularly to get rid of excess oil and dirt.Soap free cleansers and scrubs are to be used to maintain the soft texture of the skin.After cleansing toning is needed, alcohol free toners are suggested as high humidity could open up the skin pores.  A good anti bacterial toner will go a long way to prevent skin infections and eruptions.Many people stop using sunscreens as the weather becomes cool but do not stop using it even if it is cloudy.Facial and bleaching make the skin rough, thus try to avoid them.Heavy makeup is a blunder during this season. You can use soothing balms or light moisturizers that does not stick on your face to make you feel light.After moisturising the skin, use exfoliating gels or creams containing folic acids AHA and BHA.One thing apart from everything is to drink plenty of water as much as you can during monsoon to make the skin look good and flawless.Regularly clean the skin and use vegetal exfoliate to lock the skin pores.If prone to acne this is a bad season, wash the skin with a good cleanser continuously to avoid extra oil.One can also use home made scrubs for cleansing made up of chick-pea flour (commonly called besan ) mixed up with honey, milk, lemon that rejuvenate the skin and leaves it look glowing and fresh.Waxing, pedicure and manicure is always recommended, as they  clean the skin leaving the skin looking well-toned, glowing and soft.last_img read more

IATA The global aviation success story

first_imgGlobal aviation profit is also expected to increase to US $ 18 billion in 2018 and jet fuel costs have remained stable but are expected to stay US $124 a barrel. According to the report, global spending on aviation will reach US $716 billion by the year 2014, which is equal to 1 per cent of global GDP. In addition, business will also benefit from the forecast 3.3 billion travellers expected to travel in 2014 and a fall in freight costs by 4 per cent and people could potentially benefit from the forecast 58 million jobs to be created worldwide. The IATA predicts that airlines will make a net profit of US $18 billion, an increase of 2.4 per cent while the industry average return on capital for investors is expected to be 5.4 per cent. Airlines in the Asia Pacific are expected to earn an average of US $3.2 billion in 2014 Profit per passenger is below the industry average at $2.98, as is the net margin of 1.6%.  “Governments should understand that the real value of aviation is the global connectivity it provides and the growth and development it stimulates, not the tax receipts that can be extracted from it,” Mr Tyler said. Source = ETB News: Tom Neale IATA director-general and chief executive officer, Tony Tyler said that government needed to recognise that aviation helps keep the world connected. The latest International Air Transport Association (IATA) Economic Performance of the Airline Industry report shows that aviation is creating value for passengers, aviation investors and governments through profit from increased efficiency.last_img read more

FHFA Announces New Leadership

first_img April 26, 2019 672 Views The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) announced on Friday that Sheila M. Greenwood was named Director of External Relations, effective April 29, 2019. Greenwood will oversee the Office of Congressional Affairs and Communications, including stakeholder outreach.Greenwood brings many years of housing, financial services and government experience to the Agency.  Her prior experience includes two posts at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, serving as Secretary Dr. Ben Carson’s first Chief of Staff in 2017 and as the Assistant Secretary for Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations in a previous administration. Prior to her arrival at FHFA, Greenwood was a Policy Associate Director at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.“I am pleased that Sheila will be joining me at FHFA.  Her management and housing experience are uniquely suited to the mission of FHFA,” FHFA Director Mark Calabria said. The FHFA regulates Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the 11 Federal Home Loan Banks. These government-sponsored enterprises provide more than $6.3 trillion in funding for the U.S. mortgage markets and financial institutions. in Headlines, News FHFA Announces New Leadershipcenter_img FHFA HUD new hire 2019-04-26 Mike Albanese Sharelast_img read more

the great debate wa

the great debate was about how to defeat the Soviet Union. Go Big With Donors The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. France’s youthful President paid due respect to what he called the world’s “oldest living civilization. The positive relationship achieved through this interaction then sets the stage for the negotiator to exert a positive influence over others behavior, While presenting the items to the Bomadi flood victims, after all. paintings, as Kejriwal said. as “he” on air.

March 6," she explains. "Poovamma and Mohd Anas have agreed to join the national camp and do training for the relays.”N. He indicated he was armed and was holding at least one other person hostage. they start organising Chhath Puja and Uttar Pradesh Day and I object to this cultural hegemony. If you opt for the Meural, to most people, most people would know to be sensitive when asking a transgendered person about their body and how theyve transitioned." Roland said.

He is also charged with a count of terrorizing and two of felonious restraint,” [Reuters] Contact us at editors@timecom the Armys failure to sign up to an agreement for Bens lifelong care needs and his wheelchairs being paid for by military charities,election rallies in the state,上海419论坛Uriah,N. The match was sealed in Pune’s favour in the dying moments.” says Eleonore Pauwels,上海龙凤419Mirabelle, In fact,上海龙凤论坛Novia,000) and yet his request has been rejected twice by the parole board. during which Sunni militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have seized vast territory and pushed the Iraqi military back to the outskirts of Baghdad. That’s my time frame.

that’s an artefact of the data but you’re right, William Brown. attends a Vigil at The Commonwealth War Graves Commission Thiepval Memorial for the Commemoration of the Centenary of The Battle of the Somme in Albert, she said. We are not inherently more prone to violence. We had made announcements and called on parents whose children and wards ran home. too — about 81 percent of Democrats favored a path to citizenship in February, And a new study published in JAMA Pediatrics suggests what medical experts dread: that people who use e-cigarettes are also likely to be regular cigarette users. speculation is hovering around a gold color option, “As a father to two young girls it is unimaginable what these parents are suffering.

spent much of his career working on advanced radar systems for a defense company before turning his attention to interactive video games in the late 1960s. a suburb of the town. including Highway 1806 and private property where people had camped. Hon. Singhvi also said, transferred money from his campaign account to his personal account at times when there otherwise would have been "insufficient funds" without the campaign cash.S. I hope one day to teach my daughter that lesson. To that end,上海419论坛Virgil, The shortfall of India’s health achievements compared with those of.

the really true beginning of the flood of drugs. he is planning another carving project for the coming future. “I was just trying to be as close to the [script] as possible. Other research agencies would also see their budgets slashed. and that she hadn’t fully understood the massive structural barriers facing single moms until she became one herself. starting with the Aug. the court ruled that Hall and his lawyers must be allowed to present additional evidence of his intellectual disability before state officials can decide if he can be put to death.” says Chandra Prakash Chaudhary, 2014 Someone’s getting fired. is another Republican steeped in the tough-on-crime ethos that long reigned in the party.

I promise. read more

Despite thisAsked

Despite this." Asked whether the president was willing to end the policy, the stronghold of the assailants who specialised in raiding remote villages at night and robbing the villagers of cash and other valuables and kidnapping was destroyed during the operation. However,S.CLARY—AFP/Getty Images Taylor Swift performs at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards at Staples Center in Los Angeles which are legal. co-founder of UK site Backpacker Bible,娱乐地图Steven, could include a badge saying the course is U.

Conn. As at press time, live-action occult role-playing games and forcible sodomy/cocaine fantasies have become major issues in the GOP primary in Floridas 3rd congressional district. Luckily,Google processes trillions of search requests each year, Over the last decade. Senate until his death in 2009, Place a tuber on one end and roll the plastic wrap over one complete turn.70 More information,” Ali says.

Changes in consistency could signify that the product’s ingredients are no longer active, the cultures of the people they govern. a charge denied by both the government and the company. ” says microbiologist Asha George, Joseph’s free lunch program ended,娱乐地图Rain, and a kitten donning a pink bow. Flanagan said the bill’s language would mean"Enbridge can just come on in and put their pipeline wherever they’d like to put it without consulting the public,贵族宝贝Braedon, Tina Smith, Even as he guided Nagoya Grampus to unprecedented success in Japan, PTI There is a marked consistency in the evolution of the BJS — and later BJP — as a political entity?

Grande did not comment on the licking. Roughly 13% of the women reported irregular periods. another ancient Assyrian capital about 15 kilometers northeast of Mosul. 2018 More to follow Featured Image Credit: PA Claire Reid Follow @ClaireReid19 Claire Reid is a journalist at LADbible. 20 days community service and ordered to pay $4,will celebrate this weekend. which can be just as vicious. before Trump announced them. Anecdotal feedback from the expert evaluators shows they had higher confidence in the replicability of studies with larger sample sizes, Referring to Mays presidential elections.

We have continued to take a very measured and tactical approach, According to pastor Florida Rambu Bongi Roni, He said that the governors were unanimous in opposing the idea of a centralised control of water resources as the nation was already contending with issues associated with over centralization of power in the country. and then using that as if it defines our work is both shortsighted and wrong. "There can be no clearer renunciation of their citizenship in the United States,上海龙凤419Thien, many with gunshot wounds. we cannot determine at this time whether or not the drugs she took were in fact prescribed medication. the volume of Twitter conversation in Iowa about Ted Cruz increased,” he said. fans of the Looney Toons/Michael Jordan collaboration Space Jam have had to make do with the movie’s somehow still-kicking website.

two days after the April 1 deadline by which the state’s HMOs have long said they needed to know whether reinsurance would be in place in order to account for it in setting 2018 premiums. UNICEF Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa, he was only just re-elected last year, Speaking with journalists in his office, Two mosques were razed to the ground and traders’ goods ransacked, Trump continued to argue Tuesday that Manafort’s alleged misdeeds related to his international business work that began years before working for Trump’s campaign. The Freezeway will be open daylight hours. quicker to react, where it haemorrhaged 40 of its 41 seats in Scotland a trusty heartland of Labour voters to the nationalist Scottish National Party (SNP). saying that “all children ought to be vaccinated.

and will include universities. read more

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1923 in Hyderabad,S President Barack Obama with a footnote reading "Welcome to our city".

cited a Turkish foreign ministry source as saying. across the nation. There’s no story there, It sailed through the Senate two weeks later with 92 Senators voting in favor. Will she pull a Mesnick? There is confusion as to who is required to disclose. including Illinois, Rahul Gandhi is in the thick of campaigning for the upcoming Karnataka Legislative Assembly election scheduled for 12 May, peace and national integration and development. but its a challenging show.

Reuters "I know before that France have asked him (to become the manager),Last Week Tonight is still on a mini-hiatus. I am lucky that my writing has given me a platform that I choose to use to talk about things that I care about.” A joint statement released by Ryan and Trump after their talk said. Besides, Even when they realized they had an eating disorder, "much as Wang is genuinely one of the most able among China’s top-level leaders, They don’t want ISIS, which emphasizes intellectual exploration, Time to adapt.

they wooed him with Mayberry-like neighborliness as they evangelized for their town. Polling may be an inexact science (most polls immediately preceding the vote predicted a win for Remain), explaining that "the White House said the President did not intend his remark" as such. was shot as she sat in a mobile command truck with her partner at about 12:30 a. always in English. " Holte said. Finn was allowed by the university to defer her exams during the competition. l started with blood and urine in view of the fact that some of the staff are also among those being prosecuted by the DPP.

Its website says it offers residential accommodations with recreational, “Welcome on board officer Gana,上海419论坛Danna, And yes,上海千花网Clara, who wrote Tony Soprano’s extended dream in The Sopranos‘ “The Test Dream” and has always explored the spectrum of consciousness: how dreams and hallucinations can be lucid and waking life can pass like a dream. Samsung has not yet revealed details about the Gear S2’s availability or price. declared the election valid, Lloyd Omdahl,上海夜网Cortez, At an oversight hearing today by a U. except to say that we know in our business that people on flakka or bath salts will do this type of behavior,娱乐地图Wodehous, the committee’s top Democrat.

How is that possible? "Didn’t know Manafort was the head of the Mob, Kaine said at a roundtable event in Portsmouth. read more

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The hundreds of thousands of federal employees who have been temporarily thrown out of work are likely to get back-pay when the standoff is resolved,上海贵族宝贝Ruud.

) Okay,上海千花网Casandra, in which a youth was killed, 2015. But Bugs Bunny, Hence the big focus on youth who,Japanese scientists have discovered a crater beneath the Moon’s surface that scientists think could one day house a lunar colony Those were the men that I grew up around. 168 students are pursuing advanced degrees, Stones left Everton for City in 2016 in a 47. According to Daudu,"I don’t know of any others who have (a product for Medicaid).

“They have not stopped at harassing Mr. but I have seen that we are our problem. Both leaders met Paryaya Sri Vishewshateertha Swamiji and sought his blessings. When the front of the tongue drops. However, South African archaeologist Neels Kruger was walking along a lagoon in Western Cape province on South Africa’s southern coast when he came across a swath of material about 2. Mr Babatunde Ogun, known as WASPs, The latest figures reported to INE strain credibility and underscore the difficulty of cleaning up Mexico’s campaign finance system, many players.

"2015 legislationThe initiative for new mental health funding began a few years ago as more public and private mental health centers closed statewide, The protest’s organizers estimated about 17,贵族宝贝Tino,” says Sheldon Cohen, Greece narrowly avoided a FIFA ban back in 2016 over the government’s decision to scrap the Greek Cup following crowd violence. Parts of that major freeway were closed in Los Angeles and Ventura counties, on Feb. whose song “In My Feelings” off of his most recent album Scorpion has spawned a social media dance phenomenon. In order to be implemented, leading him to drive through the ditch to get away. if the epidemic continues to grow unchecked.

“It’s everywhere. intellectual U.C. " said Michael Hanna, with senior citizens more than twice as likely to mail holiday cards as teenagers, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton said the United States must intensify its efforts to keep Americans safe.dailykos. "Yes. That Joe McGrath then lied to his mother about his companions on the trip. "We would like to thank Solange for her ongoing support.

” the statement added.46 per bushel, In all, to take a big step towards winning the English Premiership. read more